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  Thursday, Nov 26, 2015
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Hero Honda Karizma vs Bajaj Pulsar 220 - The big huns
By : BSM Desk | Published : June 06, 2009 | Photos : BSM
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This is one for the ages. Hero Honda versus Bajaj. Karizma versus Pulsar 220. The first quarter-faired big bike against the second one. Only, the second one took some time coming. But that time was spent developing the various high-tech (for India) bits that the P220 comes with. Fuel injection, rear disc, oil cooler, clip-on handlebars, projector lamps, LED tail lights and fat tubeless tyres make it technologically superior to the Karizma. And the Bajaj is easier to ride fast on our roads as well. It has a responsive engine, good brakes and is stable around corners. It rides well too, though the Karizma matches it on this count. Everywhere else, the Karizma lives in the P220's shadow. Though it is in dire need of a comprehensive upgrade, it is still the dependable and solid package as ever. If you have always wanted a Karizma, we suggest you wait until Hero Honda decides to launch an uprated version. Until then, you always have the P220.

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  Posted by juned maniyar at 3rd April,2012
pulsar220 is the best sports bike............... and i like all the versions of pulsar
  Posted by gift at 30th March,2012
  Posted by VICKY at 19th February,2012
I don't own a bike yet. want to buy my first bike. looking at the below comment. Maintance and quality wise Karizma R seems to be the best choice but my only promblem is its looks. Its definetly shoudn't call it self a sports bike. When you buy a bike you look for milege and its performance over the years so i think am going to go for Karizma R... Tks
  Posted by nikhil at 18th February,2012
Karizma is d king of indian performance bikes. It's smooth, comfortable, reliable and also re sale value. It's available in 5 catchy colorsss.. Karizma R alwaysss game.
  Posted by Ishfaq ahmad at 13th February,2012
Hi guys i have pulsar 180 model 2010 and its awesome and its a powerfull machine also i want to know how i would increse my bikes speed and mileage
  Posted by kannan at 11th February,2012
its very good to ride karizmaaaaaaa
  Posted by Divesh at 3rd February,2012
hero honda CBR ownes evrything!!
  Posted by ANANDHU SIDHAN at 8th January,2012
karizma is awsome . i have a black karizma owned .In my experience i say all of u the karizma is the king of the indian road
  Posted by alamin at 24th December,2011
Pulsar is awesome.............nothing to say.................
  Posted by abhi at 11th December,2011
by comparing speed both r same but iget karizma 48.2kmpl but pulsar 30-35kmpl karizma 225cc karizma zmr or r super select only black
  Posted by reddys at 10th November,2011
every one is thinking about the performance ,quality,millage,cc etc ..but no one is worried about safety and control of bikes..pulsar 220 is awesome in control level as it has d raredisk feature and also have support rod by which we can have less damage to both bike n riderif any accident occurs..... for in case of karizmaR neither it has raredisk nor a supportrod..hw can it fullfilly bike lovers... so guys go 4 220 pulsar...stunts are also very easy on a pulsar 220 4 in ride... easy in control...p220..above all
  Posted by saral s pillai at 27th October,2011
I own a hh splendor i got it frm my dad its very old bike i am planning to buy a new bike i have got 3 options they are 1) hh karizma 2) bj pulsar 220 3) thunderbird twin spark i am in a confusion which one to buy my friends have pulsar 200&220 they are saying not to buy a pulsar.they say the maintanance of pulsar is high for every service they shell out 6-8k.since i have a hh bike(splendor)the service for that comes only around 600-700 maximum. I would like to know hw much is the cost of service for hh karizma and thunder bird. kindly suggest which bike to buy and guys please note that i am just 20 now not too old.
