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  Monday, Nov 30, 2015
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Auto Expo 2010 : Maruti's RIII, SX4 hybrid, Eeco & more!
Showcases India-bound concepts and cars - Kizashi, SX4 hatchback
By : BSM | Published : January 05, 2010
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Maruti Suzuki showcases R3, SX4 hybrid, SX4 hatchback, Kizashi & Eeco hybrid at the 2010 Auto Expo prices & reviews
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Here is what Maruti Suzuki had on offer on day 1 of the 2010 Auto Expo. To begin with Maruti showcased its RIII MPV concept, the design of which has been done in-house, the SX4 hybrid, SX4 hatchback concept and the Kizashi. Also on display was the Eeco hybrid. The Eeco itself, will be launched at the Maruti pavillion at the Expo tomorrow, 6th January 2010.

The company plans to launch the Kizashi some time within the coming financial year (2010-2011). There is still no word on whether the Kizashi will come as a Completely Built Unit (CBU) or whether some amount of assembly will be carried out here. The Kizashi is likely to come with a 2.4-litre engine with an automatic transmission, producing in the region of 170 bhp.

Maruti has also announced that they are considering bringing in European Volkswagen diesel engines to power the SX4, as they believe the 1.3 Multijet isn't the right powerplant for the car. We believe a more powerful version of the 1.4 TDI or the 1.6 TDI that is being used in Europe, could very well be the engine of choice.

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blog comments powered by Disqus
  Posted by vikas jain at 3rd December,2011
its looking good but we hv to wait till comes in market.and price is also a factor and we dont know is this the the same model comes in market or only concept
  Posted by ankit at 23rd October,2011
awesome car at great price.
  Posted by balan at 20th August,2011
This car shape and style very nice
  Posted by Rakesh Raut at 12th August,2011
Its Awesome Car ....But no space the 5 and 6 person
  Posted by sona at 8th July,2011
the r3 maruti look wise is stunning, and beautiful. but i have a doubt on the engine capacity as declared,1.3 l diesel will it be powerful enough to pull the vehicle as innova or xylo.
  Posted by Binz at 11th March,2011
The Maruti R3 is based on the SX4 platform , the engine that will be fitted is the DDIS vgt 1.3 ltr super turbo charged in the diesel variant , the price will be at Rs 6 - 7 lakhs on road . This will be the first car in India in the MUV segment to sell at sub 7 lac and will be the next \" game changer \" for the Suzuki in the Indian market . The pricing will be a crucial point as the segment will cater to the upper middle class segment who will see many such model to be rolled out in the near future by others , but as the saying goes , early bird get\'s the worm first...
  Posted by D Nath at 10th December,2010
please inform the spec details,size i.e inside space and price in India of RIII concept vehicle . also expected launch time in India.I am waiting for that vehicle
  Posted by yuvraj at 3rd December,2010
what is it price has it been lauched in india.
  Posted by jai at 10th November,2010
future car !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  Posted by ikram at 7th October,2010
just showing body n concept maruti not working on its interiors. which is mainly denied by its customer. just dng odd job. they have to focus on interiors.
  Posted by sanjeev khanna at 30th September,2010
pls. give prise&booking date
  Posted by sanjeev at 29th September,2010
i want this car
  Posted by kishore kumar at 22nd August,2010
i like r3 because it is an 6 seater car cum van good looking price is less so every one can buy.
  Posted by deepak at 16th June,2010
such new concept car..!outstanding
  Posted by rahul at 15th June,2010
i love this car
  Posted by ganesh at 1st June,2010
the vehicle looks really superb but i hope this does not become like another innova which is like a caravan.
  Posted by KARAN at 27th May,2010
the car is very good looking but i want to know the price
  Posted by jay at 20th May,2010
  Posted by kailash at 28th April,2010
nice looking car...amazing interiors...but what wiil b the price..???
  Posted by sanat at 25th April,2010
Superb ..... need 2 know the prices of all variants at the earliest pl.
  Posted by kunal at 22nd April,2010
very nice and goooood looking car i love r3.
