Figo Aspire: A New beginning for Ford

The last Grand product that Ford gave this country was EcoSport. It came in at the right time for Ford, as its lineup was getting old and the Fiesta didn’t attract much attention, despite being a great product. EcoSport delivered the intended, garnering huge pre-booking numbers and then reaching sales heights for the American. It also blew dents in the Dusters reign as it was the only compact SUV then. And for the year 2015 Ford has a lot in the store for India, starting with Figo Aspire, then the Next-Gen Figo, all new Endeavour and the iconic Mustang.

But, to keep this pace going it is important to concentrate on the mass volume segment and for that reason Ford is focusing on the Aspire. This being the first ever compact sedan from the company the expectation are hyped. And should be so, after all it is belived to herald a new beginning for the company. 

The car has reached some select dealerships and is available for review and booking though they are not available for the test drive. Expected to be launched between 7 to 10th August, Figo Aspire is receiving the desired stardom. 

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This all new Aspire-ation is based on Ford’s latest design philosophy, something that we have seen in the Fiesta, yeah that nose it got in a major facelift. Aspire carries the same nose, a bit compact though, the whole car too carries that compact nature. It's not bulky, the snout is stubby still there is some slenderness to it and the rest of the car. The rake rises with the windscreen and drops smoothly towards the notchback. The sides carry subtle defining lines at the bottom and at the waist height. There is an understated haunch the starts from the boot and smoothly rises towards the rear passenger's windscreen and then drops to merge in the frontal part of the rear door, it looks well thought. The boot lid is clean, topped-off by a chrome garnish that expands the width of the lid. The taillights on either side finish up in the sides and looks best with the Ruby Red color. One thing that has been the signature Ford is missing, that are, the pronounced wheel arches, but the designers have made sure that Aspire doesn’t loose on that and the softened arches do it just right.

“The boot space is 359 litres, a decent one if not much, and there is provision to open the boot from the inside if your naughty child manages to lock herself/himself in.”

Step inside and you will find that the Figo seems compact from the inside too. And despite this compactness you will find it roomy and you will realize how ergonomically it is made as everything sits right where it should be. Be it the SYNC screen (Ford MyDock smart phone docking point in lower trims), the central console below it, or the knurled chrome A/C control, or the A/C louvers on either side that bulge out to align them to the vertical. Such things show the attention to detail that Ford has put in, something that you don’t find in the compact sedan class. Moreover, there are plenty of storage space, like the front side door bottle holders can accommodate a 1.5 L bottle and still two more cans of soda, on either side. The rear seats have adequate room and look better than some of its competitors. The boot space is 359 litres, a decent one if not much, and there is provision to open the boot from the inside if your naughty child manages to lock herself/himself in.

Aspire will be available in three engine options, a 1.2 TiVCT 88 PS petrol, 1.5 TDCi 100 PS diesel and a 1.5 TiVCT 112 PS petrol for the race hearts. The first two engine are meant to be offered in India while we may consider the last one as a perk from Ford’s mega factory in Sanand, Gujarat. As the same factory will be exporting large volumes of both the car and the 1.5 TiVCT motor overseas, it won’t be hard for Ford to offer us with this sportier version Figo Aspire.

It doesn’t end here, Aspire is made of high strength steel monocoque and is available with dual front airbags as standard across the lineup. Six airbags in the top end trim both with the petrol motors and the diesel one. The 1.5 TiVCT will come loaded with additional safety features like Electronic Stability Control (ESP), Hill Launch Assist (HLA) and Traction Control System (TCS).

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