  Posted by g.k.b at 22nd October,2011
quality of herohonda is always better than karizma is better
  Posted by abhilash at 13th September,2011
pulsar is a gud bike but karizmaa is d best u can go on a llong ride on karizmaa but on pulsar after ur ride ur hands start paining so karizma is best option if u ask me
  Posted by saurabh at 7th August,2011
pulsar 220 is nice bike....but use it for 6 months and u will feel the difference just becomes scrap after 2 years....go for karizma
  Posted by SHUBHAM at 15th July,2011
friends trust me the pulsar is the real lord of streets! :) i just love my 220 i rode my friend's karizma zmr today it was just nothing in front of my 220! though it was more smoother but the handling the comfort was perfect in 220! :) it has no rear disk i mean the karizma r! and the customer satisfaction is zero on the hero honda side! my friend harsh owns a zmr still when we go to service centers they keep us waiting for an hour everytime! but my 220 when i take it to bajaj centers they take just 2-3 minutes! and i think this is something very important! i am an proud owner of 220! it rocks :)
  Posted by Prateek singh katiyar at 4th July,2011
Guys i am planin to buy a hh r black or white ....and i feel so that colour may fad ....hows the performance like fuel consumption and other things ppl say it has vibration ...i want it for smooth and long driving.......plz help
  Posted by Dilshan.V.Bose,K at 26th May,2011
i had just booked karizma r white last
  Posted by Dilshan.V.Bose,Kochi at 26th May,2011
i had just booked karizma r white before 1 week.y i did it y cant i book 220 ,which had got 21 ps and having an add of fastest indian.Onnllly bcoz karizma can achieve its maximum bhp at 6500 rpms while 220 is getting its max power of 21 ps at 8500 rpms.... so i think i choosed the right one naaa....
  Posted by chetan rahudkar at 18th May,2011
pulser 220 is very venterous bick
  Posted by JUDE ANDREWS,PUNE at 16th May,2011
pulsar 220 is much better and faster than karizma r ,but quality of p220 is not that's engine makes noise after 2 years.karizma has a better engine than p220.pulsar looks like a beast on road.looks are muscular than karizma.p220 has 21 bhp that will take you to 144 km/hr .karizma does only 130 km/hr.Be the fastest indian and go for PULSAR 220.
  Posted by JUDE ANDREWS,PUNE at 16th May,2011
PULSAR 220 DTSI power of 21 Bhp top speed of 144 km/hr Fi engine with great rear disc 3 piece handle ,led back light durability 3/5 KARIZMA R no rear disc only 18 bhp topspeed of 130 km/hr plastic body vibrates at high speed durability 4/5 because of honda technology and help. Good luck and choose the right one for your self.
  Posted by atin at 8th May,2011
  Posted by parth at 30th April,2011
Karizma ZMR is the father of Pulsar 220 . So, go for ZMR it's baap of all bikes
  Posted by sanket at 25th April,2011
karizma R is baap of all bikes in this category for me bcoz i fill proud and royal.....own a karizma R and relax as ur bike is the best in category..
  Posted by preet at 12th April,2011
karizma is much superior than pulser220....pulser owner knew it so y u crawl for lie issue.just chill¡ I THOUGHT NEXT TIME U WILL GO FOR THE ONE AND ONLY BEST ONE" HERO HONDA KARIZMA"
  Posted by jayesh at 11th April,2011
i like karizma r and pulsar220 is bhangar bike....... karizma is the best best best bike
  Posted by lucky at 7th April,2011
hey dude help me out i want to buy a bike... "Which is better Karizma r or Pulsar 220Dtsi?
  Posted by sravan at 27th March,2011
pulasar 220 best forever..........
  Posted by anmol singh josen at 27th March,2011
hi pulsar is nery quete bike . it is deive very comfortable
  Posted by shamnad at 15th March,2011
pulsar is the best
  Posted by eshan at 1st March,2011
hey friends...i m eshan....frankly telling u that KARIZMA is the has good contol over ride...the best thing i like is its U turns without any hesitation...but in case of pulsar u cant do the same easily....
  Posted by bikes for sale at 21st February,2011
Bajaj Pulsar 220 and the Hero Honda Karizma ZMR are the only Indian fastest sport bikesexcept royal enfield and imported bikes.Pulsar has a top speed of 145 and karizma’s top speed is 125.Mileage and quality wise karizma is little better than pulsar but not much. ZMR’s full body cowl gives it a proper sports-bike look. Pulsar 220 motorcycle,has a raised seat and low-set handlebars, making the rider lean slightly to the bike’s front, which adds to the confident ride quality.If you love to race and do all kind of crazy stunts go for the Bajaj Oulsar 220 or go with Hero Honda Karizma ZMR which is loaded with features . bikes for sale
  Posted by buland at 16th February,2011
kr is best
  Posted by sidhant at 15th February,2011
ya i want to with pulsur 220 but i like karizma....becoz of its outlook. but pulsur is always different....... its style, its engine,breaks, cluching,gearing of smoothness, high peekup. it is very fast to compare with carizma and r15.
