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Lamborghini knocks the roof off the Aventador


Trust Lamborghini to go wild with their designs. After the one-off Jota, Lamborghini introduces the Aventador Roadster for the masses, er, at least for the ones that can afford it.

Unlike all the recent drop tops, the Aventador doesn't make use of a power folding roof or even a manually foldable roof. The entire roof section comes off in two pieces so that you can stow them in the front luggage compartment, away from that beautiful 6.5-litre V12 engine making 700 bhp!

If you don't need all 700 of those horses, however, this Roadster comes with a cylinder deactivation system that will allow you to run the engine at part capacity, so, you know, you can save some fuel while idling in traffic. All 12 cylinders and 700 bhp will be available at the prod of the throttle though, so don't worry.

Apart from the missing roof, the engine cover has also been modified a little to keep the elements out while still giving a good view of that beast of an engine. If you work the 7-speed paddle-shift gearbox, you'll be doing 100 kph in 3 seconds flat and from then, continue pushing and you'll go to a top speed of 350 kph!

Prices start at 300,000 euros for the Aventador Roadster, that's roughly Rs 2.08 Cr excluding taxes.