  Posted by amit at 6th March,2010
very nice
  Posted by ankit at 24th February,2010
i love you r3
  Posted by swati at 21st February,2010
outlook z toooooo gud!!!!!!!!!!1
  Posted by Dhrubajyoti at 18th February,2010
Car outlook is really toooo gooddddddddd.
  Posted by rambalaji at 17th February,2010
the car is nice
  Posted by Pradeep at 16th February,2010
Nice Cars I Would like to bye this car
  Posted by Pradeep patil at 16th February,2010
I Like this great R3 car please can you tell me her price i have to bye this
  Posted by midlaj at 6th February,2010
i like this looks like a sportyone
  Posted by ashok at 3rd February,2010
how much price.......
  Posted by tania at 29th January,2010
hey gr8 car....good for India...i would definitely love to buy it...please disseminate info about the price...
  Posted by Tejalinga at 27th January,2010
Bring it on Maruti-Suzuki.
  Posted by Harshal at 21st January,2010
blasting car of India... It will be sure the car's of the car's of the year... I would like to buy this car.... r3 will rock in India......
  Posted by roopesh at 14th January,2010
this is something unexpected in india but suzuki has done the miracle, its my dream designe starwar machin,wonderful car i will love to buy this car. Nice car,wanna know the price of this car as well as when will it come in market
  Posted by ashwani at 10th January,2010
dis is something unexpected in india but suzuki has done the miracle
  Posted by Dyjo coimbatore at 10th January,2010
nice car . . . variety in design
  Posted by Ashish thukral at 10th January,2010
WOOOOOOOOO wht a wonderful car i will love to buy this car.
  Posted by gaurav at 9th January,2010
ni ce car if it is 4to6 lakh it iis very good
  Posted by SANJAY at 9th January,2010
Wonderful Car ! I just want to buy it now.
  Posted by Manoj Kothari at 8th January,2010
Amazing and sexy look
  Posted by krishna kumar at 8th January,2010
RIII with HYBRID & smoother engine boosts its sales. if launched in 3 months i will buy it.
  Posted by Amar at 8th January,2010
maza a a gaya yar ............. i wil buy this, please tell me wahat is the price ???????
  Posted by looking very nice at 8th January,2010
it is the car for the other's car
  Posted by amit malla at 8th January,2010
  Posted by gopal bdo at 8th January,2010
take me home or i will take u
  Posted by M.ALAM at 8th January,2010
very very bautiful car
  Posted by sachin jadhav at 8th January,2010
Nice Car it differentlook what is price in gujarat
  Posted by deepak rawat at 8th January,2010
ya its very grate & styliest car, a1 modle of future its an unique....
  Posted by Madhur Sharma at 8th January,2010
Wooooooowww its a amazing car with a sexxxxxxxxy look. when it will be come in indian road & what will be the cost of this car.
  Posted by Mridul at 8th January,2010
It has a sexy look.
  Posted by selvakumar at 8th January,2010
i want this for 3 lakhs with all facilities including A/C and I want the full technical details
  Posted by Kareem manipuram at 7th January,2010
Amazing car.How much will be on the road
  Posted by ritzy at 7th January,2010
  Posted by Divya Rai at 7th January,2010
Nice car,wanna know the price of this car as well as when will it come in market.
  Posted by Lavlesh K. at 7th January,2010
what is the price of car and millage please send me mail what time in market i want buy this car.
  Posted by mukesh lalwani at 7th January,2010
this is very very nice car
  Posted by ANAS SALAM at 7th January,2010
WATS D ON ROAD PRICE& MILLAGE OF MARUTHI r111?wen it will available to Indian market....
  Posted by raj at 7th January,2010
Very Good
  Posted by ehsan at 7th January,2010
  Posted by PRASHANTH at 7th January,2010
  Posted by aman at 7th January,2010
derived from the fluid liquidity concept of water and its pristine blue flow !!
  Posted by lalit mastana at 7th January,2010
design of the car is good . will it v very good when it come on the road ?