  Posted by yoman at 13th February,2011
@rahul U say Kz is the king... But how ?
  Posted by Rahul at 11th February,2011
dear friends to be honest, let me tel you all that truly Karizma is the king !! the reason why i say this is simply because its the same from when it was born, only few cosmetic changes from time to time, other wise its the same not like the bajaj who introduced a 150 first then it was 180 then 220 n 200 each one worst than the previous one !! KariZma still the same still the best, the only hardcore hotty in indian roads N m truly proud to own it !!
  Posted by yoman at 26th January,2011
P-220 slightly lags in quality BUT not much , in looks, both are stunning , in mileage karizma is 2-3kmpl more, in engine performance, no comparison at all, karizma performs @ pulsar 180 level. Price- pulsar is definetly cheaper. Given a choice i'll go for p-220 bcoz karizma is so underpowered for its price
  Posted by Deepak Raj at 26th January,2011
Hey guys i wud like to conclude this conversation......every body please listen karizma is born with a silver spoon(born with 225cc mill),where as pulsar 220 is just the upgraded version of pulsar 150...karizma is the first sports bike in india for that itself bajaj has to bowwww...down...for it.people are complaining and hurting that karizma is only with 17bhp 223cc engine....starting from dimensions,length,breath,height for everything karizma is balanced well for which to provide the safest ride..As soon u seated,it gives the confidence of already reached the point where to go.Really we karizma guys have to appreciate pulsar for bringing racing instinct in indian roads....because herohonda is evolutionary(slow) in technology.But dont wory karizma is always a king of indian roads,there should be competition then only karizma can be recognized and proved.myself a proud owner of old classic cbz i just love it i cant be without him,with it i manage both pulsar 150&180 in the highways,yes
  Posted by pulsar at 26th January,2011
pulsar is bst dn karizmaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
  Posted by Abhimanyu at 9th January,2011
Karizma is d best zmr hve better luks dan previous model but previous 1 has better engine.. It goes 0-60 in just 3.5 seconds.. I m a proud owner of my yellow karizma..Nd 220 iz d worst bike i evr drived.. If u r planng 2 buy 220 dan buy fz-s its cheaper and betr in evrythng dan 220
  Posted by tarun at 7th January,2011
There is nothing to compare in b/w pulsar and karizma, because karizma is quality and p22o is rubbish in front of karizma.
  Posted by KS CHAHAL at 22nd December,2010
  Posted by don at 7th December,2010
if u want raw power, go for p220.. but if u want comfort n power- i 'd say, u r lookin for zma r.. so go for it.. zma r rockzz.. so does p220..
  Posted by Ankit_rockstar at 2nd December,2010
PULSAR 220 is like BEAST on ROAD.BEST EVER bike other to BULLET. PULSAR above all!!!!
  Posted by aravind at 29th November,2010
guys pulsar sucks as my friend has it.he fell difficult to turn etc but karizma ZMR is the baap of the indian road it rules it it has good shock absover than p220 and btw having more speed doesnt have much difference coz your indian road sucks so value of having more than 130kmph.And thats where hero honda found it and set up the last speed.the fuel consumtion karizma have more returns than p220 in city as well as in highway
  Posted by Praveen at 8th November,2010
Guys just chill i owned pulsar 220 for 9months found its a shit on road sold it imm and now i own zma R from past 3months guys zma R really rocks its the beast on road Proud to have a zma R
  Posted by Sid at 7th November,2010
Pulsar sucks,Karizama rocks
  Posted by Vipul at 7th November,2010
Har Karizama aur Pulsar ka baap hota hai and that is Bullet Thunderspark
  Posted by Ashish gosavi at 21st October,2010
pulsar 220 is the best amongst both and it is far better than karizma and ride on pulsar is very good pulsar is very fast bike engine fuel bike
  Posted by Firoz Khan at 20th October,2010
i had been on karizma for long, and i am very much satisfied by the performance and i took up a trial of pulsar 220 but would like to say it is just the copier version tryin to fool people ... a friend of mine is now fade up of the things and break down of pulsar 220.. and one thing more bajaj makes the bike but changes models so soon and parts of the older version are now not avail;able at even showroom ... but karizma ruled since the day it has been in market neither their parts changed nor their performance ..
