A5 if two doors were not enough...


... that Audi decided to add two more doors to its sports coupe. The Ingolstadt based firm has launched the A5 Sportback, a four-door coupe with a notchback. What it means is it's a part estate, part saloon, part coupe, just like the BMW 5 Series GT. So, it means, the 5 Series GT isn't won't be a leader of one – sorry Munich.

The range will include six engines – three petrols and three diesels. The award winning 2.0 TFSI with 180 bhp and 211 bhp will accompany the 3.2 FSI V6 with 265 bhp. The diesel range includes a 2.0-litre TDI with 170 bhp, the 2.7 TDI V6 with 190 bhp and the 3.0 TDI V6 with 240 bhp.

All cars will have quattro, irrespective of engine capacity, while overall weight will go up by 100 kg over the two-door. Handling and ride quality will be in the same league, while overall occupant and luggage space will improve. India bound? We suggest bombarding Audi India's email inboxes to ensure it gets here!