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  Wednesday, Nov 25, 2015
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Honda CBR 150R launched! 150cc, 18 bhp@10,500 rpm, liquid cooled and fuel-injected! To be priced under Rs 1.25 lakh!
By : BSM | Published : January 05, 2012
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Surprise surprise! Honda Motorcycle & Scooter India Ltd (HMSI) has pulled a fast one on unsuspecting Indian motorcycle enthusiasts! The motorcycle giant has launched the CBR 150R in the country and it has a spec sheet that's hotter than a blasting furnace! The CBR 150R produces 18 bhp@10,500 rpm and 1.28 kgm@7500 rpm from its 150cc DOHC single-cylinder mill which employs liquid cooling and fuel-injection too!

Bodywork is largely identical to that of the CBR 250R, which means there's the dual-layered fairing, a stubby exhaust and a Y shaped headlight. Also included in the features list are digital meters, front and rear disc brakes (no mention of ABS - we think they'll give it a miss on the 150R), tubeless tyres and a monoshock at the rear!


It sports a twin tubular frame and since it's bound to be lighter than the CBR 250R, we expect it to be a much more agile handler than the latter. The CBR 150R will be available in two variants - Standard and Deluxe. The Standard can be had in two shades, Black and Red, both set against Pearl Sunbeam White while the Deluxe sports additional sporty decals and two colours - Candy Palm Green and Vibrant Orange, both set against Pearl Sunbeam White.

The specification sheet and features list of the CBR 150R definitely look far superior to that of the Yamaha R15 V2.0 and how it is priced remains to be seen. Although Honda, in its press release has mentioned 'value for money that exceeds customers' expectations'. Amen to that!

Alongside the CBR 150R launch, HMSI also unveiled a new paint scheme for the CBR 250R - Pearl Heron Blue - which is a typical Honda white-blue-red combination as seen on many iconic Honda motorcycles. Can't wait to get our hands on both! Watch this space for more.

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  Posted by mayur dixit at 19th March,2012
axelient bike but price is very high
  Posted by mayur dixit at 19th March,2012
price is the problem for this bike..............
  Posted by jagannath padhi at 14th March,2012
I wish to buy cbr150r,honda coming june ,so send details on my email
  Posted by Anand at 12th February,2012
Exciting times for us bike enthusiasts in India with so many manufacturers coming with fun bikes that are just right for Indian road and traffic conditions.
  Posted by SONUIYADAV at 8th February,2012
There is no difference between 250 & 150 cc CBR in looks . however it should be rated around 100000/- in india, this prise tag 150cc R15 and CBR150 are relatively hih performance bikes for that segment
  Posted by SURYA at 2nd February,2012
yes its a new competition in r15v2 vs cbr150r bt. the r15v2 is clear winner. YES YAMAHA
  Posted by anoop at 31st January,2012
waht is yhe prize of honda CBR 250R onroad delhi prize .. plzz tell mee
  Posted by Vicky at 22nd January,2012
Is there difference in between 150 & it then pls tell me .....
  Posted by lucky at 26th March,2012
  Amazing Bike of Honda , But the problem is for price. 75 - 80k is good
  Posted by Meckanzie at 8th March,2012
  1) No ABS 2) Different Frame 3) Lighter weight 4) less wider rear tyre. 5) Imported engine and many more
  Posted by ali at 13th January,2012
need more picture
  Posted by shahil raichand at 12th January,2012
which is better honda cbr 250 or 150
  Posted by Vinod Wilson at 11th January,2012
There is no difference between 250 & 150 cc CBR in looks . however it should be rated around 90-95000/- in india.
  Posted by Aravind at 11th January,2012
Honda will price this bike close to R15's pricign as technically, both R15 and CBR150R are very close including performance. But they might try to price it a shade under R15's pricing to get the psychological advantage... may be. This is going to be a 1-lakh-plus rupee bike, no doubt. Also, please dont compare it with Pulsar. FZ, Dazzler, Pulsars fall under cheaper and more practical category. CBR150R and R15 belong to NICHE category.
  Posted by Mustafa Anwar at 10th January,2012
Honda CBR 150cc price is too much expensive, I think it should be around 90,000/- then it can beat pulsar 150 cc segment which is the best bike in this segment of sports bike.......
  Posted by Omar at 9th January,2012
Honda will add competition int he middle order. Pricing under 1 lakh would clinch its market place as the leader int his segment
  Posted by Aravind at 6th January,2012
From what is available, I don't see what makes you think it's far superior to R15...... 1 PS more, fine..... but torque is even lesser than that of R15... so, why the hype? But I love the CBR and it should pose a good challenge to the Yam, no doubt....
  Posted by Preyans patel at 6th January,2012
WOW!!! now it is more confusing to choose from r15 v2.0 and cbr 150r!!!!!!!!!!!
  Posted by lali at 5th January,2012
Epic.. it slap on face of 180cc's churning out punny 17 bhp power... so excited ,was waiting for duke but honda gave bigger surprise . only thing i didnt like was exhaust note as in cbr250 .
  Posted by Aravind at 6th January,2012
  No, dude. Price point is also a matter. Apache and Pulsar 180s fall under conventional 180cc category offering maximum bang for buck. R15 and CBR150 are relatively hih performance bikes for that segment and is substantially costlier. But Duke 200 will be way more fun than the CBR150 and even CBR250. CBR150 will lock horns with R15 only as they are dedicated track tools with high revving engine.
  Posted by tushar at 5th January,2012
amazing its gonna be tight competition in 2012
  Posted by Vinod Wilson at 11th January,2012
  Yaa really dude . As the Fiero F3 is also launching this year . best competitor is Fazer 250
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