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  Thursday, Jan 29, 2015
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1964 Series 2 Lambretta Li150 - Scoot through time
We take a spin aboard a style statement from the sixties
By : Kyle Periera | Published : February 02, 2010 | Photos : Pablo Chaterji
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A cool zephyr catches my silk scarf, flopping it gently onto my jacket as I move along onward. The typical splatter of the 150cc two-stroke heralds my arrival well before I actually reach. She hears the banter, and I can see the smile on her face. She's looking splendid in that floral top with a bright mini skirt. Ah! These are good times, happy times. It's hard to believe then, that my ride began to take shape in the aftermath of horrible bloodshed. 

They say war kills lives, but breeds ingenuity. Throughout history, the pace of progress has accelerated tremendously during or immediately after the gloomy pall of the fighting has passed over.

As cities began being rebuilt and the guns of the second world war were silenced forever, the once buzzing factories churning out weapons now had nothing to manufacture. With the spare capacities on hand, manufacturers went about to address the newest need of the masses - transportation.

Years of fighting had cost the world dearly. Economies were in the doldrums and resources were scanty. People needed transportation and it had to be cheap to buy, run and maintain. Rationing of fuel also meant that it had to be fuel efficient as well.
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Ford EcoSport - Sportingly stylish says
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  Posted by Sri at 12th April,2011
Awesomeness indeed. We used to own a Vespa long long ago. I know how it feels to have these long time friends. Oh, and btw Kyle..just a small typo on the last page where you talk about mileage. Shouldn't it be just 40 km to the litre, instead of 40kph?
  Posted by Raj at 10th August,2010
Lamby 150 mfg by API has lot of quality problem like getting the gear to neutral, gear oil leaking into rear wheel's break drum, light's fusing out, etc. But the original one's produced under license in early 70s were good.
  Posted by george at 28th July,2010
any one can help me i need a wiring diagram for a lamby polo (not the lamby 150)and also the indicator/light switches.
  Posted by 110cc at 9th April,2010
Nice Article!Nostalgic!Lamby Polo ex 125 was my first was/is a great scooter..simple n humble!
  Posted by Tej at 3rd February,2010
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