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  Monday, Nov 30, 2015
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Mahindra Xylo vs Toyota Innova - Finally, a challenger!
Which one, if you have to buy one? Or fifteen, to replace an ageing fleet of Taveras?
By : BIJOY KUMAR Y | Published : March 12, 2009 | Photos : PABLO CHATERJI
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Mahindra Xylo vs Toyota Innova : Compare Prices, Reviews & Features.
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If you are the sort who reads balance sheets for fun, you don’t have to read this road test. A glance at the big book from Toyota will reveal that they have, more or less, got a grasp of building what we call cars and selling them for good money. Study the Mahindra numbers and you will realise that they have a lot more catching up to do. In short, you will know that Toyota has more knowhow, more money to spend on research and development and hence they make better cars than what the rest of the world manages. They are so good that they regularly invite other car companies to come and learn the art they have perfected. Lots of car companies try hard and fail since they cannot stomach the fish soup that Toyota force-feeds their employees every morning. Alright, that was a very poor joke. But the fact remains that Mahindra (or any other car maker in the whole world) was not going to design and develop a people mover from scratch that can beat the Toyota Innova, first time out. 

And we have news… they haven’t. But Mahindra knows something about ‘frugal engineering’ (as lauded by Carlos Ghosn and Renault) that Toyota cannot concentrate on thanks to the global nature of their thinking process. That means Mahindra was able to coax their suppliers to bring the price down without sacrificing on quality and pass it on to buyers. The difference between the cars you see in these pages – the top-end Xylo and a well-loaded Innova – is close to Rs 4 lakh. Even the cheapest Innova on sale is more expensive than the most expensive Xylo. Phew. Sure, even the top-end Xylo does not offer airbags and ABS, but otherwise it has almost every bell and whistle that the Toyota has… and then some. 

Toyota seemed to have sensed the new-found competition and did spruce up their ace during the recent facelift.  New grille, new front and rear bumpers and lighting fixtures have resulted in a more ‘personal’ looking Innova – especially in metallic greys and dark red (two of the four new shades on offer). New instrumentation, a multi information display, a 12-volt charger unit (at last) and steering mounted controls for the audio system make up the changes inside the Innova. And the reverse assist helps you park the bulk more easily now. The Innova is a better, more complete form to look at, while the Xylo looks truncated and influenced by too many thought processes and design schools. In short, the Innova is a good van to look at while the Xylo tries to be an SUV and an MPV at the same time and falls into a deep crevice somewhere in between. Both cars feature good fit and finish and it is indeed creditable that the Mahindra offering can stand up to a Toyota in this front. The Toyota interior may look plain Jane, but there is a certain degree of quality that is omnipresent. In comparison, the Xylo interior is over designed and is not in the same quality league when it comes to plastics and finish. The arm-rests, for example, are not aligned to each other and are operated by a press and pull mechanism that is not human friendly. Where it excels though is in the interior space department – the Xylo was designed inside-out and it shows. Unlike the Innova, the third row occupants do have adequate head and leg room while the third row of the Innova is only for the benefit of children or not-so-tall people. The seats of the Xylo are comparable to the Innova and are equally comfortable over long runs.
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  Posted by shone k philip at 28th March,2012
i like xylo because innova is more cost the ionnova all feature available in xylo so xylo is more good now xylo is available in abs'airbag.
  Posted by Mohammad Arif Khan at 22nd March,2012
Xylo is the best option for every person to any where.
  Posted by sunny at 17th March,2012
xylo is better becouse tyre size big.last row is comfartable than innova.
  Posted by jino at 9th March,2012
xylo E9 rocks...because of d MHWLK Engine ,,,,,,,,,unbeatable
  Posted by sebin siby at 7th March,2012
xylo is better
  Posted by shone k philip at 7th March,2012
i like xylo
  Posted by Vinod at 14th February,2012
Your appraisal of the last row of innova is incorrect. The last row accommodates a 6 ft tall guy like me comfortably. It will take ten more generations for Xylo to really match the finesse of Innova.
  Posted by SSY at 5th February,2012
The new innova has a speed of 200 Kmph whereas u know that of xylo is 180 you will feel the difference in xylo and innova the new innova has more comfort than any other car of its type yet it is more expensive than whats your plan....................
  Posted by ayush at 25th November,2011
i think xylo is a better option then innova
  Posted by RAMU at 24th October,2011
Good.I like Xylo. its worth 9.32 lakhs.
  Posted by PRAKA VIGNESH at 6th October,2011
I own a xylo E6 and iam very much satisfied with its performance.Three weeks before I took it from coimbatore to Mangalore in karnataka. It was a 12 hour travel but I didnt feel any sort of tiredness within me. thanks to its excellent leather seats and its superior pickup because most of the roads in kerela are too short and so I couldnt catch high speeds. my highest accelaration in that trip was 135kmph. But i really enjoyed that trip . Its all because of XYLO.
