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  Friday, Nov 27, 2015
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Bajaj Discover 150 v/s Yamaha SZR
Which of these 150s is a better bet?
By : Kyle Pereira | Published : February 22, 2011
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Bajaj Discover 150

1. The 144.8cc, 12.8 bhp, four-stroke motor is exceptionally frugal. Not the most exciting of the bunch in the performance aspect though.

2. The ride quality of the Discover 150 is more than just adequate, soaking up the bumps and potholes with stuning alacrity.

3. The build quality of the Discover gives away the fact that this motorcycle is built to a price.

4. Styling comes off as quite dated

5. The Discover 150 could be a much better handler than it is, had it been shod with grippier tyres.

6. Price, ex-showroom, Mumbai - Rs 50,456

Yamaha SZR

1. Although this motor displaces 153cc, it produces only 11.9 horses - the result of a retune of the FZ engine for better fuel consumption for the commuter segment.

2. Ride quality is at par with the Discover but the Bajaj feels lighter and more nimble than the Yamaha.

3. Build quality has never been an issue with Yamahas and this one is no exception, although certain bits could have been better.

4. Although the styling is not exactly conservative, the SZR is pleasing to the eye. But it's about time the trend of those hideous plastic tank extentions comes to an end. And now!

5. The tyres of the SZ R are adequate and do the job. Push them hard and they'll give up, though.

6. Price, ex-showroom, Mumbai - Rs 58,663

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  Posted by Vinay at 16th March,2012
Hi, I own a Bajaj Discover 150, which I Bought 2 Weeks back. Man, it is a mean machine! It has smooth riding quality at low speeds even in 5th Gears! Also, mileage is good at 55 - 58 (approx.,) Discover is the bike! With bigger rear tyres it is more attractive. I am bored with all similar kind of shapes of bikes, like SZ, SZ-S, Shine, etc., All are dumb bikes.... Discover is the best!
  Posted by ram gopal bansal at 6th January,2012
Yamaha SZR is best bike
  Posted by mayank nerma at 7th November,2011
szr is best
  Posted by philginthomas at 22nd October,2011
hi guys i own the yamaha sz-r 2 months back it is giving very good riding comfort ,perfomence and style but yamis petrol drinking is famous yamaha means petrol swaha
  Posted by shahin at 9th October,2011
Yamaha Sz R is > Bajaj Discover 150..u can feel it...ride these bykes & feel the difference...
  Posted by mOnI at 13th September,2011
I have a SZ-R , its very cool.. & I am very happy with it !!! B'coz the pickup is very hot & its controling is awesome !!!! I m very proud of my SZ-R !!!
  Posted by Karun at 28th June,2011
I own the Yamaha SZR. It's really good in looks and performance. Travelling with SZR is easier in traffic as well as highway. Discover is truely an old school bike. That's very much far behind SZR.
  Posted by Sujal at 13th June,2011
Excellent bike of YAMAHA SZR Excellent pickup & Milage . I Realy Thank to proprietar of Yamaha SZR
  Posted by George at 4th June,2011
Honda and Yamaha are a class apart when coming to bikes !! No comparison with Indian counterparts..
  Posted by Satheesh at 25th May,2011
I own a Yamaha SZ-R, Its awesome!!!, Many of them are speaking about mileage,what is the use of mileage when u r bike dosen't give a feel like its something wonderful? SZ-R gives good mileage and gives great looks when compared to the oldest Discover style and performance.
  Posted by Sourav Mozumder at 15th May,2011
YAMAHA SZR Is very better.
  Posted by mohammed ali at 6th March,2011
Better millage gives bajaj dis 150. and pick up. lovely bike.......... now days petrol is 65 rupees per litter.. so my think of view dis 150 is best.....thank u.
  Posted by Antony at 26th February,2011
This the on-road price for bikes in Bangalore with Self-Start and Disk Brake. Honda Twister 110cc costs 55k Suzuki Slingshot 125cc costs 56k Honda Shine 125cc costs 63k Honda Stunner 125cc costs 66k (analog meter, no kicker) Yamaha SZ-R 150cc costs 67k (analog meter, but no kicker) Suzuki Gs150r 150cc costs 72k (digital meter, with engine balancer, with 6th gear for highway) Honda unicorn 150cc costs 73k (analog meter) Bajaj Pulsar 150cc costs 73k (digital meter) TVS Apache 160cc costs 73k (digital meter) Honda dazzler 150cc costs 77k (digital meter, with rear disc, but no kicker) HeroHonda Hunk 150cc costs 77k (digital meter, with rear disk, but no kicker) Yamaha Fz16 150cc costs 78k (fully digital meter, but no kicker) Clearly, Suzuki and Yamaha offer better value and features for money. Honda is overpriced.
  Posted by Abhisek at 31st August,2011
  Honda is not overpriced. What Stunner and Unicorn offer for that price no bike offers. In fact Stunner features such goodies tht it can be compared only to Yamaha Fazer and not with SZR. Honda bikes are recognized for true quality, value for money, low in maintenance, good service network. Yamaha is ok in quality but no match with Honda, high in maintenance and worse in mileage to any company. Thats why people but Honda. Just compare sales of Honda with sales of Yamaha and esp Suzuki then you will know who is the winner. Honda has best refinement. Yami is good, suz is ok but no match for Honda. Quality means Honda. ;-) Bajaj is also good in performance though not on some quality issues.
  Posted by Aniket at 24th February,2011
Bajaj Discover 150 is pitched against HeroHonda Passion and Splendor... AND NOT THE YAMAHA
  Posted by ViveKing at 23rd February,2011
YAMAHA SZ-R RockZzzzzZZzzz
  Posted by Ramesh at 3rd August,2011
  Its really good..
  Posted by dhiraj at 13th July,2011
  mileage of this bike
  Posted by dhiraj at 21st May,2011
  I want to that what is the mileage of this bike
  Posted by prabhakar at 17th March,2011
  i agree,its real nice
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