  Posted by prakash at 16th October,2010
karizma awesome the pulsar should bow before it,,the legend the king maker, R- Racer K- the beauty never compare to any,
  Posted by amit at 9th October,2010
i love pulsar
  Posted by ATIF at 7th October,2010
  Posted by samarjit at 3rd October,2010
many says p220 is king.but remind dat karizma r is an emperor.none see it,feel it.its the real don.
  Posted by kamal chaudhary at 3rd October,2010
nic pic................
  Posted by kamal at 3rd October,2010
i like pulsor
  Posted by twinkle at 2nd October,2010
krizma is best bike
  Posted by kulbir at 2nd October,2010
i think is krizma good bike
  Posted by Gops at 30th September,2010
Forget high priced bikes. TVS 50 is best of all, Cheep and best. Milage is above 45.
  Posted by hitesh gupta at 30th September,2010
now everybody if we talk abt standards hh is very much higher than of bajaj bcause hh is an international country so plz think abt dat
  Posted by nitin petwal at 30th September,2010
karizma had only one advantage that is its handling at the turns.p220 is most power full bike .p220 easily goes to 140+kmph but karizma does not go above 130kmph.karizma goes 0-60kmph in 4.5 sec & 0-100kmph in 14 sec while p220dtsi goes 0-60kmph in 3.8 sec & 0-100kmph in just 10 sec. so pulsar is best.
  Posted by SAMUEL DANIEL DAVID at 26th September,2010
i think, people who own pulsor are jealous of those who have karizma. i've karima r. karizma SURPASSES and TRANSCENDS Pulsor220 in SPEED, BEAUTY,MAINTANENCE etc.pulsor220 may be a king as others say but Karizma is the EMPEROR. the roads of india fills with pride when karizma treds on it.
  Posted by alex at 23rd September,2010
i hav a p220 dtsi and am happy with it 220 givs me abt 35-40 milg in high speed too and ma frnd havin karizma r and it vibrat a lot in low speed too he is nw planing to buy p220 or r15. zmr looks like a butterfly n p220 looks like eagle performance is also gud in p220 u vil get 21bhp datz really somthin in indian roadz
  Posted by imran at 14th September,2010
hi bulsar 220 beter than karizma
  Posted by pratik tiwari at 7th September,2010
pulsar 220 is the best amongst both and it is far better than karizma
  Posted by pratik tiwari at 7th September,2010
pulsar 220 is the best,, it is the god and it is far better than karizmaaaaa
  Posted by Sam at 4th September,2010
Why bajaj ceased the pulsar 200?
  Posted by prince at 29th August,2010
bullet is best these all r kids
  Posted by Raj at 26th August,2010
Hi All I have Karzima and my friend have P220. we both checked the goods and bads of these two bikes and found Max defects in P220. The major defect of P220 is we can't take a easy turn with P220 and in sharp turning we have chances of falling from P220 easily where as u can turn ZMA in any speed easily and smoothly. In terms of speed P220's pick is more than ZMA but in long run ZMA is just awasome and easliy beat P220. we are able to goa Max Speed of P220 is 135KM/hr where as on ZMA its reaching 140+KM/hr easliy. so our sugesstion for those who want to buy bike we could say Karizma is the best of all.
  Posted by AshokJithu at 19th August,2010
P220 has an disadvantage tht we con't drive for a far distance more than 150 km continiously as the temp sensors stops the engine and it was not comortable too..... But ZMR is better for both above these, ZMR didn't have the max speed above 135kmph........ But 220 launch 155kmph.......
