If 'execute a u-turn, now!' crackling from somewhere inside the dashboard annoys you no end, NAVTEQ's got some relief for you. Their new product tagged Natural Guidance changes the way traditional navigation units have been functioning so far by adopting a new school of operation. Rajat Tandon, director of sales - India, NAVTEQ was quoted as saying “Natural Guidance is a revolutionary first step toward more natural and ultimately more efficient experience by enabling the kind of directions we need in India. Not only does it provide drivers with information which will allow them to avoid stopping for directions, but it does so in a manner that by design is aligned with how Indian consumers seek directions.”

Essentially, in addition to time and distance based instructions, the program will also identify landmarks such as traffic lights, buildings and places with distinctive points of interest. This will certainly render the Natural Guidance system more intuitive and will certainly increase the popularity of navigation systems in the country. At present, the new product is available exclusively for Mumbai and New Delhi and NAVTEQ plans to expand its coverage in due course.