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  Wednesday, Nov 25, 2015
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Oil-burning hatch match
By : BSM | Published : July 23, 2009
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Hyundai i20 1.4 CRDi vs Fiat Punto Multijet : Compare Prices, Reviews & Features
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Hyundai is aiming to hit several birds with the stone called the i20 1.4 CRDi: the Honda Jazz, Skoda Fabia and the Fiat Punto MultiJet.

The car has lots of things going for it. It has the looks, the space, decent ride quality, brilliant safety kit, lots of feel-good bits and an excellent build quality too. The 1.4 diesel&rdSearch=bsm target=_blank style=text-decoration:none;cursor:hand;>diesel motor has decent go, developing about 89 bhp and over 22 kgm of torque. Which is more than what the famous engine in the Fiat Punto offers. The Fiat, on the other hand, has ravishing looks - yes, better than the i20's - and it offers a better ride, as expected. The Fiat motor needs time to spool up, which hampers in-city driveability, but once it does, it's really fun to drive. Where the Fiat scores over the i20 is in the driving dynamics - the steering has better feedback and the handling is really exemplary. The i20 is more sedate and is not exactly fun to drive; the steering feedback is missing and the chassis is not nimble. Though the driver's car between the two is the Fiat Punto MultiJet, it's the Hyundai i20 CRDi which is overall a better buy despite being more expensive. Our choice? The i20 CRDi.

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  Posted by Vinod at 1st March,2012
There is no clear reason why the author favours i20 over Punto. In my opinion Punto has much better looks (designed by the designer of century), greater road handling, loads of features and above all the best in the world Multijet engine. i20 is a good vehicle too... but uses its dated CRDi engine. i20 also has lower gound clearance and the vehicle is not very comfortable above 100kph!
  Posted by Ashish at 20th February,2012
Guys, Please suggest. M Really confused between Fiat Punto 1.3 Emotion or Hundai 1.4 CRDI Sportz, which one to buy...??
  Posted by Madhav at 23rd January,2012
Read the below article : 17th January,2012 Reply I own a FIAT PUNTO Multijet. I am getting a mileage of around 15 in city and in highway i have at times managed to get nearly 23 also. We cannot compare FIAT and Hyundai as we know that FIAT has better technology and better design and is way ahead of HYUNDAI. Punto is a great vehicle when driven and service from TATA is not bad either. You can expect a call from FIAT Customer care once in every forthnight. INDIA needs more cars from FIAT which are solid and elegant. Europian Cars have a better appeal over the Korean and Japanese cars. FIAT really rocks 9739008011
  Posted by Chethan at 17th January,2012
I own a FIAT PUNTO Multijet. I am getting a mileage of around 15 in city and in highway i have at times managed to get nearly 23 also. We cannot compare FIAT and Hyundai as we know that FIAT has better technology and better design and is way ahead of HYUNDAI. Punto is a great vehicle when driven and service from TATA is not bad either. You can expect a call from FIAT Customer care once in every forthnight. INDIA needs more cars from FIAT which are solid and elegant. Europian Cars have a better appeal over the Korean and Japanese cars. FIAT really rocks 9739008011
  Posted by Abhi at 7th November,2011
i20 is better in looks as well then punto.........i20 has good interiors........and that's right i20 is best buy........
  Posted by kedar at 16th September,2011
Our choice? The i20. May I know why?
