F1: Alonso first at Monza


It was a home win for Ferrari at Monza, with Fernando Alonso on the top step of the podium and Felipe Massa in third place. The two Ferraris were split by McLaren driver and reigning world champion Jenson Button.

While Alonso started the race from pole, Button got the better of him when the five lights went out. Button led the pack from Alonso, with Hamilton and Massa fighting for third spot behind them. Hamilton tried to get past Massa, and when Massa moved over to defend racing line, the two made contact. This resulted in broken steering for Hamilton's car, which put him into the gravel at Lesmo.

Button, Alonso and Massa then opened up a gap to the rest of the field. While the leading pair took turns at setting the fastest lap of the race, the gap between the two never got larger than 1.5 seconds. When Button finally did pit, Alonso managed to stay out a lap longer than him and turned the tables on the McLaren, coming out of the pits alongside Jenson, holding the inside line and then quickly going fast enough to leave Button in the dust.

Sebastian Vettel managed to take fourth place at Monza, despite the fact that it looked as though he might retire early on in the race, reporting engine trouble. His team-mate Mark Webber did manage to get past him initially, but struggled through the race and fought hard to finally take sixth. He was held off for most of the race by Nico Hulkenberg, but finally got past him with three laps left in the race.

Michael Schumacher and Rubens Barrichello finished the race in ninth and tenth spot.