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  Wednesday, Dec 02, 2015
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Hero Honda CBZ Xtreme vs TVS Apache RTR - Drag Specialities
The current 150 performance king meets the pretender, the Apache RTR 160
By : Shubhabrata Marmar | Published : August 15, 2007 | Photos : Aman Chaudhry
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Joshua can scream, ‘cheater, cheater, cheater...’ for all its worth. It isn’t going to change one little thing. Fact remains that I mis-shifted from first to second, allowing his trailing CBZ X-Treme to catch and pass the TVS Apache RTR 160. It is undisputable also, that almost immediately the Apache went flying past the CBZ X-Treme.It then pulled out a gap of about six bike lengths by around 75-80 kph, and from there on, there was not a damn thing the CBZX could do about it. We were on a particularly appropriate piece of road, of course, one where the motorcycles could sit at full throttle and accumulate as much velocity as they liked. And so that’s just what the duo did. The Apache was always ahead, showing 123 kph on the digital speedo, while the CBZX’s older (heh heh) looking analogue meter finally came to rest at about 118 kph.

Joshua was probably muttering about the Apache’s displacement (and consequent performance) advantage, but hey, they’re roughly the same price aren’t they? When we swapped bikes, the exact same thing repeated. Young Josh is a bit lighter than me, and that only changed one thing – the Apache to CBZX gap was now even larger. Essentially, the Apache RTR is the fastest accelerating ‘150’ on the market right now, and every other bike in the segment will have a really tough time catching it in a straight line. Whether they will actually catch the flying TVS in a corner is another unlikely event, but more on that later.The Apache pulls off some amazing performance numbers. In soaking wet conditions, from a near cold start, the Apache showed off its bristling muscle power with a 4.58 second run to 60 kph. The CBZX, to put that in perspective, takes 5.57. And the Pulsar 220 DTS-Fi’s time for the same run is 4.39 seconds. Okay, wait, let me clarify that. In our Karizma vs 220 drag, the Pulsar’s might, we discovered, kicks in a bit later. So it isn’t really showing its full hand until a bit afterwards. Proof – the 220’s 100 kph time is 12.79 seconds. Here, the Apache loses with a full two second disadvantage, taking 14.79 seconds.It gets better.The test wasn’t completely fair. No, it isn’t what you’re thinking, it was the Apache that was at a disadvantage, since it was factory fresh with only 56 km on the odo. The CBZ X-Treme, on the other hand, had nearly 3,000 km on it. So, in time, we expect the gap between the two to grow further.Where the Hero Honda does have an edge is in the sensory personality of the motorcycle. The Hero Honda CBZX still impresses with a very tactile, if a bit noisy, feel. There are vibes, there is the sensation of big speed and of size and it all feels very flattering. The Apache is er... colder. It inhales the road with an altogether more straight-faced attitude, has almost no vibes, a near-perfect gearbox and a pronounced sense of not-that-well-hidden musculature. The Apache, weighing in at 136 kg, is also a bit lighter than the CBZ X-Treme (143 kg for the electric start version also), and it carries that weight rather well.

While not part of this drag race, there were a couple of corners on the way to the strip, once more the Apache immediately leaves a good impression. Compared to the CBZ X-Treme (which on its own, is a phenomenally quick-turning, extremely likeable handler), the Apache feels even more lithe. Steering inputs needed are delightfully light. Stability and confidence remain high despite the wet roads and overall, the Apache is a hearty guffaw, while the CBZX is a right laugh. But again, the TVS absolutely leaves the Hero Honda for dead on the brakes. The feel, the bite and the sheer amount of force it can bring to bear are awesome. TVS have, evidently, got this bike, very, very right.

Which leaves only the looks, build and finish to ponder, right? Well, the Apache is again, a fair bit ahead. It looks, compact and sporty, while the CBZX looks large, spacious and comfortable. The Apache is also quite pretty, which the CBZX definitely is not. As I’ve said before, the design in the details of the Apache make it stand out. We were doing this on a really dark, dreary day, so all the little bits don’t stand out and shine, but on a good sunny day, the Apache will probably make the CBZX look even more distant. More importantly, the Apache feels solid (although there was a mysterious plasticky rattle on the test bike), while the CBZX (and we’ve noted this before) isn’t the best built or finished Hero Honda we ever cast eyes on.

As Joshua put it, when we finally turned both bikes off for a call-that-a-day cup o’tea, ‘Arrey, there’s no doubt. I really like the way the CBZX feels. In fact, I think the Apache could do with a little more, you know, feeel. But in this test, there’s no confusion, the TVS is where the crown shall rest, men.’

