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Ferrari appoints Indian distributor


Well, now that the word is out in the open, let's get it over and done with, shall we. Shreyans Motors, distributors for Porsche in India have gained distributorship rights for India for Ferrari, ending months of speculation. Appointed as far back as November 2010, Shreyans has quietly started the process of taking bookings of the famed stallion brand for the last three months and has a few confirmed orders on the table. Despite attempts by us to contact Shreyans, there has been no official word from them.

Beginning April, as reported by one of the media outlets, Shreyans will open its first showroom in New Delhi and will follow it in Mumbai. By then, another super and luxury car manufacturer, Aston Martin too would have completed the process of formally launching its brand in India with both its dealerships opening in New Delhi and Mumbai. The news also comes at the back of another Business Standard exclusive news that InterGlobe, owners of Indigo Airlines have acquired the dealership rights for Koenigsegg brand in India.

Shreyans, who apart from Porsche also have a couple of other luxury and fashion brands as part of its portfolio is taking in orders for the 458 Italia, the 599 GTB as well as FF models. The first of the official Ferraris in India is expected to be delivered to its customers before the formal launch in April. But expect these Ferraris to be pricey. Word on the street is that the final landed price of a 458 Italia could be as high as Rs 2.8-3 crore, while the 599 could retail for Rs 3.3-3.5 crore.

Currently there are over 50 Ferraris in India, with a large number of them being the V8 powered last generation 430, a couple of 360s and a few 355s and 348s and so far only one 458 Italia. There are also a few 599s in the country, but no known existence of either the 456 or 612 Scaglietti tourers. Spread mostly across New Delhi, Mumbai, Bengaluru and Chennai, these owners depend on specialists currently to maintain their cars.

Keep watching this space as we give you more information about upcoming luxury and supercar brands in India.