Delhi motorists opt for second car to beat odd-even number restriction

January 2, 2016: Demand for preferred car numbers went up significantly in Delhi last month after the announcement of the odd-even formula to combat pollution.

According to sources in the state’s transport department, there was a sharp spurt in demand for non-fancy registration numbers, indicating that many motorists were buying second cars to overcome the new restrictions.

The transport department, which auctions non-fancy numbers, has set the minimum reserve price at Rs21,000. The department earned almost Rs4 million in December from auctioning of non-fancy numbers. Overall, the department has earned more than Rs50 million with the auctioning of preferred numbers in 2015.

The Delhi government has introduced the odd-even formula for car registration numbers on an experimental basis for a fortnight. A decision on whether to continue with the anti-pollution measure will be taken by the government after a few days.

But with uncertainties about the programme, some Delhi residents are apparently opting to buy a second car.