F1: Ferrari won't stop Schumacher from a Mercedes deal



Rumours that Michael Schumacher will make an F1 comeback with the new Mercedes GP team (formerly Brawn GP) have been milling around for quite a while now. And Ferrari president Luca di Montezemolo has announced that if Schumacher wants to go ahead and join Mercedes, Ferrari will not try and stop him. Montezemolo declared that if Schumacher wished to actively race for another team, he could do so, but it would mean the termination of his role as a consultant to the Ferrari team. However, he also announced that Schumacher has not yet broached the topic with him.

While the seven-time world champion had wanted to make a comeback sometime in August, after Felipe Massa's crash in Hungary, injuries from a motorcycle accident in Cartagena early on in the year prevented him from doing so.

Mercedes has declared only one driver so far - Nico Rosberg. And there are a few reasons that make one think a Schumacher return with Mercedes is possible. To begin with it has seemed like Mercedes wants only German drivers. And as far as German drivers go, few would be more qualified than Michael Schumacher. Another reason could be Ross Brawn, largely credited with much of Schumi's success. 

Several world champions have come out and said that a Schumacher return would be a bad move for the German, albeit a good move for the sport.

Guess only time will tell.