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Giant on the road

Giant on the road

  This is the "Big Mama" of all motorcycles meant for touring long distances. The bike has a massive girth and seating oneself on the motorcycle is an exercise that needs to be done with caution. One must remember, the bike weights around 630 kg, hence it is not easy handling it and picking it once it tilts to one side.

The motorcycle has a two-up seat, lots of chrome and the valanced front fender with the ubiquitous Indian head marker light and a chrome luggage rack at the back, mounted on the trunk.

The bike comes with a keyless feature. The key can be tucked away safely in your jacket. One needs to press the power button that is mounted on to the petrol tank, press the kill switch and the gently tap the switch on the right handle bar. The engine comes alive. Once the gear is shifted upwards, the Roadmaster makes its way like a turbocharged elephant. The engine is mated to a six-speed transmission. On hitting the highway, there is no stopping this big machine as it confidently eats up the road at a rapid pace. One can also rely on the ABS to bring the 16-inch Dunlop tyres to a halt. The machine has a ground clearance of 140 mm.

Being a tourer, the Indian Roadmaster comes with a fuel tank capacity of 20.8 litres and loads of storage space, approximately 142 litres in all. There is storage space in the saddle bags, in the trunk and around the front fairings.

Giant on the road

  The fairing mounted instrument cluster has a whole lot of features. The bike even has a 20-watt stereo. The windshield height can be adjusted electronically with a switch near the left handle grip.

Engine: 1,811cc Thunder stroke 111 air-cooled engine
Torque: 138.9Nm @2,600rpm
Transmission: Six-speed
Wheel base: 1,668 mm
Price: Rs 37 lakh
(ex-showroom, Delhi)