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2013 Geneva Motor Show - The BMW 3 Series GT unveiled


This is it, then, the new BMW 3 Series GT. Much like the 5 Series GT, the 3 GT is vaguely based on the F30 3 Series, but most of its exterior dimensions are bigger than the 3 Series. It's 200mm longer, with a wheelbase that's 110 mm longer than the 3 series. It is also 81mm taller then the 3 Series, naturally.

What this means is that the passengers, both front and back, will enjoy more space on the inside of this car. What's more? The 3 Series GT actually has 25 litres more luggage space than its wagon counterpart, so it's pretty practical, too.

The coupe-like roof-line is about the only thing that sticks out in the design, because unless you get either the Sport line or the M Sport package, it looks fairly bland from the outside.

Of course, with the splitting off of the coupe and convertible version of the 3 Series into the 4 Series, it now only has three members, the sedan, sport wagon and the GT.

The very practical 3 GT is priced a little higher than the other models, but for your money, you do get a lot of featuers as standard, and the added space as well, so it seems like a bargain that's worth it.

Internationally, it comes with a choice of two petrol engines, the 237 bhp 328i and the 296 bhp 335i, both mated to the new 8-speed automatic transmission. There are no diesel options on the table as yet though.

The 3 Series GT comes in three normal trim levels and an M Sport variant.

No news on whether it will make it here though, especially considering the dismal sales of the BMW 5 Series GT.