  Posted by harish at 7th September,2011
Punto 90bhp is excellent vehicle. looks, handling(you won't get tired even after driving for 4-5hrs continous drive) and better build quality(safest vehicle i segment) are good at punto what else is require in car?? and in 90bhp in gear accelaration is good when compare to i20 and swift. i have driven 8000kms in punto 90bhp in highways i am getting about 18 - 21kms millege with AC. and in city it will be about 14kms. overall a satisfied customer. but sure interiors quality can be improved but still designing of interiors is good and better than any other car in segment. service also -i had not faced any problem with TATA. boot space is also good and 76lts more when compare to swift and almost equal to i20. these comments are with my experience with punto from last 6 months. harish 9632223315
  Posted by rohit at 20th August,2011
Fiat Punto Vs New Swift (Diesel)- 1.Swift top Model (ZDI) is costlier then Punto top Emotion Pack model(excluding 90hp model),being 2.Swift VDI does not have - Rear Defogger,Rear Wiper,Driver seat Height Adjustment,Music system,ABS EBD, where as in the same price of VDI you get PUNTO Emotion Model, which is quite a good deal as anytime driving Punto is better then Swift. Who will buy Swift VDI, if we get these many features in the same cost...only if you are a fool you will go for Swift VDI 3.Punto at the moment is giving features such as 4 years warranty (insc of parts & clutch plates) or 1,45,000 KMS which ever is earlier + 50000 KMS road side service free + A lucky draw in which you may get either Rs 6000 (assured) or Rs 26000 diesel coupon or 1,00,000 coupon that is Diesel car in petrol price...I got Rs 26000 coupon... I am very happy to be a Fiat Punto owner Rohit - 9811611365
  Posted by Dean at 27th June,2011
I am a proud owner of Punto i am so happy to drive this vehicle when travelling in highways i feel very confident over the control and strdyness of the vehicle , normally we newer bother about the rear passengers on thier comfort but in punto compaired to swfit which i am owning it is ellent you never know you are travelling in 100+ i would always recomend on this beast about the service fiat service has improved a lot because its in hands of Tata Motors and spres cost compaired to any other brands its reasonable i broked my right side mirror it cost me only 260/-rs , happy motoring
  Posted by Gaurang at 28th May,2011
Linea and Punto is the best in its class
  Posted by Sree at 27th May,2011
guys pls dont compare the buid quality of i20 with punto... rather any tata/fiat cars with others.. worst build quality and interiors stands the worst in fiat/tata cars... wat r u going to do with engine for more time... its the quality u feel inside the car. infact engine is also needed but i20 crdi is not the worst.. its so good.
  Posted by chaithanya at 26th April,2011
guys, what r u compring with what? Can any one beat Fiat in terms of Engine technology? Common guys, Maruti, Hyundai, TATA ... all these companies use engines from FIAT. It is the leader in terms of engine technology, no doubts in that. Well people keep complaining about its poor after sales service! I purchased Punto emotion recently and i have no complaints regarding service, infact i did not have time to take the vehicle to service center, Fiat people came home and took the vehicle to show room and returned it in the evening. Drive the vehicle, u will feel the dynamism, handling comfort, its a pleasure driving the vehicle, AC is superb and the vehicle is loaded with features.No doubt 120 is also good car, but cannot be compared to FIAT Punto, dont forget The CRDI technology used in I20 was first developed by FIAT and it no longer uses this obsolete engine, latest engines are TDI and TSI engines guys.
  Posted by Nityan at 25th April,2011
hmmm... almost 2 year since this discussion started. I am planning to buy a car and both i20 and Punto seem to be a nice option. i20 sports is 40k more expensive then Punto(Emotion Pack). So if I buy a Punto at a lower price I am getting features like Blue & Me, Airbags(which we Indian's dont really care about), Alloys, ABD w EBD, 15 inch Wheels, Steering mounted audio controls. Rest all the features are common...Lets talk about dealership and service, Hyundai does not even have a car for test drive. They use to have one earlier but now they dont. I have driven a Punto and its a cheer to drive. Though its low on pickup in 2nd & 3rd gear its a powerful car and you can feel the power once you touch 60 on speedo. i20(only an assumption from what I heard, read and the face of the dealer after you ask a question) I good at low speeds and pickup however starts quivering at 120 and above. I think Punto is going to be good while driving in the city and while my regular trips from Delhi to C
  Posted by Vijay at 5th April,2011
Though i20 is bit expensive, given the fact you would spend good amount of time in the car everyday for next 5-6 years, it is real worth to go for it. The CRDI sportz is amazing package of luxury features like taking a phone call from your blue tooth enabled enabled stereo with controls in steering. Buy i20 and feel the luxury and class !
