Conquest vehicles introduces new EVADE SUV


Conquest vehicles is a Toronto, Canada based firm that specializes in armoured vehicles, but this time, for a change, they've skipped the armour treatment on their latest vehicle, called simply the EVADE.

While they are well known for their earlier armoured truck called the KNIGHT XV, which is a bit of an overkill unless you're wanted by all the wrong people, this new product is for those people who don't exactly need a fully armoured vehicle, but still require some sort of protection. Each hand-built truck starts off as a Ford F550 Super Duty chassis with either a petrol or diesel engine under the hood and optional four-wheel-drive.

You could either choose limousine style 2+2 seating or two power-reclining seats with room at the back for your bodyguards to sit. While the interior is lusurious, it has a lot of cues taken from military vehicles, so it's pretty utilitarian as well.

It coule be yours starting at Rs. 8.5 Crores, which goes up depending on the kind of ameneties you're looking for in your non-armoured SUV. Magnus Cars is in charge of sales and distribution in India, so you know who to head to for all your armoured and unarmoured vehicle needs.