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  Wednesday, Nov 25, 2015
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Ford Figo VS VW Polo VS Fiat Punto - Euro Trio
Three Euro hatches battle it out in India’s most happening segment. But there’s only one winner
By : Bijoy Kumar Y | Published : May 03, 2010 | Photos : Aneesh Shivanekar/Copyright Business Standard Motoring
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Ford Figo/Volkswagen Polo/Fiat Punto Prices & Reviews
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Let’s go into this triple-test comparison with a Which Car? question. One very senior member of Business Standard Ltd wanted to know how good the Volkswagen Polo was when compared to the Ford Figo. I should have had an answer ready yet I paused… and this pause was enough for the prospective buyer to defer his buying process. While I could list the positives and negatives of each car, it would be a better idea to do a proper comparison test and bring along the other European, the Fiat Punto, into the equation.

We chose a hot day (32-34 degrees) in March for our test that saw the cars go through city streets and traffic, the fast Expressway, back roads and hills, rough roads and rally stages to come up with this story.

Visual treat
The best looking car of the lot is the Italian – no doubt about that. So what if the Punto has gone through a minor facelift in Europe already. The Maserati inspired snout, the ‘race car for streets’ profile work well and it can easily carry ‘go-faster’ stickers and racing stripes. And it can carry off colours well too – Ferrari red?  Splash it on. Seriously, you cannot call the Polo and the Figo beautiful (smart and handsome perhaps) – but a Punto in red is just that, a beautiful car. The Polo looks the most contemporary of the lot though – with crisp lines, Audi inspired ‘aero’ detailing on the bumper and clean profile, the Polo is the most future-proof car of the lot here. The Ford Figo does have an identity crisis of sorts with design elements from various Ford models making up this car. The biggest influence seems to be the last generation Fiesta on which the car is loosely based on. Bright colours, did you say? Ford has some shades that can make an octogenarian feel 21 and just out of college.

On the interior front, none of these cars tread the unexplored – except for the Figo which is available with coloured dash-boards (great if you can live with it – I cannot). Otherwise you find the usual – acres of grey and black plastics with chrome or buffed aluminium inserts thrown in. Of the three, it is the Polo interior that looks neat and tidy though space is premium. The Punto does feel spacious – especially when it comes to headroom for the rear passengers. All three cars offer similar space at the back with the front seat pushed forward – so if you plan to use a chauffeur, breathe easy. The Figo felt most claustrophobic of the lot thanks to dark upholstery and tall window sills – and when seated at the rear your head just about grazes the roof (and I am just 5, 10)!
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  Posted by shankar at 29th May,2011
what abt i20, skoda fabia, maruti swift? dont want to include these in the comparison? Plus - these vehicles are NOT in the same price range are they? As far as VW / Honda is concerned, these guys are among the most un-ethical in the indian market. No spares, expensive services and spares and to top it arrogant and dishonest dealers.. still interested? Punto - is like an elephant.. very powerful.. but sluggish... as compared to the figo / swift diesels.. btw - even the vista is not a bad option - considering quality has improved in leaps and bounds..
  Posted by Pommy at 15th March,2012
  i20 is a cheap variant of i10. skoda fabia is a class apart from the conmpared vehicles and swift is no where near these classes.. Hence comparing Swift with a Polo / Punto is like comparing Ants with Elephants.
  Posted by jhon clanon at 14th February,2011
I feel powerfully about it and love learning more on this subject. If probable, as you gain proficiency, would you Wireless internet mind updating your blog with additional information? It is very helpful for me
  Posted by senthil kumar at 7th February,2011
fiat punto the muscular winner ! i ve driven 15000 kms as now and its really amazing.multijet engine proves really.if u can browse more and more about engines u can find the ford's dura engine s not not that much level and 4 th generation ford ka uses the fiat engine! and vw engine s just TDI. these TDI engines u can find in almost all car manufacturers. coming to fiat its "multijet" is proven engine thats why the legend maruti buys engine from fiat and and tata also does the same. there s no successfull diesel endines in maruti till now. now we people speaks ofs swift ritz dezire all cos of the the LEGENDs engine FIAT MULTIJET. and i am proud to be the owner of grande punto fiat. how u drive s ur milage top speed 170 top milage 18 average speed 80 average milage 22 to 24 breaking excellent with abs service interval 15000 kms. FIAT
  Posted by Anuj Kumar at 29th December,2010
I have a 1.2 liter Petrol Polo and I simply love the car. Figo is a compromise, Polo THE car.
  Posted by subhanu nag at 27th November,2010
i think that from all the three cars Figo is the best as its riding is more comfortable than the others and also its interior design is more good looking.
  Posted by arun verma at 6th August,2010
1-wat about the non availebility of volksvagon spare parts in the gray market(open market). 2-size of spare tyre is different from used ones. 3-service and maintenance cost very high comparing to maruti swift
  Posted by Vikram at 30th July,2010
I like punto because of its comfortable ride, good handling and the gear ratios also make it easy to drive. I have a 1.2 Dynamic. But checked out Figo Duratec, and I must say it is also a very good car to drive, certainly has enjoyable ride & handling.
