F1: Webber raced with broken shoulder


The final four races of the 2010 season weren't exactly easy on Mark Webber. Not only was he busy fighting for the championship, he was doing this with an injured shoulder. This information has come to light after the release of Webber's book - Mark Webber Up Front.

Webber, apparently, fractured his shoulder in a mountain biking accident the weekend before the Japanese Grand Prix. The Australian was out cycling with a friend when the two of them collided, leading to a skier's fracture on his right shoulder. But with the Saturday qualifying in Japan being washed out thanks to the rain, Webber managed to squeeze in an extra day of rest. Injections before each race were the need of the hour to ensure Webber wouldn't feel pain while driving.

What's making news now, more than the fact that Webber was injured, is the fact that he kept the news secret from his Red Bull Racing Team. Christian Horner, team principal of Red Bull Racing, has declared that he wasn't aware of the shoulder injury and he certainly wasn't aware of the book Webber authored. The mountain biking accident occured on the first time Webber got back on a bike following his leg-breaker in December 2008. This has led Horner to suggest that it might do Webber good to stay off bikes. Horner also said that it would've been nice to have been informed about the injury, even though it wasn't affecting Mark's performance during the races.