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  Sunday, Nov 29, 2015
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Three-cylinder, 815cc hatch that could make life difficult for the Alto/Spark
By : BSM desk | Published : September 19, 2011 | Photos : BSM
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Hyundai Eon
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Hyundai has been quite a powerpack in the small car space, and with the success of the Santro and Santro Xing in the early part of Hyundai's entry into India, followed by the i10 and most recently the i20, Hyundai have done terrifically in this space.

The biggest challenge for Hyundai however has been its lack of presence in the A-segment. Currently ruled by Maruti Suzuki with its 800 and Alto and to an extent by General Motors with the Chevrolet Beat, there have been no significant cars in this segment for a long while, except for the Alto K10 that was launched in mid-2010.

The Eon, however could change things and don't be surprised if more players show interest in this segment, post-Eon.

Ready for launch in the next few weeks, the Eon is based on the Santro platform and uses a lot of components from both the Santro and i10. Developed and built at a cost of US $ 350-400 mn, the Eon will be the cheapest car in Hyundai's range. A lot of its development took place in India at Hyundai's research and engineering facility in Hyderabad.
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blog comments powered by Disqus
  Posted by gautam basu at 20th March,2012
want to buy soon
  Posted by Rm.Satish at 20th February,2012
I need hyundai Eon diesel engine technical specification send details immediately
  Posted by vickeey pandit at 12th December,2011
Hi Guys, I am driving the car for a month now been in & around the city, on long drives on the expressway. guys i will say that hyundai has delivered a car that is not only good in the city but also on long drives. The car is fuel efficient as i have procured a mileage of around 15-16km/ltr in the city & that extends to 18per/ltr on the highways with the air conditioner on. All in all i can say that its a car that is value for money & can be bought for its fulidic design superb interiors & spot on mileage ! I am a Happy Eon Owner ! Vickeey Pandit (Mumbai, India)
  Posted by amit at 6th December,2011
nice car...........
  Posted by mahendra at 27th October,2011
about eon cng & diesel version
  Posted by udgirkar at 4th October,2011
nice... i am looking for new car.plz send details including on road prise of all version at aurangabad maharastra
  Posted by shakkeer.MP at 4th October,2011
its beauty & sporty look, I like very much, so I want more details,
  Posted by Kanth at 1st October,2011
Come on, there is no perfect car anywhere when considering VFM, Re-sale, Maintenance, Space, FE etc etc. We, customers, have to compromise on something. But overall I like the way Hyundai is progressing.
  Posted by namal at 1st October,2011
  Posted by daulat dharma at 1st October,2011
Very beautiful car , plz mail to me more details of ion.
  Posted by MAHAJAN.K.R. at 29th September,2011
Goodlooking.Kindly intimate about rate and other features like milage etc.
  Posted by joju at 28th September,2011
i want more details of eon. pls mail to me
  Posted by Bikash Biswas at 28th September,2011
As I am planning to purchase a new car in this puja,but ok ,I am waiting for this new car. When It will launch in Kolkkata ?
  Posted by Harsh at 27th September,2011
Looks and features are all fine. Hyundia cars are far too expensive to maintain,once you enter the dealership they fleece you. With Maruti this is not the case. I bought Ritz because of feedback from i20 users on services cost. So for middle class who aspire for A segment vehicles this is the most important factor they need to keep in mind.
  Posted by sarika at 27th September,2011
please send me the details of eon and when hyundai is launching.When booking will start.please this is urjent.
  Posted by Kapil at 30th September,2011
  Dear Sarika, It is assumed to be the most awaited and best automobile product of the year. The Hyundai is going to start the booking from 29 Sept. You can can book Eon by sending SMS HYUNDAI EON to 53456 or visit the nearest Hyundai dealership. Regards, Kapil
  Posted by dhruv at 27th September,2011
This car looks cool ,it will destroy all small segment diesel cars if it is launched with the diesel version .
  Posted by GD at 26th September,2011
Rs.2 Lacs is very best deal in all other model small cars and very usefull to middle class people's.
  Posted by nancy at 26th September,2011
please send the detail of this car and when hyundai is launching in delhi
  Posted by Praveen Srivastava at 26th September,2011
im planning to buy a new car..EON is good looking but i need the complete details.....
  Posted by girish at 26th September,2011
it is available in automatic transmission also?
