2014 Swift is Getting a New 1.2L Dualjet Petrol Engine

Suzuki will launch Swift with an all-new 1.2 liter Dualjet petrol engine with Suzuki's latest Dualjet technology. This technology will first debut with the Swift in UK; it'll go on sale by early next year. We can expect this engine to drive in India as our Swift uses similar displacement of 1.2 liter K12 petrol unit that powers European Swift at present.

Suzuki Swift 1.2L Dualjet What is Dualjet technology? The new engine is derived from Suzuki's K12 1.2L engine and is incorporated with twin fuel injector instead of one found in most of the cars. That's why the term is coined – Dualjet – dual fuel injectors. The two jets are placed very close to the combustion chamber for a finer atomisation (fuel and air) so that it's easier to ignite and burn. The compression ratio of the engine has also increased to 12.0:1 versus 11.0:1 for the current engine. The engine also incorporates EGR (Exhaust Gas Recirculation). In this a part of the exhaust gases are extracted and water cooled to be reused in combustion chamber. This system lowers the combustion temperature and reduces the incidence of abnormal combustion. To further increase the thermal efficiency, the coolant jackets in this new engine has been redesigned  according to the need. Moreover, it also features piston cooling oil jets at the lower side of the pistons to keep it at optimal temperature. The new 1.2 liter Dualjet pumps out 88.8bhp (90PS) and 120Nm of torque 4,400rpm. Watch the video to know how Dualjet works

Recently, Swift also reached 4 million sales mark globally. Indian's are crazy about Swift - we bag nearly 50 percent of the total Swift sales around the world! The marathon hatch is running in over 140 countries and was first introduced in 2004.

Suzuki Swift

Source : CarDekho