  Posted by sathiyaseelan at 23rd July,2010
comparing these three cars fiat punto is clear winner.builtquality,handling,perfomense and styling are uncomparabie.all auto magazines shows partiality on fiat products.they are all over rated swift.
  Posted by jithinlal at 21st July,2010
The Ford Figo is built amazingly and has a solid feel to it. The design and exteriors may not be the best in the segment, but it doesnt disappoint as it is quite good looking. The interiors arent luxurious, but everything is well put together and looks simple and nice. The comfort level is pleasing with enough leg room and head room as well as a spacious enough boot. The petrol engine will feel a bit underpowered, mainly because it comes from a family of great petrol engines, but it is a decent puller. Its only when you take it to higher levels, you will start liking the Figo. The diesel engine is the one to look out for. You would love to drive this on the Figo more than youd love to on the Fiesta. The handling is very impressive and so is the steadiness of the car is also impressive. The Figo is definitely a good city car as it is comfortable to drive, easy to maneuver and the steering response is great. The features are also impressive like bluetooth connectivity, an amazing mp3
  Posted by Vijay Nair at 17th July,2010
This is a very confusing since Figo cannot be called a super hatch and it looks like a 90's model vehicle with juse lower price as its USP. The car looks a mixture of their older gen cars like Fiesta and Fusion. Polo on the other hand is a virtual 2 seater with the rear seats only capable of accomodating kids. Punto after its 90 BHP engine may be the best option since that is a real beauty. If you want to get the car at sub 6 Lacs, then I think a Ritz is the ultimate option. You also need to look at the maintenance costs of the Polo and guys check with the owners of Fiesta and Ikon and they will give you the real Ford Story. Dont get peeled off and settle for a Maruti unless you want the sexy Punto. Forget the others
  Posted by Raju at 16th July,2010
I am using Ritz diesel for the past 5 months. Being a frequent long drive enthusiasts, I have taken Ritz to my native place which is 400 km away from my city. Ritz is giving me an incredible 23 kmpl in highways. Most of my friends were surprised. But, believe me, Maruti has once again proving to be the No.1 for providing value for money cars like Ritz.
  Posted by Arvindhan at 13th July,2010
Sorry Honda won't alter the Jazz price.. But will offer a new car for Polo price probably after a year.. But till the launch not only the Polo but also other manufacturers will grab the shares. I think Honda will suffer to get a market share in this segment... As Etios waiting for launch.. I think the pupil in this segment are more value conscious buyers.. All other manufacturers will offer their car with some goodies.. (Hope No one can load their car like i20 but will offer some thing like Alloys, Fog lamps, Auto A/c Powered mirrors.) But Honda will offer only the Powered mirrors in their Cars.. I am sure that Honda will not offer the Auto A/c may be the car may not have the Alloys and fog lamps also.. Only time will tell.. But to say Honda's quality lies only with Engine.. But other Manufacturers Quality lies with Engine and also Interior Quality. No one in this segment will pay premium for the cars.. If Honda asks Premium for its new car then only Honda is the looser.. Hope Honda wi
  Posted by SHANKAR at 9th July,2010
  Posted by tanuj at 4th July,2010
plz suggest dat ford figo or vw polo or fiat punto ...which is best and excelletnt ...and longlasting. AND daily i have to travel 50km. so suggest me in diesl segment .
  Posted by Ajay Paruthi at 29th June,2010
Hi all, I too test drove Ritz and Figo, both petrol variants. No doubt figo was good, but somewhat slow in pickup. Ritz was, i think, good in pick up. Pls suggest me a car from both these taking intoaccount mileage, after sale service, spares and their scenarios, say after 7-8 years of driving the car.
  Posted by jatin at 26th June,2010
It is a well known fact that Ford is "Tata of USA" and quality has always been an issue.But the price of spares for Fiesta and Ikon have just disuaded my friends from buying. Fiat lacks after sales service and does not enjoy the reputation because of UNO history. VW is a new name in indian market but Europeans swear by it because of its build quality. It is the Fabia owners who have felt cheated that a premier brand launched at cheaper cost. VW is a clear winner. Perhaps if they offer some more accesories i will be better. I am always for Japanese and German engineered products be it Maruti!!!
  Posted by Dharmen at 20th June,2010
I would like to see diesel comparisons of these models.
  Posted by Vikram at 14th June,2010
I do not agree with rough road driving comments about Punto 1.2, its the best to ride among the 3 cars on rough, broken roads. From your review it looks you had decided to put Polo on top right from the start. Do not expect you will put this comment up on your website, but I am perfectly happy with my 1.2 bosa nova white Punto Dynamic.
  Posted by vijay gopal at 5th June,2010
Nice analysis !! I am Confused still as to which car in this range but certainly, lookswise, it seems that Punto stunning looks - scores over others. And, performance wise, Figo and Polo are better. Cost effective strategy would put polo behind.