  Posted by Rishi Ruia at 21st March,2011
The verdict is incorrect. Punto is way ahead of i20 in terms of driving dynamics, suspension & overall handling. It is in different league altogether. I have driven both the cars for almost 1000 kms each and found Punto had been exemplary. i20 lacks the refinement in the suspension department.
  Posted by PRABHU at 23rd February,2011
  Posted by himesh at 8th January,2011
I20 is a great car.Don't see Europe its India. Here fiat A.S.S is pathetic. In India hyundai is way ahead of fiat.You will drive the car in india not in Europe. Dear friends come to reality.If any problem ofter your buy look for it.If fiat again vanish punto will be a scrap like matiz. look the sell figure of fiat in india if this continues your punto resell valu will not be 60k . like old fiats you have to sell it in scrap. face the reality fiat is nowhere near to hyundai in india.Also wold top 10 companies on selling of car basis hyundai now at 5 position in world. People are not fool to buy a worse company cars.As a car punto is good but i20 also a very good decent car with lot of features.we are here in inda and fiat still not willing to come aggressively. In india hyundai far better than fiat in all aspect.
  Posted by Premchand at 24th December,2010
The Punto is swashbuckling. A genuine driver's car with most of the features that you need. It delivers an exceptional highway performance for the heavy footed driver. i20, on the other hand, is sedate and feature packed. This is a 'cruising' mean machine! The extra gear (6th) really makes cruising a pleasure!. 100kmph and the tachometer reads a mere 1900 rpm. A nimble city performer and a great highway cruiser - if you are game for this: go for i20. If you like to revvup the car (either in city or on the highways) - it's the Punto for you!
  Posted by venkat at 18th December,2010
after few months only you know the real fact when you are going to service then only you will feel.I got the punto. hahahahahaha
  Posted by Mansoor at 14th December,2010
the best value for money is definitely Fiat Punto - better than all other in that class, - I bought one and I am happy I made a good decision
  Posted by j.v.m.lal at 7th December,2010
indica vista qutra jet aura the best vehicle i feel good mileage fiat engine
  Posted by sheemon antony at 2nd December,2010
fiat is the best and the korean shit i20 is not the car to compare with grande punto the stability and the 3rd nd the 4th gear is so powerful and u will really enjoy the ride in punto friends P-owerful u-ltimate N-avigator T-op O-nroad
  Posted by jasjeet singh at 18th November,2010
friends im booked little confused,i20 is very lower ground clearness.that is bad point in that. im confused buy i20 or fiat punto.which u suggests?.
  Posted by Giri at 1st October,2010
Vishal, I am talking in diesel perspective. Better if looking at budget perspective Swift is better, but if no constraints go for 90 BHP Punto. Swift is having a waiting for 3 months minimum but if you pay Rs.25000 more you will get Swift immediately. If you ask me I iwll go for Fiat Punto 90 BHP Top End Model and No Compromise here. Many other brands are there in the range of Fiat Punto 90 BHP Top End Model. Hmmmm, So final choice is yours.
  Posted by sunish at 28th September,2010
full detals about i20 vs punto
  Posted by vishal at 22nd September,2010
i am confused which is d best in between swift & punto in diesel varient
  Posted by N.Vijaygopalan at 11th September,2010
Without any bias, as a person who has driven many cars including the new generation ones, I can say without an iota of doubt that Hundai i20 (petrol models) is the best car in every respect. It is a real pride to own a Hyundai i20 car.
