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Chris Pfeiffer - Miracle Man!


I remember it clearly. Ten months ago, I was spellbound as I watched Chris Pfeiffer work his magic, sending the crowd into a frenzy. Last Sunday, I met him on his second visit to India, and I thought, ‘Hmm. The first time’s always special. Maybe I won’t be as swayed this time around.’ Right, no?

However, as Pfeiffer executed a long - really long - rolling stoppie on the BMW S1000RR while heading towards me, I was bewitched all over again. And when his helmet gently nudged my head, it drove an important realisation home - it doesn’t matter how many times I’ve seen him perform; my jaw will always hit the ground and my hands will always shake with excitement when Chris Pfeiffer rides a motorcycle.

And I fear I’ll never know what it is that makes us all go crazy. I mean, of course, it’s the fact that he can make a motorcycle seem lighter on its feet than a ballet dancer and he can make his F800 do things that I can’t do on a bicycle even in my dreams. But it’s more than that - perhaps it’s the showmanship, the way he plays to the crowd, the sheer joy on his face when he’s pulling a high-chair wheelie mere feet away from the crowd - what I can’t explain is why my brain switches to ‘surreal’ mode when he’s performing. But I’m sure glad that Red Bull keeps bringing him back!

And this time, Pfieffer will tour more than 10 cities in India, twice the number over last year - I think that’s a fantastic way to promote stunting in India where we do have lots of talented stunters with not a whole lot of exposure. In his own words, ‘When parents, mentors and society in general sees that stunting can be a respectable, safe and worthy profession without the bad-boy image, young stunters can get the support they need to succeed in this field. During my trips to India, I have seen some pretty good stunters too.’ Encouraging words, those. And if a guy like Pfeiffer chooses to prove a point through his visits, I have no doubt that stunting can gain a more widespread appeal in India. Until next time, then!    

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