FRANKFURT 2011: Ford Focus ST and 1.0 Ecoboost



We don’t get the normal Ford Focus here, but that doesn’t stop us from lusting after the Focus ST that was just revealed in Frankfurt.

Powered by a rally-grade 2.0 liter turbocharged engine making 250hp and 35.66 kgm of torque routed through the front wheels. That much power going through the front wheels would induce a lot of torque steer, but the Electronic Assisted Power Steering (EPAS) takes care not to let the car show any signs of it.

There’s also varying levels of electronic intervention to help keep all that power contained. Moving on the the handling, there’s a plethora of acronyms and their related systems to keep the car in check, the most important of which are the sports suspension and the torque vectoring system.

On the outside, the agressive front fascia, paint schemes and distinct Y-spoked alloy wheels warn the other cars that there’s more than just a normal focus in their rear-view mirrors. There’s also a Europe-only Focus ST Wagon on display to further entice us.


1.0 Ecoboost

You may soon be saying goodbye to your 1.5 liter engines if Ford has it’s way. They’ve gone and developed a 1 liter turbocharged engine that can match a 1.6 in terms of performance, and absolutely blitzes them when it comes to efficiency.

This adds to the expanding range of EcoBoost engines in fords stable and comes in 100hp and 120hp variants to be used in the European Ford Focus. It’s a 3-cylinder engine with a compact turbocharger attached. They claim that the direct injection along with the high performance turbo will give it good low speed responsiveness while still being smooth and refined higher up in the rev range.

Helping the engine out are the smart ancillaries which reduce the load on the engine when needed and in general try to maximise the efficiency of the engine. We’d love it if Ford decides to plonk this into the new Fiesta for India!