Mahindra Verito facelift leaked

The Verito has gone through a minor change during its transition from being a Mahindra-Renault Logan to a Mahindra Verito, but this time 'round, it gets a complete, err, facelift.

This facelift takes away the boxyt looking front-end of the Verito, giving it a more pleasing, rounded look. New headlamps and a chrome trimmed grill are part of the update as well. At the back, you've got completely new tail-lights and new creases on the bootlid.

Inside, the Verito was quite bare, to be honest, but now, with the stereo system from the Xylo, AC with climate control and an air-bag for the driver, the car seems to have moved up the ladder a little. It also gets proper door pulls this time around rather than the cheap feeling moulded ones on the last car. Overall, this facelift makes the value-for-money Verito an even more desirable car!



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