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  Sunday, Nov 29, 2015
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BREAKING! Details on the New Swift
The New Maruti Suzuki Swift comes with 1.2-litre petrol & 1.3-litre diesel engines
By : BSM | Published : August 05, 2011
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The exact power figure for the petrol is 85.8 bhp @ 6000 RPM and a torque figure of 11.5 kgm @ 4000 RPM.

The body rigidity has been worked up and is now better than the outgoing model.

A new fuel consumption tripmeter and new dials make the Swift instrument cluster one of the best looking ones in its class.

The Variable Valve Timing (VVT) has helped the original K12 motor gain 2 bhp in peak power along with better effiency figures.

Like the SX4 diesel, the Swift comes with detent pin tech for the gearbox and this has made it smoother shifting than most.

The lightweight polymer fuel tank has helped reduce kerb weight by 6 kg, while the car has seen an overall drop by up to 30 kg.

The ABS unit on the Swift is a 3rd gen ABS its the smallest in its class.

New hydraulic engine mounts have helped reduce NVH - the ambient noise in the cabin has improved by 3 dB.

The suspension at the front is more rigid than before. The ZXi and ZDi run on 185/65 R15 rubber on alloys from MRF while 165/80 R14 tyres are available on the LXi, LDi, VXi and VDi variants with pressed steel wheels.

The car will be available in six colours - three are new which include a new shade of red, blue and grey.



There's been plenty of news about the new Maruti Suzuki Swift and it's already created such buzz in the market that the hatchback has received 38,000 pre-launch orders already. Press shots have been released and people have speculated aplenty about various aspects of the most popular hatchback in the country. Finally it's time to put all rumours to rest, because we have the details you've been dying to know about the new Swift.


Let's start with the trim levels on offer. The New Swift comes in six different trims - LXi, VXi, ZXi and LDi, VDi and ZDi. It also comes with six different colour options of which three colours are all new!

The car comes powered by a new 1.2-litre K12M petrol engine with Variable Valve Technology. The engine produces 87 PS of power and makes 11.5 kgm of torque. On the fuel efficiency front, the car delivers 18.7 kpl as per ARAI testing.


The diesel powered car comes with the tried and tested 1.3-litre DDis motor that puts out 75 PS and makes 19.2 kgm of torque. ARAI testing of the diesel Swift resulted in a fuel efficiency figure of 22.9 kpl.

The New Swift also has a few more creature comforts thrown in. In terms of rear seat comfort, passengers will be happy to know that there is more leg room on offer - 28 mm more, to be precise. The car also comes with new interiors and an integrated audio system on the ZXi and ZDi variants. The car also comes with a new multi-info trip.


And what connects the New Swift to the tarmac - 185 section, 15-inch tyres with alloys on the ZXi and ZDi variants plus a full-size spare. The car's NVH levels have also been improved by 3 decibels.


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  Posted by virendra at 8th August,2011
it seems new swift is going to be the best bet in its class
  Posted by ANURAG BIRARE at 6th August,2011
I like new swift and its NVH - the ambient noise in the cabin has improved by 3 dB.Now I am waiting to get its test drive first .........
  Posted by Anurag Birare at 6th August,2011
I like all new swift with its nvh system which is very new in its class.Now I am waiting for new Swift results BYe.....
  Posted by DRG at 5th August,2011
What's the change in boot space ?
  Posted by v2k at 5th August,2011
Initial reports suggest we are gonna get more swift per swift.
  Posted by Dr. Nayak at 5th August,2011
Suzuki is considered as one of the worst auto company outside India. Most of its revenue and the profits come from India. Why are they still operating from Japan is a good question? Also the Japanese R&D center of Suzuki is the worst automotive R&D center in the entire world (cost to benefit). Its time these guys move to India lock stock and barrel!
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