F1: Schumacher returns!



It's official! Michael Schumacher will return to Formula 1 with Mercedes GP. The team has confirmed that the seven-time world champion is going to partner Nico Rosberg in Formula 1 next year.

Schumacher has been linked to Mercedes ever since the German manufacturer took over Brawn GP. Apparently, the German has signed a three-year deal with Mercedes GP. The reason talks took so long, was because Schumacher hadn't been given the green signal from doctors following his injury from a bike accident in February. It was this same injury that prevented him from replacing Felipe Massa at Ferrari after the Brazilian crashed at Hungary earlier this year. Now that he has been declared medically fit to race, the German has signed the dotted line and is back to racing.

Schumacher has declared that his three-year absence from the sport has rejuvenated him and he is ready to get back into serious racing. 

Schumacher's move to Mercedes GP sees him rejoin the team that helped him get into F1. He had raced for the manufacturer as a part of their junior driver programme.

He raced for Mercedes-Benz as part of its junior driver programme, competing in world sportscar events during 1990 and 1991.

So there you have it - Michael Schumacher, back in F1, and not with Ferrari. Wonder what the tifosi will have to say!