  Posted by Amey at 26th May,2010
I feel amongst above three punto is worth regarding style, refined engine, controls n most important thing build quality. But if u wanna find more worth car then i will suggest i20 asta for its over loaded features in its range, along wit tag of hyundai !!
  Posted by goutham at 16th May,2010
The polo is the best of the 3. It has a rock soild built quality, with a clean design. And its a proud german..... Its my car
  Posted by Nirmal at 16th May,2010
Hey Guys....I still not have understood why BSM or Auto India or Zigwheels or anyone of the likes shy away from comparing apple to apple. No one has come up with comparison with Hyundai i20 Asta. Guys come on....or everyone has accepted the unclaimed winner.
  Posted by Deepak at 15th May,2010
Thanks for the Review, But Punto stays as my fav..
  Posted by apurva at 13th May,2010
Bijoy - thanks for the nice article, and that really helps me with the decision..One question about this comment: "Is it worth spending Rs one lakh over the Figo? The answer is yes" Here we have considered the buying price of the two machines..BUT what about the servicing and other maintenance costs (and resale too?!). I heard that Polo has to be serviced after 1yr for rs.15K, and then after 2yrs for rs.30K - whereas our Figo servicing costs around Rs.2K-3K. Considering that, is Polo really worth investing that much over Figo? Any answer would be really appreciated, as I'm in a serious dilemma rt now :). Thanks so much again!!
  Posted by apurva at 13th May,2010
Bijoy - thanks for the nice article, and that really helps me with the decision..One question about this comment: "Is it worth spending Rs one lakh over the Figo? The answer is yes" Here we have considered the buying price of the two machines..BUT what about the servicing and other maintenance costs (and resale too?!). I heard that Polo has to be serviced after 1yr for rs.15K, and then after 2yrs for rs.30K - whereas our Figo servicing costs around Rs.2K-3K. Considering that, is Polo really worth investing that much over Figo? Any answer would be really appreciated, as I'm in a serious dilemma rt now :). Thanks so much again!!
  Posted by amitava at 12th May,2010
I think fiat bosses got it all wrong. they launched good powered cars in the past. their products did not do well due to their marketing strategy and service, and not for the fault of the cars. now they have better service but are launching poorly powered cars in india. look at the top gear site and see how beautiful and powerful fiats they have in the UK.
  Posted by sumit at 12th May,2010
Fiat is surely a better car. every article just plays safe and favours the most popular brand. Polo is a totally over-rated , underpowered car and overpriced car. Fiat is the best car for indian driving conditions.
  Posted by Sagar at 6th May,2010
1 lakh less & the Honda Jazz will have a waiting list of 6 months.It easily outclasses the competition in every other aspect.
  Posted by Doc at 6th May,2010
Despite the Punto being my favorite car, which I'd buy just for the looks (who expects the mistress to be able to cook and keep the house clean?!)...I appreciate the neutrality with which you've rpesented the info - unlike others who start off with a bias towards the Polo...though I'd say that the 1 lakh extra isn't worth it at all. Regards, Doc
  Posted by JK at 5th May,2010
A very very informative article and gives the right kind of information required for someone toying between a Ford Figo and VW Polo as a new car. Is the pricing of New Honda city IVTEC expected to come downwards??? then i'll wait for that.
  Posted by Nishant at 5th May,2010
Honda would never revise the Jazz prices. They would wait to launch their new mid-size hatch in 2011-12 and us Indians would pay any amount to grab a Honda.
  Posted by Kapur at 4th May,2010
For me the winner is the Fiat...
  Posted by Velutha at 4th May,2010
Sorry Bijoy,A small car comparo cannot possibly be complete without the Swift, however excellent it may be :D
  Posted by Abhishek at 4th May,2010
Hey great article...but somehow you were not fair with figos rear leg room and comfort. I think polo has a miserable rear leg room, bare enough to force into the rear seat!
  Posted by Rutvij at 3rd May,2010
"So when is the Honda Jazz price correction expected?" Me too is waiting for that or 1.6l Polo whichever comes first. Very nice Road Test & comparison.
  Posted by Sumit Singhal at 3rd May,2010
Hi, First of all - "Why my comments are never displayed". Now -- I think Fiat has lost it again this time also. We can already see more Figos on the roads than Punto, even though Punto was launched nearly 1 year earlier. We are not seeing much of Lineas either. Fiat does not have any committment for Indian market. Their products looks good on the outside but they lack performance and durability. I believe that no car manufacturer can be successful in India unless India is important for their global strategy. And they have to build a totally new startegy for India which synergies their global strategy. That is how Hyundai has become successful. Fiat fails simply because they have no clear stategy for India; they are not hungry for business in India and that is why they have still not improved their after sales services. Worst still they have handed over ASS to a competetor company.
  Posted by Manish at 3rd May,2010
Honda definitely needs to correct prices for both JAZZ as well as CITY (obviously downwards)..!!
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