Jaguar unveils World's First Stretched E-Type


Jaguar Land Rover Ltd. has taken its branding and legacy to an another level by unveiling the world's first  stretched E-Type. It will be presented in London at a major automotive awards ceremony which is taking place later this week. Introduced firstly in 1968, the Jaguar E-Type series 1 4.2 roadster has been extended by four and a half inches by the Classic Motor Cars Limited of Bridgnorth (CMC). The extra spaciousness would certainly make a difference and completely modify its attitude.

It can be seen as a phenomenal restoration as something equivalent to this has never happened before in the CMC. The Stretched car has been provided the interior leg room of a Series 3 V12 E-type, whereas aesthetics are that of a Series 1 car. The CMC officials described the development by stating that four and a half inches have been added to the floor pan so that the existing legroom of V12 can be enhanced by an inch or so and overall look of the Series 1 can be retained at the same time. This additional spacing within the original look makes it a unique paradise to drive.

In addition to all this renovation, roof line has also been lifted by 1.25 inches above the drivers seat and the boot floor has been revamped in order to allow a wider spare wheel, as previously it was having 16" diameter wheels. The car has also received upgrades in terms of air conditioner, power steering, brakes, gear box, suspension and handling. A 20 gallon fuel tank has been given in the car for more convenience.