Lamborghini teases new Murcielago


The SV 670-4 signaled an end, an end to an era that defined the Murcielago. The first car to roll out after the takeover of VAG-Audi, the Murcielago has always been the definitive supercar for the last decade. And now that the Murcielago has finally bowed out, it's making way for a new supercar.

Come Paris next month, and Lamborghini will showcase to the world its Murcielago replacement. To be called the Murcielago/Jota, the supercar might feature a 7.0-litre V12, with power rated closer to 700 bhp. The name Jota was first used as the Miura Jota when Bob Wallace, the then chief test-driver of Lamborghini used a Miura mule and called it the Jota in 1970. The re-emergence of the name means Lamborghini is not refraining from using a model name once again, something it has refrained from doing so until now.

The new model is being developed as an aluminium spaceframe instead of a steel one like the outgoing Murcielago and will also have aluminium doors. The rest of the car will be mostly made of carbon fibre, ala the Reventon. The carbon fibre tech is being developed in conjunction with Boeing, the American aircraft manufacturer who have tied up with the University of Seattle to develop a range of full carbon fibre passenger planes for the future. Lamborghini decided to join the project to utilise the learning from the aircraft manufacturer for its own lineup of supercars.

The Jota will also feature an advanced all-wheel drive setup and a newer e-gear transmission. It is not known at this point if Lamborghini will offer a manual option, as it would mean developing one to suit the kind of horsepower and torque this car will produce. Watch out for more updates on this space.