  Posted by RKB at 7th January,2010
Good looking car but would be helpful if on road price and other specifications including market launching date in chennai is mentioned, kindly shoot me an email.
  Posted by Viva at 7th January,2010
Eeco has been launched at introductory. Details are as below 5 seater Standard – Rs. 2.59 Lacs 5 seater A/C – Rs. 2.89 Lacs 7 seater Standard – Rs. 2.75 Lacs
  Posted by rahul at 7th January,2010
smart design smart standing car,
  Posted by lmnetam corporation bank at 7th January,2010
Great looking and really sleek.If launched wld b a unique and first of its kind in india.If launched with a price tag betweem 10-12lacs will b sold like a hot cake.But there shouldnt b ne kind of distinction between the model launched in auto expo and actual market launch. would like to know tentative price,booking open date & date of market launch.
  Posted by sushma.m at 7th January,2010
its a nice car.
  Posted by fpsmalhi at 6th January,2010
Good looking car
  Posted by titty abraham at 6th January,2010
whooow what an interior,wonderful uniformitty with silver border in & out.
  Posted by anil kaushik at 6th January,2010
very good look
  Posted by jatinder at 6th January,2010
what is the price of maruti R3
  Posted by vikram jain at 6th January,2010
what is the price of car and millage please send me mail what time in market i want buy the car this car is my dream car
  Posted by ashwin at 6th January,2010
what is the price of maruti R3
  Posted by noufal at 6th January,2010
Great looks
  Posted by noufal at 6th January,2010
what is the price of maruti R3
  Posted by radha at 6th January,2010
very nice.... price?
  Posted by Rahul Patil at 6th January,2010
  Posted by Prateek Roongta at 6th January,2010
what is the price of rIII and when it will come on road in india plz let me know.
  Posted by manas ranjan sahu at 6th January,2010
dynamic look
  Posted by S Venugopal at 6th January,2010
Very good .
  Posted by N.T.SATHYANARAYANA at 6th January,2010
Very Sexy In Looking
  Posted by RAVINDRA DESHMUKH at 6th January,2010
  Posted by param at 6th January,2010
  Posted by dinesh choudhary at 6th January,2010
good looking in yor car
  Posted by mohd.imran at 6th January,2010
nice car wat is da price of car
  Posted by sujit kamble at 6th January,2010
very nice car of maruti Udyog ltd.
  Posted by S.N.Jhanwar at 6th January,2010
marvlous, no new word
  Posted by raunak sharma at 6th January,2010
bombbbbbbbbbb it rockss
  Posted by hatinder at 6th January,2010
smart look.
  Posted by benet luiz at 6th January,2010
  Posted by saneesh kurian at 6th January,2010
Nice car
  Posted by pankaj at 6th January,2010
emazing car
  Posted by mustakim at 6th January,2010
its cool please mail me the details and price of this car and what time i will get this on market.
  Posted by shameer at 6th January,2010
  Posted by Chetan at 6th January,2010
won't work in indian markets
  Posted by RAHUL at 6th January,2010
nice car...great looks specially
  Posted by AKSHAT KATTA at 6th January,2010
the car has an extraordinarily different and fantabulous model .......wats the ex showroom price for this car ??
  Posted by AMIT KUMAR at 6th January,2010
good is it made 4 india
  Posted by rajavel at 5th January,2010
can i get dis price list and broucher of dis car..........
  Posted by a at 5th January,2010
Database Error :-P
  Posted by mukesh at 5th January,2010
good one i like this...... after a long time a good car from maruti
  Posted by Magic Iris at 5th January,2010
Magic Iris
  Posted by kewal at 5th January,2010
please can u tell me wt is price of this beauti?
  Posted by Shailendra Sharma at 5th January,2010
Great looks
  Posted by Yogin Sudhir Mehta at 5th January,2010
The Maruti Suzuki R3 concept is a cost benefit because it is a better car than the Toyota Innova! With Regards Yogin Mehta
  Posted by hiten at 5th January,2010
this will change the Road Show....Back & Side view so beautiful
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