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BMW to launch new 5 Series on April 30


Hot on the heels of its 3 Series variants launches, BMW has now upped the ante and brought forward the launch of its all-new 5 Series in India. What was earlier destined to be launched in the last week of June/early-July has now been brought forward to the end of this month in reaction to the success of the new Mercedes-Benz E-Class.

The new 5 Series, called the F10 will be assembled at BMW's facilities in Chennai, just like its predecessor, the E60 in CKD form. The new 5 Series is based on the same platform as the F01/02 7 Series and sports most of the features from its bigger brother. In fact, some 25-40 per cent of the parts are a direct lift from the 7 Series. This has meant more space and better comfort levels, though at some expense to the 5 Series' legendary handling and steering characteristics.

Initially, BMW might offer two engines – the twin-turbo 535i petrol with 306 bhp and the 530d common rail diesel with around 240 bhp. More engine variants are expected later, including the entry level 520d and smaller six-cylinder petrol models like the 523i and 528i could be among the other engine variants but expect them towards the festive season later this year by which time production of the 5 Series is expected to normalise.