  Posted by shubham at 27th April,2011
  Posted by Chirag Chande at 30th March,2011
I've recently sold my Tavera and thinking to buy another machine after some screening these 2 machine came to mind, but was difficult to decide without biasless opinion which I found here and I depend on this article and going to buy Xylo Definitely. Thanks...
  Posted by JK at 21st February,2011
Xylo is value for money equation.Build for the customer it is targeting keeping in mind the situation/conditions in which it has to perform.In other words mahindra has not charged the customer for their brand.
  Posted by akash at 13th February,2011
Interier of Innova is like drawing roo where we feel comfort and we naver bore
  Posted by aswath at 15th December,2010
  Posted by spc at 13th November,2010
looks like very practical data with proper testing
  Posted by ABC333 at 6th November,2010
Really, Innova is much better than Xylo.
  Posted by Harshavardhan at 2nd October,2010
Author does appear to be clearly biased against the Xylo. Even when the Mahindra beats the Xylo in certain aspects, he plays down stating that comfort is the aspect, and speed is not really that important. Points which really help the Xylo are the Ground clearance - Xylo definitely has better ground clearance making it a better vehicle to be seated in offroading conditions. This same factor plays against it and gives it higher roll than Inno(Due to higher Cg) when cornering at high speeds. I find the driver display system of the Xylo better since it has helped me in reverse parking multiple times. The display system on Innova has been as an afterthought after the xylo released as a result, but I still don't see the reverse parking? Improvements I would suggest for the Xylo. I would suggest the 2L FIAT diesel motor something similar to the SX4 2L motor on offer for the US which offers 150 BHP while the current 2.5 L of the Xylo offers around 134 BHP which is not exactly a
  Posted by BlackMask at 22nd September,2010
Do some R&D and find an cheaper alternative to petrol/diesel else you will have vehicles all around but none will be moving.
  Posted by raj patanwadia at 21st September,2010
my name is raj i want to know which car is better xylo or innova which is good to buy for better performance
  Posted by arbab siddiqui at 20th August,2010
i purchased mahindra xylo from narain automobiles i lko and i liked the car very much what a nice space & comforts are provided in the car really it is very good and exceelent car than that stupid innova
  Posted by Nrupal baratcumar at 10th August,2010
friends i bought mahindra xyloE8.....n it is very seccessfull car i had ever compare to innova..!!!!hats off to xylo.....
  Posted by N.SURESH KUMAR at 9th August,2010
I purchased a Xylo D2in April 2010 and took a drive from Kochi (Kerala) to Pondicherry. The distance is around 550 kms and I covered it in about 12 hours, including halt for refreshments. I am 59 years young and did not feel any fatigue during the entire drive. My grandsons aged ten and four loved the journey very much as they had ample space to move around inspite of carrying a good amount of luggage. Your assesment of the Xylo is absolutely right. It is a good vehicle.It is as easy to drive as a hatch back.It is good VFM vehicle and recommend to any one who loves long drives. Thank you, M&M.
  Posted by Ajoy Erinjeri at 4th August,2010
Last Weak I was India and Owned a Xylo Since I am a Made in India maniac. First of all I want to salute the whole Team Worked on Mahindra & Mahindra for Such a Good Vehicle. I Drive Xylo around 180 KM's in one trip from Trichur - Kerala, show room to my sisters house in Calicut. My experience with Xylo is superb. It is an Indian product we can show to the whole world. I am Driving Honda MRV in UAE and I did not feel any big difference between both Xylo & MRV. Proud to be An Indian. Expecting more vehicles from Mahindra in future. My heartfelt support always with you.
  Posted by Pritam at 12th July,2010
vfm at such a price loaded with good features, comfortable,journey is smooth , affordable luxury car
  Posted by p.s rathour at 10th June,2010
i bought a xylo no dl nc b4269 from sri durga and after a couple of days i went to manali. i was surprised to hear vibrating sound of glasses in front door only after 450 k.m of run. i faced another major problam. i filed the diesal tank but xylo meter was showing a resarve signal which leads to an orgument with the petrol pump operator eventuly he comes to be right the meter got stuck.later on after fifty k.m it gradulaly goes up slowly & slowly after reachimg delhi i am not sure about the status of diesal.
  Posted by R K at 16th May,2010
  Posted by yaazi at 12th May,2010
i think innova is more better than xylo.