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  Posted by vasim shaikh nehru clg hbl at 7th January,2012
xtreme is more powerfull than the all byks its fuck all the byks
  Posted by Abhishek at 29th September,2011
i wnts to buy a bike .... Tell me which 1 is bettr Apache rtr 160 ,CBZ X-TREME or PULSAR 180 Rply me fast frendzzz its urgent.... Thank u.....
  Posted by Azar at 2nd September,2011
i like a lot cbz xtreme it is very high speed engine never trace any bike.cbz fuck in all bikes.
  Posted by Himel Saha at 26th August,2011
i like cbz x-treme
  Posted by mahesh at 23rd July,2011
Mahsh: Apache rtr is god of indian bike manufactured, CBZ extreme is a dirty big camel which sucks.Not just the hero honda logo tels u which is the best bike. just drive apache rtr & speak about performance. So only eventhough CBZ is Hero honda manufactured , apache RTR stands far ahead of sales than CBZ. This itself is aproof for which is the best bike . Apache Rockzzz........
  Posted by Shri at 18th April,2011
Apache is a good bike. Recently I purchased 160 RTr hyperedge. It gives milage around 60 km/lit
  Posted by PARTHY at 20th March,2011
i got 100% satisfaction with cbz xtreme comparing with apache
  Posted by rohit at 16th March,2011
i go with the apache rtr 160 its controlling is much better then cbz..
  Posted by SAM at 25th December,2010
i gooooooooooo for cbz xtreme 2good
  Posted by hussain at 12th December,2010
salaam to every one.who wrote ths article.ths is a stupid article.i thnk he don't know wht the cbz xtreme machine is.i thnk he is ill'litarate othere bike in 150cc can callange to one and only one cbz mechine which fucked all indian 150cc segement apache rtr is for lillyputs.
  Posted by swpanil at 13th September,2010 comes the cbz....i dont knw wht the f$$k wrote bot cbz....m not sayng apache is bad one...but CBZ is kind of road...nd no one can mess wit it..if there are 3 pepls siting on apache then apache will die...where in if u r riding with threee peolzz on cbz u will still ride smothly...nd cbzx is maintaince free bike guyz...itz powerful,sexy...awsumm...go extrem
  Posted by Imran at 4th September,2010
Apache is the most dirty bike in india i am the owner of apache i felt very ashamed of this company dont know to makes bikes. Now i have got new cbz xtreame it is very nice bike compared to apache,pulsur 180 dtsi. So i will give you the suggestion for cbz buy this bike now
  Posted by Sunsid at 28th August,2010
Ha ha ha...this article sucks, i think you dont know how 2 ride cbz xtreme which is the master piece of hero honda,u told that mileage of apache is greater than cbz,this sucks...i got a mileage of 52kms with cbz...wats the maintenance of apache u didnot mention that topic...
  Posted by rahul at 5th August,2010
sir plz tell me which is the best bike for me cbzx or tvs apache rtr hurry...
  Posted by vineeth at 3rd August,2010
i got 100% satisfaction with cbz xtreme
  Posted by Jubin at 9th July,2010
Apache is a very good one.. good-looking sporty.. sudden acceleration is its speciality. nobody can chase an Apache
  Posted by govind at 17th April,2010
cbz rider dont know to ride the bike
  Posted by vibhu at 19th February,2010
apache is the best bike i ever drive....better handling,gud milage.i like it very much.
  Posted by ballu at 18th February,2010
cbz is also a good campared to apache ..
  Posted by Nandeesh at 5th January,2010
wow superb article... i learnt more abt my bike(the crowned 1) APACHE:-*
  Posted by jean at 9th November,2009
Apache RTR rocks whereas So Called CBZ Xtreme sucks
  Posted by Arunava Chatterjee at 30th September,2009
hi this is Arunava..I am planning to buy a sporty bike.price upto 65thousands..which would be the best bike with sporty look & better milage.I am getting very confused I am planning to buy a bike tvs apache or Herohonda CBZ xtreme or other...
  Posted by Arunava Chatterjee at 30th September,2009
tell me what would be the best bike with in 65 thousands with sporty looks & good milage
  Posted by rajan at 22nd August,2009
apache is best but there is one problem the handle is very small we face lots of problem to turn the bike other wise its best
  Posted by augustine at 12th July,2009
need help....wheather apache RTR 180cc....or....cbz extreme (hero honda)..........i..should..take...need specific..comparization....
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