  Posted by wee2e at 18th August,2010
karizma sucks. pulsar rocks
  Posted by Rajesh at 17th August,2010
Hi All I have Karzima and my friend have P220. we both checked the goods and bads of these two bikes and found Max defects in P220. The major defect of P220 is we can't take a easy turn with P220 and in sharp turning we have chances of falling from P220 easily where as u can turn ZMA in any speed easily and smoothly. In terms of speed P220's pick is more than ZMA but in long run ZMA is just awasome and easliy beat P220. we are able to goa Max Speed of P220 is 135KM/hr where as on ZMA its reaching 140+KM/hr easliy. so our sugesstion for those who want to buy bike we could say Karizma is the best of all.
  Posted by souarbh at 12th August,2010
karizma is one of coolest and amazingly fastest bike in india
  Posted by rippal at 10th August,2010
does bajaj has a standard matching that of honda or hero honda? noway man....
  Posted by Anu at 5th August,2010
Pulsar 220 "King Of d Roads"
  Posted by shreyas patil at 4th August,2010
hey ppl....pulsar 220's bhp is 20..and of karizma is jus 18...soooo p220 s d pickup and rear disk is awsum...
  Posted by Rakesh at 15th July,2010
Guyz, p220 is awesome, performance is far better than ZMA. I own it and am completely satisfied,,,!!!
  Posted by rajesh at 28th June,2010
i think pulsur is good
  Posted by narendra at 26th June,2010
nice bajaj 220
  Posted by VIKRAM at 22nd June,2010
you cannot compare the karizma and pulsar 220 bcoz pulsar 220 is not even worth of comparison, dont think twice just buy the karizma R bcoz u get a refined and trustworthy engine from world's no.1 two wheeler manufacturer HONDA! KARIZMA JUST ROCKS AND DOMINATES EVERY ROAD!!!!!
  Posted by aakash at 1st June,2010
pulsar 220 rulezzzzzzzzzz
  Posted by aakash at 1st June,2010
pulsar 180cc is ahead of karizma r
  Posted by irfan at 29th May,2010
pulsar iz the best
  Posted by sam at 27th May,2010
karizma rules the road............
  Posted by vishal at 21st May,2010
KARIZMA is Victorious among two and it deserves so.
  Posted by mohit agarwal at 10th May,2010
i think that karizma is the king of the road
  Posted by Amol at 5th May,2010
is pulsar 180cc is runs better than karizma
  Posted by pavan at 22nd July,2011
  220 is waste in front of karizma r.
  Posted by prateek . sharma at 2nd May,2010
guyz wait wait .. take a brake we all knw . p220 . is the best . highest .. 135km\hr and damm smooth at that , speed... whras . karizma start .. shaking .. at 110 only .. pickup . of p220 is juss awsm .. much bttr than karizma.. luk's .. ahh ... ;) . damm . sexy bike .. :) much bttr than karizma.. n . rear disk's .. lead lamp's ... suprb . speed . n brakng .. n the king of road .. :) . p22o . is the bst .. :)
  Posted by AVI at 27th April,2010
karizma is dam good than p220 .when u ride the karizma u feel so gently on bike and ossum pickup than p220 am voting for karizma R
  Posted by ajay agarwal at 11th April,2010
karizma is the king of roads
  Posted by ekant at 10th April,2010
hey....!!!!!!dnt compare d bikes pulsar 220 is mind blowing....i love this byk man..... karizma is gud bt nt gud as pulsar..... it jst vibrate very get on to 220.... nt the karizma.......
  Posted by $.RGU47.$ at 2nd April,2010
I too think Karizma is much better choise than a Pulsar 220DTSI. Just becoz the Pulsar is having tube-less tyres and disk break at rear don't make it a gud ride. Karizma's engine is much more trustworthy and smooth than that of pulsar. Also in terms of mileage and comfort Karizma is better. It's just a stupid question if u ask "Which is better Karizma or Pulsar 220Dtsi?"
  Posted by sparten at 25th March,2010
The article is awesome I definately get much needed help from it.
  Posted by RAM at 14th March,2010
I think it is a really absurd topic to talk about, there is no compare between Karizma R & P220 bcoz very first of all Karizma has Kick start option which is a really important part as far motorbike has been concerned. I,m a owner of Karizma R & I ride P220 many times, I feel a metallic like vibration a lot more than it torque. Where as Karizma R has lot more Silent and broooooooom like sweet vibration which is a indication of a good engine. DEFENITELY IN MY VIEW ABOUT P220 IS "LET'S SEE YOUR BIKE AT IT'S 2 YEARS OF AGE - DEKHNA DHAKHELTE DHAKELTE GAAR FAAT JAYEGE JAB SELF STARTER WILL GONNA DIE".
