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  Saturday, Nov 28, 2015
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Karizma vs Pulsar 220
Two Two-Twenty-somethings taken to task
By : Shubhabrata Marmar | Published : February 16, 2007 | Photos : Pablo Chaterji
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It was the second question he asked me. ‘So, will this thing ‘pull’ a Karizma&rdSearch=bsm target=_blank style=text-decoration:none;cursor:hand;>Karizma?’ Well, Josh and I dragged the two out repeatedly to get the answer. And the answer is I launch bikes better than Josh. Let me tell you how I found that out. At the word go, the 220 shot forward, while the Kari (with Josh on board) was floating at about my ear. No, let’s focus. The 220 is marginally slower than the Karizma to 60 kph. It’s less than a tenth, but in a drag, the Kari chap will not see the 220 rider, while the 220 rider will notice the Kari fairing in peripheral vision. Then the game changes. Fractions later, the 220 begins to pull away with authority and the Karizma, no matter how hard it tries, loses as much as a bike length within the next 150-odd metres. There just didn’t seem to be any point in going any further in the drag race. Heh heh. And Josh, get this, weighs 6 kg less than me.

To put numbers on it, the test Karizma logged a 0-60 kph time of 4.29 seconds. P220? 4.38. The Karizma logged a 0-100 kph time of 13.52 seconds. P200? 12.79. And while the Bajaj has a top speed of 128 kph, the Karizma only does 122, and that too with a wildly optimistic speedo. Now, to the rest of it.

Build, fit and finish levels are about par, but the Karizma would lose points because it is known to rattle bits off (like the bulbs in the tail lamps). We won’t say that either bike is gobsmackingly good looking. Both have their points, but we say, about even.

greasy bits
The Karizma does have the smoother, less-stressed engine, but the Pulsar-Kari gap has closed. You already know that the 220 is way quicker and faster than the Kari. Advantage 220. Even on the gearbox front, the two are very close and sport excellent gearboxes.

P220, definitely. On a fast flowing road, the Karizma would have quite a task keeping up. And not just because the P220’s actually faster. If the surfaces were variable, the P220s advantage would grow.
Perhaps the only place where the Kari would have a shot at a win would be in the dirt, where its genes (Honda CRF230F) would show up.

Its very close and we’ll call it even. The Karizma has a nice big-car sort of feel. It absorbs almost everything and lets you know nothing. Which feels good, but isn’t perfect. The 220 approaches the same sort of absorbent quality, but stops short enough to return feedback. Which is nearly perfect. .

Nothing left to be said. I only wish the P220 felt faster, as opposed to being faster than it feels. That aside, there is nothing to complain about. The Karizma stands no chance here. Especially given that the P220 rarely drops below 38 kpl, even when thrashed. Karizma? Oooh, we’ve heard of figures as low as 28 kpl and recorded as low as 32.

The Karizma has always had a slightly spongy set of brakes. That hasn’t changed. Back to back, the P220 has more bite, more feel, more power in the anchors and makes every twitch of the fingers count. P220. Josh, however, insists that the Karizma (which, mind, has 10 mm larger rotors) returns more feel.

Digital dash and battery powered head lamps were the Kari’s two claims to features fame. Done and dusted. The P220’ list is so long, it’s pointless to even argue this.

They’re about even! Which means the loaded and faster P220 sails to a win.

Hero Honda better prepare that upgraded Karizma good. And make it snappy (geddit?) 

