Four killed in 40 car pile-up along NH1 in Haryana

February 10, 2016: At least four persons were killed after nearly 40 cars piled up in foggy conditions along National Highway 1 near Karnal, Haryana, on Wednesday morning.

According to the local police, four persons who were travelling in a Figo were killed after the car hit a truck ahead, following the vehicle pile-up. Heavy fog enveloped many parts of north India on Wednesday.

Car pile-ups have increased sharply in many parts of north India, especially along the expressways and national highways. Motorists tend to speed on these broad, four- and six-laned arteries, even on foggy mornings, despite poor visibility.

Many motorists in India also erroneously switch on the hazard lights in dense fog, instead of switching on the headlights, not realising that hazard lights are to be used only when a vehicle has to make an emergency stop in the middle of the road.

Switching the hazard lights while driving can confuse other motorists and also contribute to accidents.