Hot cam


At BSM, we’re almost always a little late to the gadget show-n-tell party and this time it’s no different – we are primarily a fun motoring magazine after all and besides, like we Indians say – ‘we’re like that only’ . Still, we have to admit that gadgets are immense fun sometimes – especially those drunk post-party 4 AM Nintendo Wii marathons but that’s another story. The latest one in the BSM office isn’t exactly fun but it sure as hell is useful. It’s called the GoPro Hero and if you live on a planet called Earth, there’s a good chance you’ll have either seen it or heard of it. As for the Martians here and the friendly folks from Neptune, the GoPro is basically a sports camera with great quality high-def recording, a wide 120-degree viewing angle and it comes with a variety of mounts so that you can stick it on your skateboard or mountain bike or your 550 bhp tuned Impreza or your helmet. Since its waterproof and basically inside a tough plastic case, you’ve got no reasons to worry if it takes a knock or two while you’re setting up your next YouTube crash blooper. Using it is a bit strange because besides the fact that you’ve got a weird lil’ blob on your helmet, it’s like fumbling with the TV remote in a dark room. Using two buttons and many many presses, you make it do various things and there’s a red record indicator on top, but really, it could be more logically and ergonomically sound to operate. All the weirdness pays off when you see the video – because the end result is awesome and gives you an entirely new perspective on your experiences. But that’s only if you’ve got the framing right – with no viewfinder, it takes some guesswork to get it right. I think it will just take some time to get used to it, though I know of instances where seasoned GoPro…er, pros got it wrong and basically shot 2 hours worth of footage of either the greenery whizzing by or the gas tank. Speaking of the seasoned crowd, folks in the media line (and RedBull-chugging BMXers) adore this camera so much that they take it out for expensive, candle-lit dinners and cuddle it before bed and all that, so guess there’s something to it. We’ll find out in due time.