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  Posted by waseem at 12th March,2012
Pulsar speed is 144 max
  Posted by raj at 9th January,2012
karizma can't compete with 220 in terms of speed...
  Posted by Mitesh at 19th November,2011
yes, karizma zmr looks good but not in comparision with pulsar 220...
  Posted by ROUNAK at 24th September,2011
thanx.... my experiance also says that , pulsar is much more better than karizma,,,,
  Posted by RANEEZ at 7th August,2011
yes the indias one and only sports bike the "PULSAR 220 DTSi"
  Posted by sagarveer at 23rd February,2011
don't look at the prize guys, ride it,feel it and then decide that pulsar is better than kari. KARIZMA is altime best bike!!
  Posted by alam at 24th January,2011
wel... The karizma is more f aster than p220.. I saw many races and most are karizma only... People thnks p220 is faster, but it is wrong. It looks like this bcoz 220 hav big sound.. But karizma is faster.. U can try urself
  Posted by abhi at 10th January,2011
bro karizma rocks n it has more pick up... pular do has it... but bajaj s bajaj n hero honda s hero honda.. pulsar gets bore problem too n engine never lasts..i sold 220 n wen 4 karizma.. it has a smooth feel
  Posted by Ravi at 15th November,2010
but pulsar 220 is fastes indian
  Posted by Rag at 23rd September,2010
As Part the Discussion- Kari & 220 Pulsar r in Same Path....
  Posted by Rahul at 17th September,2010
  Posted by sameer at 7th September,2010
ZMA is batter thn Pulsar 220..
  Posted by heartbreakkid at 28th August,2010
karizmaR is way more better than p220...
  Posted by himking at 5th July,2010
even m a die hard fan of p220, but dis article is biased, though i respect ur opinions, but unbiased article wud've been apriciated
  Posted by rick at 20th June,2010
karizma ia the best bike then pulsar 220
  Posted by deek at 17th June,2010
Karizma is better than pulsar 220... u just compare the sales ........ u all come 2 knw ........
  Posted by sunny naidu at 8th May,2010
karizma is better than pulsar 220
  Posted by rajesh at 28th December,2009
i agree on some sort of point but yhat only for a very short time of all knows p220 is a flop model(p150 best in its catagory). engines become defective as time goes but not hh k...i have seen 4 of them with my is that better in all????only goes faster & tail lamps with digispeedo.....
  Posted by devansh at 10th December,2009
It is a stunning bike and i have dragged it up to 150km\h.It is a better bike than karizmaR.
  Posted by SAJEEV at 26th November,2009
I brought PULSAR 220, it is really nice, I am happy. Ofcourse Pulsar 220 is prestige bike... no doubt.
  Posted by baskey at 25th October,2009
I GOT 220 dtsi N IT GAVE ME A MIND BLOWING 48KM/lt....
  Posted by kamal at 19th September,2009
what a bike pulsar 220dtsi, kzm is nothing worst bike.
  Posted by rag's at 14th September,2009
hi rehan iam a bit confused to go for a 220 are a zma..sum are saying 220 has just pikup only..zma has styl and fule eficiancy.. wat is ur pulsar milage ???plzz tel me tht..and my mail id is
  Posted by Anuraj at 11th September,2009
yup......whatever it is but herohonda bikes are much better tan bajaj bikes....wheather in speed, service or avalability of parts.
  Posted by Rahat at 3rd September,2009
Pulsar 220 is the best no one can beat Pulsar
  Posted by rehan at 24th August,2009
really guys i recently bought a black hawk pulsar 220 on (aug20th 2009) and its superb really the pickup,speed, and the performance is totally great no one can beat pulsar220 and guys why to compare karizma with pulsar220 its very far away karizma cant beat pulsar 200 then how can karizma beat 220 (any comments please
  Posted by Vinyas Jain at 17th August,2009
  Posted by ronit at 14th July,2009
pulsar is better than karizma
  Posted by RISHI at 14th July,2009
  Posted by sumit singh at 14th July,2009
pulsar220 IS BETTER THAN karizma. pulsar220 performance is better than karizma.
  Posted by mayank at 18th June,2009
Pulsar is better
  Posted by AK at 16th June,2009
it is not a comparison, but just a long praise of pulsar 220,, no matter its just a personal opinion and not a anbiased comparison...
  Posted by mike at 14th October,2009
  pulsar 220 dtsi is best.........always ready for challenge
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