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  Friday, Nov 27, 2015
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Hyundai Verna diesel vs VW Vento diesel-Scripted to perfection
In the duel between the Verna and Vento diesels, there has to be a decisive outcome
By : Rohin Nagrani | Published : May 28, 2011 | Photos : BSM
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New Hyundai Verna
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I am not here to tell you the merits of diesel cars vis-à-vis petrol ones, especially given the backdrop of fuel pricing policies. I am here to lay a burning issue to rest; an issue that’s threatening to tear the Internet apart, a debate that’s been clogging our telephone lines and inboxes. Is perennial favourite Volkswagen Vento TDI capable of holding its own against a more powerful and better loaded new Hyundai Verna CRDi? Has the winner in the sub-Rs 11 lakh C-segment diesel variant market changed? Well, if you aren't worked up yet, read on.

Looking forward

Let me tell you straight away, the Verna definitely looks the part. Three years down the line when there might be a new Honda City, a facelifted Volkswagen Vento and probably even a new Suzuki SX4, the Verna would still look fresh enough to stay in the game. The use of several layers, a strong light-catcher line, sculpted waistline and swoopy headlamps and tail lamps make it a very busy design. There is not just one element that catches your eye; there are several, which is good for slowing the ageing process. From the front, the new “fluidic design” is interesting enough and it’s only at the rear that you notice an ever-so-slight hint of the last-gen BMW 5 Series. The Volkswagen is more conservative than youthful. It looks well-proportioned and the nose is smart enough as a result of its Polo lineage. The large tail lamps and the manner in which the C-pillar curves in around the rear glass make it less edgy. One glance at the rear and you know that in just a year the Vento is starting to feel its age.

