1200 hp Bugatti Veyron Grand Sport Vitesse


What about it?
One portion Grand Sport soft-top, one portion Super Sport W16 power station and a new colour palette... there you have it – the fastest production roadster in the world! Yes, it's a 1200 horsepower roadster and according to our Internet research, no kind of glue invented yet will be strong enough to hold your hair in place if you're doing the kind of speeds the Vitesse is capable of. The Vitesse, in case you're wondering why we're making such a big deal of it, has a top speed of 410 kph – faster than even the 'standard' Veyron!

What's cool?
The world's fastest roadster!
What's not?
Soon, there will be another new variant...

Who will buy one?
The who's who of the United Arab Emirates, discreet Indian industrialists in the UAE

Drool factor of: A space shuttle