  Posted by salmaan at 3rd September,2010
fiat fiat is the best car i ever seen .............excellent fabolous car so please please go for FIAT PUNTO
  Posted by Giri at 20th August,2010
Fiat is like a bjaj super. It is all individual luck if anyone get an exceptional piece from Fiat or any other makes where product is giving problems from day one itself. No guarantee for any products. I go for 1-Fiat and 1-I20 because both are class in their own, but some how engine perspective Fiat has no show stopper as they are the solution providers for others too. So Fiat is Fiat.
  Posted by Pranabesh at 3rd August,2010
Please give a comparison between Punto 90 HP & i20 CRDI. Which one is a over all better car to buy ?
  Posted by V.Biju at 17th July,2010
Hello Zia Fahad, driving Fiat (which car) for 10year & Verna (duration) what is the difference you felt & for which car will you go incase if u have an option between Punto 90 & I20 CRDI
  Posted by Zia Fahad at 10th July,2010
Fiat is Fiat.I was a user of Fiat cars for10 years.Now iam using Hyundai Verna.Now i understood the difference.
  Posted by arun at 4th July,2010
but see the features, punto offers ABS and key less entry... but i20 doesnt provide even that at a higher price.( i am comparing with the i20 magna and the punto emotion whose prices can be compared)
  Posted by Anil Wadhwa at 2nd July,2010
I have purchased a Fiat Grande Emotion Pack on dated 16/04/2010 from ABS mercantiles pvt. Ltd, Gurgaon, firstly the buying experience was very bad, they called us at 6:30pm to deliver the vehicle and it was delivered at 8:45pm. I along with my family had to wait there for more than 2hrs. But misery starts after that, exactly after car’s A.C. stopped functioning and we were asked to bring vehicle to service centre and they repaired it and again after 6-7 days A.C. stopped and they kept vehicle there for 2 days to repair. A new vehicle repeatedly giving trouble and dealer was also very unserious about delivery timing. Again on 1st service dealer service centre, but black paint spots on the whole car and sent the car. After repeated reminder and requests for 8 days they told us this is paint from nearby car which was being painted for antirust and again they picked up vehicle and half of the paint was removed still spots are their. Even paint of the car is coming out from many pla
  Posted by Rb at 1st July,2010
i have taken test drive of both cars but GP is apt for buying
  Posted by pranav at 18th May,2010
i have a g punto i brought it a month ago it is one of the best cars that i have ever driven it has a very sturdy body very well built no doubts in my mind that the punto is a better buy than a i 20
  Posted by sahil at 7th May,2010
I purchased my Fait Diesel 1.3 Active last month. It was a decision taken after 10 months of market research. I zeroed in on I-20, Fabia and especially Swift LDI. The Car is a master piece on road to drive among all the other available in its segment and even one's slightly over this budget including 1-20. Powerful diesel multijet engine gives great performance. The car balance is the best in the segment. Interiors of this car are the most horrible. Plastic used looks like the most ordinary. A/C makes a lot of noise at the max. Car looks horrible in 1st and 2nd gear until multijet takes effect. I made a mistake to go for power and external looks. No value for money, poor fuel economy
  Posted by imran at 29th April,2010
Fiat punto is wonderful car, it is ahead in all department then i20, i20 looks like duck from side, go for punto
  Posted by Thilak at 22nd April,2010
I agree with you. Can’t compare Punto with i-20. At 160Km/h its rock solid. Man it rocks…..
  Posted by Prashant Ruia at 9th April,2010
Fiat Punto cannot be compared to any other car available today in the Indian market. Braking & Handling on corners of Punto is exemplary. I don`t know why people cry about it`s slow pick up before turbo kicks in because the torque is available for high speed driving. I`ve driven Punto upto 160 kmph on Mum-Pune E`way and it is rock solid. I20 starts rattling at 135 kmph. Steering in Punto is perfectly balanced. Not too light or heavy. I20 steering isn`t that refined. Even if I20 was available at Punto`s price, Punto would be the best buy, always.
