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  Wednesday, Nov 25, 2015
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Bajaj Pulsar now in a new colour
You can get yourself a flamboyant orange Pulsar this Diwali
Published : October 20, 2010
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Bajaj Auto Ltd. India’s premier two wheeler company, has added more zing to its Pulsar range of bikes with a flamboyant new color - Metallic Orange. The new color is exclusively available on the larger Pulsar 180, 220 and 220F variants. The new two tone orange charmer of the roads is bound to cast its spell on peppy and young Pulsar lovers. The new color bike comes on the back of great sales performance of Pulsar and is a Diwali gift to all Pulsar lovers.

With a dominant 50 per cent share of the sports motorcycle segment in Q2, 2010-11, Pulsar has consistently outgrowing the segment thus making it the largest brand by far. Pulsar domestic volumes in Q2, 2010-11 are at 67,468, up 56 per cent over the same period last year. This growth is impressive considering the sports segment has grown only 32 per cent and the total industry has grown by 21 per cent in the same period.

“Pulsar has proven its performance both on the road and on the sales charts as well as. It is by far the leading sports machine in India with a consistent 50 per cent market share beating its Indian and Japanese competitors by a wide margin. To add more zest to the Pulsar, we have introduced a new two tone orange color that is definitely going to make heads turn. The color is specifically for the young Pulsar lovers and shows a good spectrum from a fresh yellowish orange in the sunlight to a deep, reddish orange in the shade adds a fresh new perspective to the bike,” said S Sridhar, president of Motorcycle Business, Bajaj Auto Ltd.

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  Posted by kotti at 28th January,2012
i want this colour in 150 cc......
  Posted by rohith reddy at 16th November,2011
superb bike i like very much ineed white colour
  Posted by junpasco at 10th November,2011
why not make a big bikes that have power of 400cc - 600cc motor displacement o you will start 450cc what long you can provide in good and in balance propolsion
  Posted by junpasco at 10th November,2011
i purchase rowser 200 last year,it is good but make a additonal and i spent money for converting.i make it mono shock and disc break for back.when you make or produce 450cc be sure make it mono shock and double disc break forward and disc aft.its nice and maybe,i'll the first to buy it...
  Posted by gaurav at 2nd November,2011
i like.
  Posted by Akk bishta at 1st October,2011
i lik the orange graynish colour.....its so awesome......
  Posted by Akeel Syed at 25th September,2011
Nice colours i like it
  Posted by ram kumar varma at 5th September,2011
i need white colour
  Posted by surya at 1st September,2011
i need green colour in this ......
  Posted by vishal at 16th July,2011
i want apple green colour for this bike...............
  Posted by suraj ram pal at 11th July,2011
i want white and black
  Posted by sohit chaudhary at 23rd May,2011
i want to see this bike in green and white colour
  Posted by vinit.kangude at 30th March,2011
i like this color. This color is sun shine .i like bajaj know this bike is very speed avareg..
  Posted by parthiban at 15th January,2011
i need pular150cc ashcolour bike
  Posted by Biru at 14th January,2011
i Love this P220 orange color and i have just brought this bike last week,i m very much enjoying driving it as well.
  Posted by saravanan.d at 3rd January,2011
pulser bike is smoothly in driving. easly to handling and good apearnce.why shoud not you 450cc pulser bike reles.
  Posted by kunal at 13th December,2010
very good colour
  Posted by AMANPREETSALL at 15th November,2010
  Posted by anver at 11th November,2010
Nice Colour, earlier i have one pulser180 with apple red colour..... nice for long journey...and look up like bullet...maharaja enfield
  Posted by mohammath gouse at 1st November,2010
  Posted by mohammath gouse at 1st November,2010
super,please change pulsar 150cc colour.
  Posted by Pradeep at 29th October,2010
Why they give more important in 180, something problem in the version ??
  Posted by vipan at 27th October,2010
not bad .. but.... not so good
  Posted by pradeep at 26th October,2010
so looking & beautiful bike dreams is truth
  Posted by ShaZ at 25th October,2010
  Posted by Salim at 25th October,2010
what racy bike.. at front if wheel if they use same orange colour then also it look average nothing new but there are many new colour option like white,yellow,golden...
  Posted by vikram at 24th October,2010
b4 bajaj lonch this new color..... TVS has done this job.... APACHE EFI Orange...... nothing new in it.... apache rocks.....
  Posted by shivaling at 24th October,2010
anthing very good bike
  Posted by raman nagpal at 24th October,2010
yippi this bike is going to be rock in the market.......... i love it...... lokking outstanding in that color......
  Posted by Asif24x7 at 24th October,2010
look like a TVS Apache and not looking good. and Rabish concept of Bajaj. Chooran...............!
  Posted by Manish at 24th October,2010
hey guyzz the metallic green colour launch in Indonesia is much much better then this and remember that black colour is evergreen colour give the name of any one bike which is not looking beautiful in black.. Proud on you BAJAJ because nobody will copy this bakvass colour..
  Posted by k.muthumani at 23rd October,2010
very nice
  Posted by Taufik ahmmad(Tuhin) at 23rd October,2010
Bajaj 135LS Auto's Ring color isn't good,This color is coming off. so you have need to step urgently.
  Posted by ashvani at 23rd October,2010
boring..just look at the yamaha midnight edition..awesome
  Posted by mumtaz at 23rd October,2010
  Posted by raman at 23rd October,2010
outstanding yar... this color is going to be rock in the youth.... please launch it also in 150cc
  Posted by dipranjal at 22nd October,2010
i think this colour will create revolution among the young star.
  Posted by viv at 22nd October,2010
i appreciate their move to come out of the same old black to racy colours...but still instead of just keeping blocks of 2 colours they could have made subtle highlights with the colours...and also i would love to see a white pulsar with orange or grey highlights
  Posted by viv at 22nd October,2010
its a good move by pulsar..but still using the colors they could have made few highlights to the existing black pulsar...hoping to see a full white pulsar with gold or copper plated wheels and grey or orange highlights
  Posted by DEEP'S at 21st October,2010
pulsar is a superb bike in black colour..yaar then why company make such a mistake. ofcourse if they want to use new colour then they can use light yellow(apache) or white(karizma zmr) colour which can we see in other bike..
  Posted by subramanyam at 20th October,2010
Fine color
  Posted by Pradeep at 20th October,2010
please dont copy of other companyes and orage is not looks good on pulsar , pulsar is official sports bike . innovate some thing new . becouse we can flind so maney other design and colours.
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