  Posted by RAMSUNDER at 10th March,2010
I bought Yes Yamaha FAZER on 5-3-10… itz realy WONDERFUL,BEUTIFUL,SEXY too.. up 2 nw i rided only 300 kms..i’m too cracy to keep on riding it but my mom is scolding dnt wat petrol// but i took it for only 60km per hr with in 4000 to 5000 rpm my frnds only sugested dont rash drive for first 1000 kms;;; so i’m too eager to beet up 1’st 1000kms or first service. itz price is 81250rs in tamil nadu (kaniyakumari dist) my house is in front of bajaj showroom so i went for all pulzerz test drive its not yet satisfied so i can giv more than 100 demerit points abt tht– so plzz try test for FAZER & then decied. bey
  Posted by prateek at 9th March,2010
yaa, really pulsar is better than karizma in every area
  Posted by Manu at 7th March,2010
compairing to p220, have no mind compairing a.hard rock bull with a tiny mouse....karizma is the king of roads...and in all aspects much better than p220 -better resale value -less vibration p220 vibrates above80 -big orse u\'re riding on.... -karizma needs a second look... -much comfortable and smooth than p220 -less noise as dtsi-makes a noise and at last\"\"OLD IS GOLD \"\"
  Posted by Ram at 20th February,2010
No one can tell tat pulsar 220 is good cos it has the same engine of pulsar 200 and in our country many people prefer P200 instead of P220 cos it has good acceleration and superb in handling and breaking but all these things are absent in P220 but the New Karizma ZMR is the present king of indian roads no other bikes can touch its performance in all fields...Inspite of speaking about the Pulsar... The Yamaha R15 is far better so dont talk like idiots in comparing Pulsar with any other big guns atlast i say tat Karizma will be the No.1 Fastest and best bike in our country and All the best for hero honda.....
  Posted by VENURAJA GOPAL at 7th February,2010
When we compare the technical specifics alone Bajaj pulsar 220 stands ahead of Karizma in almost all sectors. First in Indian conditions you will have to ride some days in pitch darkness perticularly if you have rural background. Otherwise ,if you go on a long journey , night riding become necessary many times to reach the target destinations. In these cases you need better lighting ,which Pulsar provides with 55watt bulb with projector style(low beam) and elliptical quality bulb 55watts (for high beam). Second case is , Pulsar's torque is higher almost nearing 350cc Bullet (compared to weight) which is most necessary to climb the hills on tours. And yet one more is Pulsar's BHP is higher ,it is 21 against Karizma's 17.5 . So I shall choose, Pulsar eventhough it's looks are not so good as Karizam ZMR's style. The proof of pudding is in eating it. Anyone can observe the sales figures. Pulsars grabbed the high market share among bikes. Why should customers choose Pulsar
  Posted by Kk at 22nd January,2010
Look any Zma and Pulsar after two years.Pulsar went crap due to wear&tear but Zma d same as u own for first day.Ya i dat accept pulsar does have streetfighter look but Zma has a classy look and u will fall in love on first sight
  Posted by Rohit Sonawane at 6th January,2010
I think the pulsar is not comper withe KARIZMA is the best bike on Indian plz and by the bike.
  Posted by VICKY at 7th December,2009
the pulsar 220 sucks man its not worth of compairing with the best and the superior hero hond KARIZMA R. RULE THE ROAD
  Posted by Anupam at 28th November,2009
What? Pulsars are hurting people's main point! Oi, plz stick to the point(no, not the MAIN POINT)
  Posted by kartavya at 19th November,2009
nice event
  Posted by thanu at 10th November,2009
Even pulsar has many qualities over karizma still karizma is better.Because the comfort and the smooth of the bike is very better than pulsar220.Both person travels in the vehicle feels comfort.When we reach speed of 100 km/hr the pulsar's sounds very much and vibrates. Comparing to Karizma the pulsar has only less re sail value.