  Posted by Gomez at 8th April,2010
I was studying in UK, and i know how those car geeks over there love their PUNTO. It is one of the best hatchback car ever made, even Richard Hammond of BBC's "TOP gear" (the mother of all car reviews) admit it. When i came back, the first thing i bought is a GP (Grande Punto)
  Posted by dr.tapan gogoi at 6th April,2010
fiat grande punto is a wonderful car, its riding comfort ,pick up and fuel economy is exelletnt.i dont fill like driving any car after i have punto multijet.
  Posted by raj3015 at 5th April,2010
I had punto before switch over to i20, but realized later to a mistake , punto is far ahead in terms of stability on higher speed and safety foremost even on speed as higher as 140 , u feel the difference fiat is gearing up now so best buy in segment is punto
  Posted by SAMYAK , LUCKNOW at 25th March,2010
  Posted by Mark5 at 18th March,2010
I've owned both Punto's and a range of new Hyundai. The Punto has great driving ability and style. However, over time I found a few niggles with the Punto. In terms of reliability I suggest the i20 would win hands down. However, at the end of the day it's a matter of taste to a large degree.
  Posted by Ashwin at 15th February,2010
What kind of a comparison is this?? The GP outscores the dumb-looking i20 from looks to handling to braking to spacious interiors. No two ways about it...Fiat GP rocks!!!
  Posted by Tejalinga at 4th February,2010
First ask Fiat to throw the 90bhp motor in Punto & then the comparo will sound fair.
  Posted by loye hubbard at 2nd February,2010
we recently bougth a hyundai genisis it is the best luxury car for the money compared to bmw and lexus at a much cheeper price and a much better warrenty this is our third hyundai we have owned they are as dependable as you can find
  Posted by Nitin Kalra at 19th January,2010
If anyone want to appreciate a car is not required to de-value or defame another competitor. Punto stands on driving has its own identity..and a better VFM .... whereas i20 has established itself as a BRAND ...all because of 12 years performance of Hyundai in INDIA ... If so many people are in favour of PUNTO...why sales figure are rising for hyundai and FIAT is still not able to move to second gear after UNO...Palio...and now PUNTO.. nd yes....WE ALL WANT TO MAKE FIAT NUMERO Can we highlight...where Fiat is lacking so that same can be communicated to FIAT TO LEAD AGAIN...
  Posted by kuttu at 18th January,2010
one of our frend wrote that hyudai share thr technology with merc. firstlty i telling u just go through wiki-pedia and search about crdi technology(who iz 1stly introduced crdi engine in car).then u can understand how far fiat frm hyundia. its only a cheap company frm koriea.dont compare with any europiean product.
  Posted by rashik at 10th January,2010
evn i also disagree wid this kind of conclusion i have fiat punto multijet i knw whr it stand......... i20 is a gud car bt nt better thn punto in handling, brake feel and stabiliy at high speeds and cornors.... evn punto has bst in brakin frm 100 to 0 and steering feel is much much bettr thn i20......... only engines are nt only di plus points if u buy a car main things are safety handlin braking suspensions bla bla also.... if u also upgarde punto upto i20's engine tht means make it to 90 bhp (feel the fire in tht engine) punto is quick bt its built is like that it dosnt make it feel....... also i20 is nt as solid as compare to g.punto..... i suggest to go for puntossss if u want the bst build quality in hot hatchbacks class...... i have earlier fiat padmini thn uno thn palio and now punto jus bcoz of fiats superb quality......... and italin gaint is nevr overtaken by koreans minis....... sir those who want only fun and hav enough money thy wil go for i20'ss but comon man prefr thi
  Posted by rashik at 10th January,2010
punto rocks
  Posted by rashik at 10th January,2010
punto rocks
  Posted by dr amol at 4th January,2010
i also disagree with the final conclusion by the inexperienced writer. if you analize properly the i20 cannot be a better buy as it has the same engine of that of the higher i10 and still the prize difference is more than 1lakh just for different looks and amenities. why pay more? thus probably the G punto fits better in that range. G punto is a very sturdy vehical with good preformance. we cannot carry on to be haunted by fiat's past services problems as things are becoming different. go for GP :)
  Posted by Rajeev at 29th December,2009
i20 is far ahead of Punto. It is also one of the best selling hatch in Europe. Punto with its "budget build quality" and parts falling off, cannot be compared to the taught built, export quality and well featured i20. I had a Punto for some time and then sold it off to buy an i20 CRDi. I am very happy to take that decision.