  Posted by PRADEEP TIWARI at 26th September,2011
Realy so wonderful car..i want this car
  Posted by Himanshu Patel at 25th September,2011
i am planning to buy a new car...i like the EON ....send the more details pls.....
  Posted by preeti malik at 24th September,2011
ohh so wonderful car this is........ i want this car within one month, will this car be launched within 1 month?????? i want the photo and all the details of this car urgently........
  Posted by sanjay kumar at 24th September,2011
wht will be the price of its top model and when will it launch, wht will be the booking process for this caaar
  Posted by Shahnawaz at 24th September,2011
Apparently appears good but what about the maintenance cost i.e. from spare parts point of view and whether the body would be strong ?,
  Posted by anand at 24th September,2011
Gud One, Must go for this
  Posted by RAJESH SHARMA, UDAIPUR at 23rd September,2011
I am very wondering to look a wonderful car of eon, really it is going to beat the market i need the complete details and pictures so might be convince my parents to perches
  Posted by mukesh , UDAIPUR SAVINA at 23rd September,2011
How wonderful this car, looking good i have a doubt it is power string or not ?????? if yes much better pls send me complete details
  Posted by umesh shirol at 23rd September,2011
good price and eon car the best
  Posted by ramesh vijay at 23rd September,2011
I want to buy this car,how i can get it,tell me as soon as posssible.when i can book this car and i need a prize details.
  Posted by sonu kohli at 23rd September,2011
I want to buy this car,how i can get it,tell me as soon as possible.when i can book this car and i need a prize details inclusive all taxes.
  Posted by utpal borah at 23rd September,2011
mindblowing........supr dupr
  Posted by jyotish gochhayat at 23rd September,2011
plz tell me lunching date of eon
  Posted by jyotish gochhayat at 23rd September,2011
nice caaaar
  Posted by bhavesh k patel at 23rd September,2011
i like this car
  Posted by susheel at 22nd September,2011
give demo in you tube
  Posted by yatish joshi at 22nd September,2011
i want to book eon. when booking will start?
  Posted by Subhasish Sengupta at 22nd September,2011
I will be happy to purchase hyundai Eon but it should be within 2.5 lakhs in respect of Petrol hike.I hope that Hyundai can beat Maruti in respect of price and quality.
  Posted by balvinder singh at 22nd September,2011
I think that it is economical car and it hit alto and nano due to its shape is excellent and i want to buy this eon car, tell me how i can get it or when i can book this car. so please send me sms and mail to my details :- 9311909993
  Posted by Suresh Waghamare at 22nd September,2011
This is amaizing and my dream Car. I am very exicting the book the car, please send the details.
  Posted by Partha Protim Gogoi at 22nd September,2011
What a nice car! At the first sight I have finalised my decision to buy this car.Please send the details.
  Posted by santosh kanouje at 22nd September,2011
i think this is the car which i wanted in my life. i am very much intresed in purchasing this care love u eon
  Posted by hemant chunta at 22nd September,2011
When its goin to launch
  Posted by aadil at 22nd September,2011
want to purchase Eon car in hyderabad. when is the launch date in hyderabad
  Posted by shahnawaz khan....Delhi at 22nd September,2011
hi kya gaddi hai..EON Hyundai ne to kamal kardiya.Bahut acchi car hai Verrrryyyy Niceeeeeeeeeeeeee
  Posted by Mahish at 22nd September,2011
It seems very good car comparison with Aalto & Spark, please send the detail regarding the same. I am very excited about the same
  Posted by parvinder at 22nd September,2011
i am govt employee and in 2012 i want to buy a small diesel car, what u suggest which is best in fuel and brand and value for money care pls suggest.
  Posted by gpl at 22nd September,2011
Diesel or petrol????
  Posted by suketu shukla at 22nd September,2011
Wow, its really amaizing, and its dream come true for the middle class family of ur country
  Posted by sajal sarna at 21st September,2011
i want to buy this hyundai eon car , how i can get it,or when i can book this eon car.tell me soon asap.thanks .in which it comes diesel or petrol.
  Posted by amit ahuja at 21st September,2011
this car is very nice. please give full detail of this car.when i can purchase the car.
  Posted by Pradeep at 21st September,2011
When its goin to launch
  Posted by Vishal Patel at 21st September,2011
Very Nice Car
  Posted by amrit kumar at 21st September,2011
nice car....... plz give me detail
  Posted by sonu at 21st September,2011
when i can purchase this car??
