Audi launches driver training at the Buddh International Circuit


With the roads the way they are in our country, most sports car owners rarely get a chance to push their cars near their limits. Audi comes to the rescue though, with their latest driver training program called the Audi Sports car Experience.

This two-part course offers participants a chance to hone their skills on board a fleet of Audi R8 V10 super cars. The first part of the course, called the Audi racetrack experience, focuses on sharpening basic skills like steering, handling and braking on specifc sections of the racetrack. After mastering individual sections of the track, the drivers are allowed to start lapping the entire circuit.

After successfully completing the first part, and after getting approval from the instructors, drivers can choose to take part in the Audi racetrack experience advance which focuses more on advance skill sets like oversteer, understeer and racing lines. After this, there's also the prospect of joining the International race experience program later on.

Dates haven't been finalised yet, but the first part will be held from July through September while the second part will take place from October to December.

Rates for the package are as follows:

Rs 98,000 for just the course

Rs 1,10,000 for the course and local shuttle

Rs 1,25,000 for the course, local shuttle and accommodation as well.

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