  Posted by prasanna K.L at 23rd December,2009
I totally disagree with the comment above. Punto is much much ahead and better car than i20. I have driven both i20 & punto. punto is simply superb in handling and it is very smooth. coming to quality of material used inside punto is the best.styling i can't say punto is the best but it is not worst. so... close your eyes and buy a punto.
  Posted by lal at 17th December,2009
the writer is wrong the punto has great styling and more fun to drive car and more importantanly by saving 1 lac bucks
  Posted by uady at 6th December,2009
The writer is not every aspect punto is a better product than has a better built,better fame,money-valued,eco-friendly,easy to handle,....and what not..
  Posted by Renish at 1st December,2009
I agree with Sanju. Fiats are built like any other solid european car. If any body is sane enough he will go for a good VFM car and Punto is one of them. If one is crazy for Brand image then he will go for a Honda Jazz. I don't understand why a person should spend Rs. 6 lacs for a korean product like i-20 which is neither built like a punto nor has a time tested technologically advanced engine like Punto Multijet.
  Posted by Sanju at 30th November,2009
Solid European Car with fantastic ride and handling quality. But the best thig I like about Punto is its braking capability which saved me in dashing in to a truck when I was returning from a business trip last night. Thanks Punto.
  Posted by nithin at 30th November,2009
jst wonder when the writer of this article praises Punto all the way......but ends up saying i20 is better??//'';;' either we are fools or the writer is taking us for a ride. Wonder How much Hyundai must be payin these guys just to write good about their copycat cars.when you have better control, a car that doesnt roll,better comfort & scores over every practical aspect whatz the fun in havin 6 air bags, refregirated glove box ....paywhoopin 1 lac more for copycats....Fiat is not bad , they are tryin to make thigs better in every aspect..that LIKE ATRUE FIATTITUDE,,,,,,,,,,,,,
  Posted by GP ROCKS at 26th November,2009
I was a little confused between GP and i20. I choose GP Diesel over i20 crdi coz i have decided to own a car for its true vale than just the brand value. The overall drive quality is incomparable with i20. The build quality and rock solid stability with its italian design drools you over everything else. I am a proud GP owner. If Tata could project fiat better GP will certainly give i20 a run for its money. GP rocks anyday!!!
  Posted by akhil at 24th November,2009
as far as i remember, hyundai bought only the accent's diesel (crdi) engine from detroit diesels after their maiden attempt with the accent dls failed... it was the one & only crdi motor available in india then.. but on their later cars they manufactured their own diesel engines... they dont get it from detroit anymore... PS-- the motor on accent was the smallest diesel motor detroit diesels have ever made..... regarding the discussion ... i would say its the punto that steals the show anyday... its a sheer joy when it comes to ride quality n handling... only true europeans can achieve that benchmark & not any imitations (read it as i20)... regarding hyundai i could never understand why they always charge a premium for their cars over their competitors.. they're no honda who has extremely refined n robust engines neither r they BMW or Merc who offer exclusivity & neither they make any cars that handle best or are tarmac kings... they make just average cars n sometimes a lot underpowere
  Posted by himanshu at 18th November,2009
we know both are real competitor i20 has got a brand image with him and punto punto really competing with it can any one tell me about there average in diesel version
  Posted by mohit at 17th November,2009
what comparing i understand hyundai have provided decent products to market,but fiat products are one which adrelain push no matter how flat they might look ,but sturdy strong masculine like hard male cock ,i love its style at affordable price.
