Car thieves busy at Happening Haryana global investor's summit

Its busy season for car thieves in Gurgaon, where the Happening Haryana global investor’s summit is being held. While the cops are busy providing security to the VVIPs attending the event, car thieves have been unlocking vehicles and driving away.

The large crowds and the difficulty in getting parking space closer to the event means that many of the thieves are not worried about getting caught. According to the police, a dozen vehicles, including three luxury cars, were stolen from the venue on Monday.

This is almost 50 per cent more than the number of missing reports filed with the police on an average day. The victims included owners of cars, motorcycles and even an autorickshaw.

The police have promised to step up vigilance, especially near high-profile events. But till then, motorists should be careful while leaving their vehicles in busy parking lots.