Audi expects 15% sales in Guj to come from smaller towns


German luxury carmaker Audi expects 15% of its net sales in Gujarat to come from the upcountry regions apart from Ahmedabad region. On an average, two Audi cars sell in Gujarat every day, the local dealership claimed.

"Last year upcountry sales had contributed to around 5% of our overall Gujarat sales, this year the figure has gone up to 10% and next year, we expect upcountry sales to contribute around 15% of sales in Gujarat", said Michael Perschke, head, Audi India. He added that this is increasingly becoming a trend across all states, with more and more sales coming from upcountry regions apart from major metros.



"We are planning to hold roadshows and presentations across the state to improve penetration", he said. Gujarat at present contributes 8% of Audi India's national sales. Samir Mistry, managing director of Audi Ahmedabad dealership informed that this year from his two dealerships in Ahmedabad and Surat, he plans to end the year with 750 vehicles. Mistry owns the two dealerships that Audi has in Gujarat, and is planning to open a third one in Vadodara. Last year, around 485 Audi cars were sold in Gujarat.

"The Gujarat market has grown by around 55-60%. It contributes to around 22% of the luxury car market in the western region market and the western region contributes to around 32% of the luxury car market natioanally", Perschke said. He added that Gujarat is only next to Maharashtra where the company will have three dealerships.

Mistry is confident of selling around 1000 Audis next year in Gujarat with the third dealership in Vadodara becoming operational.