BMW 3 Series GT facelift spotted

The updated BMW 3 series sedan and wagon aka Touring have already been revealed during the summer, but the GT version was still unchanged. Until now, since our spied have caught a prototype of the updated 3 series GT out testing. Just like the regular 3 series the visual updates are modest with new headlights and bumper tweaks up front and at the back we can find rear lights with the new tubular LEDs. Rear bumper also has some minor changes.

The 3 GT will also get the improved interior and infotainment system as well as the new engines that the regular 3 series already got.So basically all news that the 3 series sedan and wagon got , the GT will now get. The BMW 3 Series GT update will be coming in this year and it will be powered by the same range of petrol and diesel engines.

BMW 3 GT Facelift 2
BMW 3 GT Facelift 6

BMW 3 GT Facelift 7

The features too on offer won't be much different on the 3 Series GT. The BMW 3 Series facelift is coming to India this month. Other than that there are no other major launches from the Bavarian automaker in this year.

BMW 3 GT Facelift 4

Source : MotorOctane