Honda Accord vs Skoda Superb - Executive decision


You know, this is a no-brainer. The Accord does not have a diesel while the Superb has one. So if you want a diesel car in the Rs 20 lakh segment, go for the Superb, else buy the Accord. Still, it’s not that simple. Both cars are large, roomy and superbly appointed and both won’t be out of place at the top executive’s office parking spot. Unlike the previous Accord, this one is a Camry-like barge but it’s nice enough to get behind the wheel. The V6 version of course is a terrific performer and is so fast, so quick and so refined that you better watch the needle. And that VCM fuel saving technology really works. The Superb has all the traditional Skoda attributes of build quality, European looks and brilliant ride. The 1.8 TSI is surprisingly fabulous in performance, in fact it’s as good as the Accord’s 2.4, while the 2.0 diesel Superb is the ace in the pack. The Superb also offers better value and is quite loaded. Our choice? The Superb.