  Posted by sanj at 2nd November,2009
guys, dont compare these bikes.. they are two diff bikes.. with diff charecteristics. ride both the bikes for a couple of hours and than choose the one u r most confortable on.. u can extract power from any bike u know.. its all about the comfort ride handeling n breaking stability.. i have ridden both the bikes n both feel different.. a P220 feels strong under accelaration n breaking while a ZMR feels smooth n confortable.. both hav identical top ends.. the thing is which one of these caters to you... just because u like one bike dont sterio type the other one.. its been ages since we have been waitin for big bikes n now we hav our prayers answered... so lets just enjoy the moment... see ya
  Posted by Ricky at 31st October,2009
i was having pulsar22o fuel injectiOn mOdel but guys it sucks. wen u reached d speed of 80-100 km/hr bike sOunds very much and it vibrates too as cOmpare to karizma . nOw i bought karizma zmr its rocks yrrrrr very smooth comfortable n sexy ride as compare to bloody bajaj's 220.
  Posted by Ady at 19th October,2009
Karizma sucks ass.. it is the kinda bike ppl wearing tight tees and sporting long hairs buy. Worse part is they r coming out with the same engine with the head and tail light of an apache .the tv add sucks even more.. rock the storm ZMR??Sheesh ! HeroHonda needs to get out of its cycle business and concentrate more onto bikes if it shd even stand a chance of being compared to a 220.
  Posted by Mayank at 19th October,2009
Karizma should compare with pulsar180, Yamaha fazer, R15, FZ16 and Apache RTR. P220 is 4 step ahead of new Karizma ZMR. Currently we dont have any bike who can challenge P220. P220 is simply great..
  Posted by das at 13th October,2009
karizma is better than 220 bcoz karizma is so comfort and got more re sail value
  Posted by kumar at 25th September,2009
  Posted by imoo at 9th September,2009
you cannot compare pulser 220 with karizma bcz pulsar is a accedent bike as many accident you will find pulsar due to its fuel tank which strate hurts at the main point karizma is smooth no noise compare to dtsi engine
  Posted by chinmaya at 2nd September,2009
I agree. Karizma lives in 220 shadow. The new 220 dtsi is one step ahead of its predecessor. I was so hapy with Fi i got the other version also. HH time to come out of the shadow of Splendors and passions. Its a known fact, Pulsars enjoy 60% market share in the premium bike segment (150cc +). Only ignorant people buy Karizma
  Posted by jitin at 25th August,2009
pal,i couldnt help wondering on wat count u were comparing 220 and karizma..wat seems like a a very little known fact is tat te latter is actually a sports tourer,similar in concept to te yam fazer,with its engine so tuned tat te engine doesnt get strained even at te redline,and as every1 knows,probably even americans can get more than 17bhp out of 223cc,but HH din bcos they wanted it to b a tourer while te tag sports bike is closer to 220,simply bcos 21bhp wit 2valves and SOHC,tat too from stupid indian fuel is pretty much te best any can get out of 220cc. secondly,as u hav accepted yourself,karizma was released 10yrs ago,and it took 10 long years of begging by HH to te parent honda to let them put an PGMFi and revised fairin.luks like bajaj and TVS are way better cos they dont hav to go thru such drudgery. third,while karizmas switchgear aint bad,how can u say tat the shiny back flat switches and a handle bar which luks like its from a BMX bike is actually better than a 220? 4th,i ow
  Posted by asad khan at 23rd August,2009
compare to pulsar 220 karizma r is more better.
  Posted by D at 11th August,2009
Sure Pulsar has more features, but sadly it’s the same dated look overall. The same pulsar again and again and phew once again. Karizma has an air of esteem and futuristic feel which pulsar doesn’t have at all. P220 could be little faster but heck it feels just like another Pulsar, Bajaj needs to dare and do something which HH did almost 10 years ago, Bajaj is still struggling to fight out Karizma. No one skips a beat looking at the same P design anymore, although K still has that illusive feel around it. Moreover K feels like a king on all aspects. Not trying to bring down a P since I own both (K and P200). Just that P is still not there, finish, quality of plastics, gearbox, overall fit and feel is still down grade. That’s the challenge in pouring in so many features but missing out on the quality expected out of the snazzy deals. I think there is no point comparing any P with K. Not Yet!
  Posted by Sandy at 18th July,2009
Karizma rocking
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