BMW reveals 3 Series GT!

Does the car in the picture look familiar? If you squint a little, maybe?

It's the new BMW 3 Series GT, in the same vein as the 5 Series GT. Basically, it's a notchback version of the 3 Series. It sports a slightly different front fascia and, from the B-pillar backwards, it's completely different.

The 3 Series GT is a whole 200mm longer than the standard 3 Series and sports a slightly longer wheelbase as well (110mm longer, to be precise). What this means is better leg room at the back and interiors that feel more spacious overall.

BMW, known for cooking up niche segments like the X6, saw the gap for a 3 Series with a little more luggage room, but not as much as a proper 3 Series wagon, so, we have the 3 Series GT. With a notchback arrangement, the 3 GT can swallow up a good bit more luggage than the standard sedan, so there's good reason to buy this over the sedan if luggage carrying abilities are important.

The 3 Series GT is set to be launched in Europe and the United States soon enough in 328i and 335i variants, but we suspect there are more diesel engine options waiting in the flanks, too.

It remains to be seen whether this model will make it here though, considering the 5 Series GT isn't exactly a best-seller here.

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