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Bajaj Boxer 150 - Boxing Ring


Bigger is better, and that certainly applies to motorcycles. Bajaj has unveiled the new Boxer and this time around, it displaces a healthy 150 cc. The motor puts out 11.8 horses and 1.25 kgm of torque - much, much more than the 100cc bikes.

Touted as the 'Bharat bike', the Boxer 150 is aimed at customers who reside in semi-rural and rural areas where motorcycles are subjected to grueling operating conditions. With strengthened cycle components, wider tyres and a torquey motor, the Boxer should be able to take the abuse of bad roads, and sometimes no roads, with aplomb.

With 100ccs currently ruling the roost in rural India, the Boxer, with its 150cc performance and ability to tackle the harshest of conditions, is bound to find a wide fan base. And if the merits of the Boxer aren't enough to win over the most critical of buyers, the price surely will. The Boxer 150, with electric start, will set you back by a mere Rs 42,000. Yes, that's even cheaper than some of the 100ccs in the market.