  Posted by faisalarfi at 7th November,2009
fiat punto scores more than i20 in many areas right frm the engine to comfort level but where it is lacking , it is brand image in india fiat after sales service and customer satisfaction index r poor, custmeres have gone through a bad experience with PALIO ,so fiat should pay heed on this area if they really want to compete in india market otherwise their best seller in europian and US market could not do any many magic india market and I20 could easily out perform them with better brand image
  Posted by thr at 13th October,2009
punto is worth buy than i20
  Posted by anit at 29th September,2009
despite the overall high pricing, the i20 crdi is really worth buy because of numero uno engine, sleek interior plastics and famed hyundai service satisfaction.
  Posted by dr. sharaz at 24th September,2009
how about ground clearence when the car is fully loaded,which is better punto or i20 my town is full of high speed breakers can any body answer me plz
  Posted by dr. sharaz at 24th September,2009
how about ground clearence when the car is fully loaded,which is better punto or i20 my town is full of high speed breakers can any body answer me plz
  Posted by dr. sharaz at 24th September,2009
can any body comment about leg room for the back seat what are the actual dimentions of knee room for both punto and i20 and other hatch backs in the segment
  Posted by Kulbir Singh at 23rd September,2009
I prefer Fiat Punto , its fun to drive it and much more comfortable than i20 , you have more control on high speed driving while fiat punto than i20. Interior is also much better than that of i20. MY choice Fiat Punto...........
  Posted by Phani at 11th September,2009
nothing can beat the origials. All the Copy cats SUCK! Lack originality. Lack-lustre.
  Posted by Vaibhav Malviya at 11th September,2009
okie Hyundai.. okie here starts their copycat story look Ascent back & see volvo s80.. older one,, u will find resemblence, in tail lights keep Tuscan & Cayenne. (old) side by side. u will notice, tuscan as, small version of cayenne. Sonata. old verisions, front from MErc. back from JAguar. & here comes,, a new product. Second generation sonnata, its full of accord from back ( previous verion than current model) if u guys rember, previous version Of Accord has mid life, makover, specailly at back, as Hyundai, messed up so much with sonnata. that Honda, changed Accords back.. i20.. they try to be European.. ( look see i am Europeean in looks, ).. sort of things if any one own the FIAT. ask them, the silence of cabin.. the insualtion. from the road. all tank like feel. close the door. & its like shut of outside word outside. See the GP.. it has its own Identity, the design has its own class. Its like , . she don;t want to be look like this or that. i
  Posted by Nishat at 9th September,2009
i own a punto top n my cousin went for 120. u mite feel the engine in pickup is better in i20 but as u cross 40kmph.... punto is far ahead i20. more stable... better handling n ride quality. also value for money due to its feature list every1 knows tat. looks r stunning and its fun to drive. on the other hand, i20 is preffered coz hyundais grip is beeter as compared to fiat. but in quality n performanc n looks .... punto wins... pickup isnt evrything....
  Posted by Vaibhav MAlviya at 4th September,2009
dude. ist not that their diesel tech is shared with benz, its that they buy Diesel engines from DEtriot Diesel, which is owned by Benz. & petrol engines they buy from Mitsubishi.!!
  Posted by Jishnu S V at 2nd September,2009
The author is absolutely right, i20 is miles ahead of punto. Not everyone knows that Hyundai makes wonderful cars and very good diesel engines. The diesel tech they use are shared with Benz. I own a Verna, my first Hyundai (after owning Marutis, Tata and Fiats)which has covered 1,20,000 km in just 2 years and still runs wonderful. Zero compliants, good service backup any where in India and overall a very nice car for long drives. After that I bought an i10 1.1 which is very good on quality but after Verna felt under powered. So, I planned to change i10 with another car and so went and tested a Linea. In the showroom it was fantastic but it all went wrong when I took a drive. It was one of my worst test drives. The engine was very noisy, gear was vague, hard clutch and steering(too hard steering). The steering may give u good feedback in high speed corners but in city god save u. If u have driven a Verna or Fiesta u would surely not opt for Linea. It looks the best but quality and fit a
  Posted by Gigi at 26th August,2009
power wise i20 will be better. but when we take the quality of engine,looks and features punto is better. To achieve an rpm of 2000 it is difficult in punto where as in swift we can achive it eventhough it is using same engine because of more power when compared with punto
  Posted by Raghu Kalavendi at 25th August,2009
IT sounds as if the author wants to project I20 as the Best Car though Fiat Punto scores on many parameters.
