Heads roll again...



It seems that F1 just cannot survive without scandal and controversy for too long.

After Nelson Piquet Jr was unceremoniously ejected from his seat at Renault but none other than team principal Flavio Briatore, the young Brazilian responded with retaliatory fire, saying that the team had ordered him to crash deliberately in last year's Singapore GP, creating favourable conditions for his team mate Fernando Alonso to win the race. After this allegation, Renault has been summoned before the World Motor Sport Council for a hearing that may see the French manufacturer being banned from the sport or, at the very least, suffer a McLaren-style heavy fine. The main people in the line of fire, Briatore and executive director of engineering Pat Symonds have already effected a quick exit from the team, which might suggest that there is some truth to the allegations, even as telemetry readings and radio recordings from Piquet's car pointed towards 'unusual circumstances' shortly before the crash. Exit Renault? We hope not.