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  Posted by sanjay chauhan at 20th December,2011
nice car vento
  Posted by HARSHAD DESAI at 20th August,2011
why u all are fight on vento and verna.both are good on there place.dont fight yar.
  Posted by Sanjay at 14th July,2011
I think Manoj has summarised the key differences that need to be the focal point of any car comparison. Automobiles are best compared on the ride/handling/ driving dynamics than on the accessories/equipment they pack in. The former are inherent qualities/capabilities of a vehicle and unlike the equipment which most often are possible to add to any vehicle if you are ready to throw in some extra money. I was love the looks of the new Verna but I am a driving enthusiast and would vote for Vento.
  Posted by Kunal at 13th July,2011
Nice comment, but handling part description is totally based on people to people, thought people in Delhi don't get into so much details to buy a car, these days what matters a lot is Looks, Performance, Features and after sales and services, and considering all these, Verna Fluidic is segment leader. Vento is no where to compete Verna. To spend 10 lakhs on a car which is a lil better in handling, a lil quicker etc is a BIG NO. After sales services are just pathetic when it comes to VW, where as Hyundai is India's No.2 company and they have good enough network. No doubt Hyundai has changed cars future in India. Maruti has done same with SX4 but somehow din't get same succes as Verna is getting. I would higly recommend Maruti SX4 or Verna Fluidic for C segment. Other cars - wastage of money.
  Posted by Mahesh at 29th June,2011
I think Vento is OK with few things but Verna is better. When Honda will come with its diesel engine. I am sure diesel in a HC will be A bomb....another benchmark in the Industry...wake up Honda
  Posted by Vijay at 12th June,2011
This is a classic example of the improvements this Korean auto maker has done to match and even outclass the Europeans and the Japense. Hats off Hyundai
  Posted by sp at 3rd June,2011
the Vento also looks very much like a Polo - which does not bode well for the image of a C-segment premium car - it's lacks a unique identity in it's class of vehicle.
  Posted by Vikram Chauhan at 1st June,2011
A few things are obvious: while Hyundai leads the way in providing lots of features cheaper, VW is still ahead in the depth of engineering: hence better in ride and handling and even the engine, despite being well down in power on paper, almost matches the Verna in acceleration and speed testing. However VW seem to be charging too much and aren't offering as much in their cars as they are in Europe. Also from what we've heard, the Vento's ride and handling and steering is way behind the upcoming Ford Fiesta.
  Posted by sandy at 1st June,2011
I agree with the article, in the sense what the market is looking at. in every comparo between VW and Hyundai, later is given priority, just like Micromax over Nokia. but we know that Nokia's 2 Mpixel camera is far better then Micromax's 3.5 Mpixel camera, that means quality matters at the end. But VW better need to offer some more indeed to keep pace with the competition.
  Posted by Manoj Majeed Bangalore at 1st June,2011
Koreans have a long long way to go when it comes to cars that delight a driving enthusiast ! But on practicality and value for money , Hyundai's and Maruti's call the shots. So it boils down to whether you just want to drive and commute or want to enjoy the drive and commute...My assumption is 7 out of 10 car/two wheeler buyers would look for practicality rather than driving/riding dynamics. And thats the precise reason that this country had seen more Hero Honda Splendours than Yamaha RX100's and More Santros than Palios and More Corolla/Civic/Altis than Octavias and Skodas and More Cities and Verna's than Fiesta and more Swifts than Fabias. Hope u all got the point :) So none of the car manufacturers are here to make cars which handle or ride better, They are here to provide an overall package and outdo each other to sell more numbers..
  Posted by Velutha at 30th May,2011
No offence Rohin! & I've already been a fellow road-tester on some of the jigs with you guys :) However it needs to be re-iterated that is NOT AT ALL in the BSM spirit to declare fundamentally (ride/handling/steering/braking) superior car as the 'loser' and gimmicky one as the 'winner', it would then make BSM just like other advertising catalogs masquerading as automotive mags..
  Posted by Doc at 30th May,2011
Tend to agree with Peter here...anyway I am glad that the Verna has been chosen over the Vento. It's very rare that auto journos actually recommend anything other than Hondas and VWs (and the Fiesta)! Doc
  Posted by Velutha at 30th May,2011
What 'better equipped' you tin head? it's ill informed specimens of scribes like you who have spread this odd conception of Hyundais being more feature packed. The base model of Vento IS cheaper and also better equipped than the base 1.6 diesel Verna It is not "In your blood" Rohin, please go to some other publication
  Posted by Rohin at 30th May,2011
Hi Velutha, Your angst is understandable. Anyway, let's do a check on what the Verna offers over the Vento - 1.6 CRDi VGT vs Trendline Vento - both basic variants. The Verna offers driver airbag while the Vento does not. The Verna offers ABS which the Vento does not. The Verna offers rear disc brakes which the Vento does not. The Verna offers front fog lamps which the Vento does not. Sure enough, the Vento comes with a tilt and height adjustable steering which the Verna does not and a rear air-vent which the Verna does not offer. You can argue about the rear defogger and auto up-down windows as well, but that's a matter of conjecture. Yes, the base Vento is cheaper by nearly a lakh than the base Verna - so I will give it to you on that count. The Verna does have a cheaper 1.4 diesel version too, which can swing opinion either way.
  Posted by Rohin at 30th May,2011
Decisions are arrived at based on what the whole basket offers and what the customer gains from it, apart from technically evaluating the car in all aspects. The ball right now is in Volkswagen's court to offer more features, for frankly, the Vento still excels in many areas, notably ride and handling and overall poise. If you doubt our or my testing methods, I welcome you to come and be a part of a test of ours any time.
  Posted by Arun Pillai at 30th May,2011
While the Verna is a very capable and feels great to drive, I have found the Vento to be better built and to have better comfort levels. The ride and handling just cannot be compared - the Vento is miles ahead. This review feels like it is based on a component to component comparision like a computer/mobile device shootout - this just doesnt work with cars! Looking forward to better articles....
  Posted by Balu at 30th May,2011
Hi Rohin, I still believe the verdict should be based on true BSM spirit.The car which is better in ride/handling/steering/braking should win!.Yes, features should be considered but that should be secondary.Also Verna is charging for all the features.Personally, I've driven the new verna 1.6 VGT and i didn't like the steering, its too light for me.Waiting for Vento test drive to make my personal decision
  Posted by Ronak at 1st June,2011
  Hi Balu, Vento has more maintainance than verna. So my vote goes to verna fluidic.
  Posted by Peter at 29th May,2011
war on the internet.... between these two models? Interesting write up and comparison, but "war on the internet" ... keep it real mate!
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