  Posted by Rakeshwar singh at 25th August,2009
i took a test drive of both i20 and Punto last week. You are right i20 lacks stearing wheel feed back and also its suspention is stiff. where as punto is better in both these fronts. see TATA is not projecting Fiat properly. i will still buy punto as it is true value for money.
  Posted by LEONNIX at 16th August,2009
if anybody understand what is handling of the car definitely he will buy fiat GP i20s handling is very bad suspension is too stiff but in interior & quality i20 wins If True-Driver need a car then Fiat if Passenger need a car then i20
  Posted by j.kumar. at 22nd August,2009
  you forgot to mention that i20 has disc brakes both on front and rear wheels..also it has many airbags for safety. 22/8/09
  Posted by Sudeep Kapoor at 14th August,2009
i20-20 vision, but a blind spot for Italian beauties from the Fiat always make me go for their cars. You would have to be blind as a bat to ignore fiats, especially this one in red, to go for any other car. Besides, its VFM with a tried and tested frugal engine, great ride and handling, loaded with features, solid built (have you heard the thunk of those doors??!!), gorgeous looks and that special feeling of boyish joy and pride of owning an Italian.
  Posted by L.Dheeraj at 11th August,2009
which is a better vechicle punto or i20
  Posted by Phani at 10th August,2009
Undoubtedly, no copy cats can beat the Original CRDI Mutijet from Fiat. We cannot compare an ugly duck to a well built & good looking FIAT Punto. Yes, If you want a Cheap copy-cat with more raw power, go for any Hyundai. If you have better taste, yes go for Fiats.
  Posted by Raxx at 8th August,2009
Dont really agree with you on the looks front, to me i20 is far more good looking than the punto. . . . The i20 looks more fitter and meaner than the bulky punto. . . .
  Posted by manav vaid at 1st August,2009
Fiat engine has proved its worth time and again, the i20 has just come,
  Posted by Arvind Jain at 1st August,2009
You have not justified your decision by giving reasons due to which you think that i20 is superior.
  Posted by rajveer singh at 30th July,2009
Punto Rocks
  Posted by SV at 27th July,2009
I dont understand.. ur article says the punto is better at almost everything than the i20. However u still rate i20 as the better buy. that didnt make much sense to me.
  Posted by sandy at 26th July,2009
Well, Fiat still has some trick, the 87ps multijet diesel engine, the one under linea hod, and still better interior. But we have to wait for fiat to implement this, till then i20 can enjoy.
  Posted by Ashish Naik at 26th July,2009
Punto is a clear winner here. I had driven both cars. i20 is overpriced by almost 90 k. It is huge amount. One can not neglect it while deciding .
  Posted by Rakesh Thampi at 25th July,2009
Took test drive of punto today. The killer looks and ride quality is the trump card for fiat but not a quick move tool.Takes indefinte time to reach to 2000 RPM and from there it catches up but then it will definitely test your patience in city.But the co passengers will love the ride comfort.
  Posted by saket singh at 24th July,2009
what you say about jazz....?with there brand image and quality,about price ,feature, me
  Posted by carlsberg at 23rd July,2009
thank you for the much needed comparo although a more detailed one would have been even nicer ..but which one between the swift diesel and the i20 in terms of ride,handling and drivers baby ??
  Posted by Tavnish at 23rd July,2009
i20 is a better option then punto
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