  Posted by Neetesh A Rao at 28th April,2010
Dear Friends, I own both ( Innova topend V & Xylo topend E8 ). The innova costed me 13.68 lakhs & xylo 9.32 lakhs. Both the models are 7 seaters with captain seats in the middle row. The Innova is topnotch in terms of refinement, reliability & the brand name. It is very plain jane for its pricing and some glitches are : no aux-in port or usb in stereo system. Tired of changing cd's everytime. The middle row captains seats are rigidly bolted to the floor and does not fold down for rear entry.. Suck ? How does toyota expect one to get back to the 3rd row ? Only kids can & I have never made it to the last row seat! Now for the Xylo : Hats of to our mahindra team who have outperformed their japanese brothers in applying thought & building a car for the common indian man. The Xylo is value for money & loaded with features like tail glass embedded antenna, reverse park sensor-beep on rvm, digital drive assist system, flight trays, illuminated mirror, all bells & whistles....The xylo's bosch
  Posted by Amol Giradkar at 24th April,2010
well, I test drove both vehicles as I needed 7 seater and I found that Xylo does not have smooth gear box, I always find that it is getting stuck somewhere and touching the rotor while shifting the gear. Breaking doesn't seems consistent as expected and most important, use of cheap plastics inside the car. Common Mahindra, it doesn't cost much to have metal door opener. With so much bulk, it must not be costing more than 100Rs. At first I was tempted to buy Xylo because of cost advantage but then after test driven both I opted for Innova.
  Posted by vaibhav gupta at 24th April,2010
USP for XYLO is that it's top-end variant comes 2lakh rupees lesss than what toyota offfers in innova top-end variant..secondly dimensions are much more (L.B.H.) in XYLO than INNOVA....
  Posted by RAJEEV GOYAL at 20th April,2010
  Posted by mathew at 1st April,2010
I like Xylo
  Posted by sarath at 16th March,2010
Xylo is really wonderful,high features with low price but not compromised on the safty features also,wish all the best for xylo team ,keep selling
  Posted by fero at 1st January,2010
For those who donot want a truck like car Toyotaxi-Innova will surely buu more user friendly economical to run mahindra xylo which has far more better drivability and value for money fuel saver car
  Posted by bob at 27th December,2009
innova is just abig waste of money
  Posted by ashis vashist at 30th November,2009
what so ever the story u have written above is dose't clarifies the moto of customer, thing should be clear enough, advantages disadvt so that before going for one it should satisfy the buyer.,
  Posted by bejoy at 7th November,2009
XYLO is best awesome. but yhe innova is not so good. xylo has and comfortable interior and comfortable ride.
  Posted by SANJEEV N BATHIJA at 19th October,2009
Hi a very true story a took t delivery on 17th oct diwali eve it started well but wen i reached home and called my relatives for a drive man t car cudnt start had to call t toll no they say t pdi was not done properly that answer i would nt get from toyota tafter that also the car doesnt drive without pumping t car and removing t air thats not done wen ubuy a car from reputed company
  Posted by SANJEEV N BATHIJA at 19th October,2009
Hi a very true story a took t delivery on 17th oct diwali eve it started well but wen i reached home and called my relatives for a drive man t car cudnt start had to call t toll no they say t pdi was not done properly that answer i would nt get from toyota tafter that also the car doesnt drive without pumping t car and removing t air thats not done wen ubuy a car from reputed company
  Posted by N.SURESH KUMAR at 10th October,2009
A very useful, informative and unbiased report. I am seriously thinking of buying a Mahindra Xylo to replace my hatch.For the price at which it is offered, it is a value for money product.
  Posted by shrikant at 8th September,2009
Well in my understanding xylo is alternative to innova . One who dont have budget to purchase an innova but still want a good MUV I duly suggest them xylo. With xylo coming in the top 10 sellers toyota shall think of the cost factor of innova or the INNOVA will soon have no sales . They shall bring down some model in comparision with xylo or bring down the cost of innova .INNOVA is luxury for sure but XYLO might soon improve on the same.
  Posted by Ashok at 9th July,2009
Your review should convince most of the guys out there to choose the xylo. I liked the way you have written this post especially the way you put a full stop to it. As the other guys over here commented the xylo. For all the features and convenience and to a good extent comparable with the Innova. The xylo should have thought about its exterior styling or atleast consider redoing the exterior so that they can CAPTURE the space. One other concern of the XYLO is its milage which I believe is on the lesser side when compared to the TAVERA. Should there be some more improvements here ?????
  Posted by Razeen at 6th July,2009
Yes, based on the performance xylo could win but on the basis of look, Xylo sucks.. New Innova looks awesome..
  Posted by DJ at 30th June,2009
Who can argue when you save the hard cash, but Xylo looks very ugly. Mahindra, make it pleasing to eyes.
  Posted by Tejalinga at 27th June,2009
Yes,we Indians can surprise any one.
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