  Posted by avinash at 21st September,2011
Is EON avilable in Diesel / CNG. Pls confirm.
  Posted by KOUSIK at 21st September,2011
This car is darling in a one word, Is that diesel or petrol.
  Posted by Shanu Mansuri at 21st September,2011
I want to buy this hyundai Eon car i like this car
  Posted by Rajinder at 20th September,2011
Diesel or Petrol ????
  Posted by RAGHAVENDER at 20th September,2011
  Posted by Praveen.Bh at 20th September,2011
I Think Hyundai is entering at right tim,design is perfect . How abt mileage thts most imp
  Posted by Doc at 20th September,2011
Hyundai have managed to style it perfectly - modern, yet not vulgar like the Beat...Of course it also follows VW's trend of making all their cars look the same!! But I share Velutha and Sai Prasad's concerns...Hyundai need to add numbers and quality fast to its service dealerships if they want to upset Maruti's applecart.
  Posted by SURENDRA at 20th September,2011
  Posted by krishanpal at 20th September,2011
Best small car ever
  Posted by Kathirvel at 20th September,2011
EON will good competitor of other company car.
  Posted by santhosh at 20th September,2011
looks good but wats the milage?????
  Posted by Prem Dhawan at 20th September,2011
better to start hyundai in diseal
  Posted by Y.V.M.M.Krishna Murty at 20th September,2011
Seems to be cute.Some more videos help to understand better.
  Posted by anandgowda at 20th September,2011
nice looking car happy selling to hyundai
  Posted by NIZAM at 20th September,2011
its a gud car, confirm this is diesel or petrol
  Posted by SANJAY KULSHRESTHA at 20th September,2011
very smart car, i shall want to take only this in it's segment
  Posted by Karizmatic at 20th September,2011
Looks better than the Alto in my books. Backed with Hyundai A**, this is a sure hit. It'll be interesting to see their share in the rural market.
  Posted by hemanth at 20th September,2011
add some more photos, want to see back space also
  Posted by santhosh jain at 20th September,2011
eon will on the thrill. i think its going to set a benchmark in its class.
  Posted by sandy at 20th September,2011
Specs sounds impressive, car wears A-star like profile, looks too much over design, in picture it looks crude lets see in the real world. Rest, rests on BSM's review. But one thing- Santro should not retire.
  Posted by krishan at 20th September,2011
looking nice
  Posted by JEEVAN at 20th September,2011
  Posted by PIYUSH BAROT at 20th September,2011
  Posted by purshotham Shiva Krishna at 20th September,2011
Seems to be cute.Pretty pretty! Hyundai have styled it perfectly done,happy selling to hyundai & good luck for your new creation
  Posted by venkatesh at 20th September,2011
what about gas kit
  Posted by mukesh vats at 20th September,2011
Eon car are available in CNG
  Posted by subhajit at 20th September,2011
Best small car ever nice looking car happy selling to hyundai
  Posted by rohit at 19th September,2011
Amazing looks and good interiors too.Nobody will buy an alto now.
  Posted by Avinab Mohanty at 19th September,2011
If Hyundai keeps it at around Rs. 2.50 lakh then nothing like it considering the petrol price.
  Posted by Sai Prasad Chennai at 19th September,2011
I wont be surprised if Hyundai makes a better looking car than Alto, but when it comes to "Value for Money" it is very very difficult to beat Maruti, that is in terms of fuel economy, bare minimum maintenance, best resale value and above all excellent service (many hyundai fleece the customer with out the gullible customer ever knowing it. I was one of them).
  Posted by opkalani at 19th September,2011
happy to get low priced car from hyundai who is known for quality and good service. this price range segment is very potential and hyundai will have promising market share with best wishes
  Posted by Velutha at 19th September,2011
Pretty pretty! Hyundai have styled it perfectly. Crucially they have also timed it perfectly. India is ready to move on from the Alto & this is what it will be moving on to.
  Posted by Velutha at 19th September,2011
Though I do suspect you guys to be way to optimistic about its pricing as usual. I think Hyundai will slot it in between the Santro & the i10
  Posted by vaibhav at 23rd September,2011
  it is very sporty and it will be beat the maruti offcourse.
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