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Fiat Punto 90 Sport - A Punto in the right direction


The Punto 90 is certainly a great car to drive, but on the outside, despite its great looks, it has lacked that extra bit of pizzazz to set it apart from its lesser brethren.

But now, there’s this – the Punto 90 Sport. The beautiful shape of the Punto gets accented with chequered flag style stickers, which definitely catch the eye. The whole visual package would have been complete if those multi-arm, twin-spoke alloy wheels had been finished in black to match. That would have been one menacing little hatch!



Inside, apart from some contrast stitching on the seats and the leather gear-knob, there’s not much to differentiate it from the normal Punto 90.

The Punto 90 is powered by the 1.3-litre multi-jet engine with a variable vane turbocharger, the same as before, and is no doubt a very enjoyable motor to spin up. I definitely like the power delivery, but I wish Fiat had done something about the pronounced turbo-lag. On paper, the torque peaks out at a higher rpm than the 75 bhp Punto, and this definitely shows when you’re driving it. The gearing is a bit too tall and the lag just becomes a bit cumbersome to deal with. On the bright side, when you get past it, you do get properly shoved back into your seat. As always, the Punto continues to impress with its well sorted chassis and well weighted steering. It always has felt and continues to feel like a larger, more mature, car in that aspect.

Normally, we’d ask you to avoid the sticker job, but in this case, it really does add to the car’s appeal. Now, a slightly more hardcore version of this with a T-Jet petrol engine would be right up our alley!