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Choppers’ stop - Angelz Customs’ RE Electra



Black paint and lots of chrome parts. They’re just destined to be together. Just like fried food and beer. It’s God’s word. For fat guys in Milwaukee, it’s a religion. One look at this 350cc Royal Enfield Electra custom in that same classic black-and-chrome outfit and you can already imagine yourself on this gnarly chopper, tearing across an empty highway, with Highway to Hell playing in your mind and stomach full of large burgers and er, milk shake. Shaking yourself loose riding this chopper makes you feel like a hefty, big bearded man - a fat, rude outlaw with little wit and brittle ego, kitted out in an old leather jacket, torn denims and black Ray-Bans. And the only thing louder than him in town is this, cranium-blowing exhaust note of this single.

That sea of chrome is blinding oncoming people into submission and soon after, into the wall as well. With the bright morning sunlight lighting it up, it just looks incredible. Every bit and piece has a layer of the shiny stuff contrasting with a deep black gas tank and fenders. The lines are classic, a throwback to the 70s and appreciating that bit is very easy.

Angelz Customs makes real world choppers, making sure you get plenty of bang for your recession-hit buck. The twin-port head blowing into twin pipes on either end add to the cool ratings, the extended swing-arm with that fat hoop at the back gives it a burly stance and the gas-charged suspension at the back and ergos make it acceptably comfy.

When you hit the road, you capture everybody’s interest. The look, feel and the sound make it quite a sight. Every stroke on this Enfield along with the looks pleads and begs for the long empty highway. And as I see the guy behind Angelz Customs, Abhishek Shelke, thump LOUDLY across the scenery on this very thing, I’m staggered - such a fun thing totaled about 35g for the customization... neat value, I say. Walking back, I can still hear the mo’cycle miles away and each thump is resonating with thoughts in my mind about getting a custom of my own. Hope my angels heard the last bit.


Abhishek Shelke, the man behind Angelz Customs, can be reached at - 9923794137.