Goodyear launches fuel efficient tyre


Tyre giant Goodyear launched a new fuel efficient tyre, the Assurance Fuel Max. The tyre is claimed to provide 4 per cent better fuel efficiency and a 15 per cent longer life and goes about doing so thanks to its reduced rolling resistance.

As of the moment, the tyre is available only in 15 and 16 inch sizes for cars like the VW Polo/Vento, the Fiat Punto and so on, but Goodyear plans on launching the tyre across all sizes in the time to come. The Assurance Fuel Max tyre is currently being imported, and Goodyear has plans to start producing it locally once the expected sales volumes have been achieved.

While prices will vary with difference in sizes, the company has positioned the tyre as a premium offering and so expect the prices to be on the higher side. We haven't verified the claims ourselves yet, but once we have, you'll be the first to know.