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  Sunday, Nov 29, 2015
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i 20/20 vision
The Hyundai surprise best-seller gets a diesel heart. We drive it.
By : Srinivas Krishnan | Published : July 13, 2009
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What’s the pricing like? Is it competitive?
Yes indeed. The i20 1.4 petrol automatic starts at Rs 7.31 lakh, while the diesel retails at Rs 6.19 lakh. That’s pretty good value, considering that you get six airbags and a sunroof in the fully loaded version (Rs 7.72 lakh for the 1.4 petrol automatic and Rs 7.20 lakh for the CRDi, (all prices ex-showroom Delhi).


Okay, so how are the cars?
Er, we got to drive only the i20 CRDi, and not the automatic. But that should happen soon...

All right, so how’s the diesel i20 then?
Okay, here we go. The 1396cc 16-valve DOHC common-rail turbodiesel motor develops 88.74 bhp at 4000 rpm and 22.4 kgm of turning force between 1750 and 2750 rpm. The engine features a whole lot of technology that makes it refined. The words bandied about include swirl control valves, hydraulic lash adjusters and electrical Exhaust Gas Recirculation with cooler. Essentially, all that makes the i20 diesel smooth, powerful, eco-friendly and fuel efficient.

Oh, is that so?
Though we did not test it for fuel consumption figures, Hyundai claim 20 km to the litre. And on our 200 km drive out of Delhi, the fuel needle refused to budge till we reached Rajasthan.

That’s fine, but how is it when it comes to performance?
Again, no idea about how quick it is, as we have to test it. But the seat-of-the-pants experience is that it is pretty good for a diesel motor. After all, Hyundai’s diesel department has given us the three-cylinder Accent CRDi and the manic Verna 1.5. Besides, the torque is quite good and easily beats the famous Fiat MultiJet. That makes the car quite driveable in lousy traffic as well as cruise at 120 kph on the highway, with the tacho needle staying calm and unruffled. As far as outright performance goes, the diesel motor easily propels the i20 to 150 kph, but it does lose steam soon after that. No wonder it comes with rear discs as standard.
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  Posted by Rakesh at 6th August,2009
Seriously guys,I agree with you both. Dont know why India rejected the cool Getz CRDI.Its a car worth spending than the toy swift. The build quality of Hyundai has been league ahead than Maruti.Even though both my cars have been Maruti,I have decided that my next vehicle will be a Hyndai and hopefully Getz CRDI.The Engine is just Mindblowing and even sedans will sweat out to catch up with it.Space is Brilliant with 60:40 seat,it adds value quotient.Then Ride is well suited for Indian roads..No thud thud and parts stick together better than any similar priced model.What else to say..Guys ..swift lovers..take getz for a drive and you will forget its a Hatchback.
  Posted by raj at 14th July,2009
in the performance section, you forgot to mention the tarmac scorching getz crdi. its a pocket rocket which no other hatch comes close to and blows away many a sedans. i drove i20 crdi and its a league ahead of punto and ritz/swift diesel. after driven i20 crdi, punto feels crude, noisy, cramp interior with low quality plastics. i guess the premium of 90k over punto top end is worth it. good going hyundai. just price it 25k less and it would be theee best seller
  Posted by abuna ventana at 13th July,2009
The i 20 is a fantastic car. It offers good value for money proposition. I dont understand why many people hesitate it to admit that, simply because it is a korean. Afterall take the big brands in todays world - lg, samsung.
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