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 Recent queries
I wish to buy the new Hyundai Verna CRDI but the soft suspension issue is holding me back,however I've heard that Hyundai has sorted out the suspension issue in the recent batch.Is this true?And if not then is the suspension so bad?I drive enthusiastically very often.
By Anand Yadav March 14, 2013
 BSM Team: Yes, you have read it right. Hyundai have made changes to the suspension on the Verna to make it less soft and make the ride more pliant. However read
How is the Scorpio automatic? Are the braking and handling issues sorted out? Can you suggest any other SUV with automatic transmission which is good? Will the Yeti be getting an automatic transmission anytime soon?
By Venkataraman.S July 06, 2012
 BSM Team: The Scorpio automatic is a good city car with its high seating position, good ground clearance and overall visibility as well as well sorted ratios. read
HelloI want to buy a new sedan and I am really confused between honda city and skoda rapid diesel. I will be driving this car in city approximately 50 kms a day and occasional week end trips. I have gathered enough information and did all sorts of calculations. I came to a conclusion that both cars are at par when I calculate cost of owner ship at the end of 5 years. While calculating I considered cost of fuel, servicing cost, other maintenance like tyre change, battery etc..etc.. Rapid is bette
By Shriniwas Deshpande July 06, 2012
 BSM Team: Even at 50 km a day, you can consider a diesel sedan. If it's simply cost of ownership, then the Rapid over time will turn out to be better value, as read
hi, i would like to go for a hatch back. Right now zeroed down to i20 and Grande Punto (both diesel). And i need confort (not luxury and also need to enjoy the driving). And not hearing good about Punto in many aspects. including mileage. But some way my preference is Punto. Please advise me on this
By Bineesh K. Thoas July 05, 2012
 BSM Team: If you truly enjoy driving, then the Fiat Punto will leave you smiling for a long, long time to come. It isn't the most comfortable nor will it get read
I am a student and this is going to be my first car.daily distance travelled would be about 50 km most of which would be outside the city.my parents are keen on a hatchback for me but I prefer an used sedan.please suggest a car which is easy on the pocket,economical and is not very expensive to maintain
By nivruth July 04, 2012
 BSM Team: You have several options as far as used cars go. Look for a decently maintained two-year old Swift Dzire. It's comfortable for four or five people, read
Hello sir which is best diesel car in budget og 6-6.5 lakhs i have shortlisted ritz swift and polo .i want least maintance and best average . i liked ritz kindly suggest me whether my choice is correct
By giriraj methi July 02, 2012
 BSM Team: Girija, the Ritz is a well thought out car with decent space, is easy to get in and out of, has a peppy and frugal diesel engine and is priced well read
Well with 15Lakhs in your pocket which is the best diesel vehicle out there in terms ofa. Fun to drive i.e performance and driveablility in that orderb. Ease of owning i.e service costs and re-sale in that orderFor a googly how good are second hand Mercs, Beemers and Audi's in the mentioned price bracket using the above criteria.
By Sandeep.S June 04, 2012
 BSM Team: It's a tough pick, though we'd choose the Skoda Laura TDI. It's powerful enough, is reasonably priced, handles quite well and is quite driveable too, read
i am planning to buy Volkswagon Polo 1.6petrol i want to know whether it will be suitable for Kolkata
By Dr Sanjib Kar June 02, 2012
 BSM Team: The car is suitable for any city, Kolkata or otherwise. It's powerful, is good fun to drive, has nice ride quality, well built and has good ground read
HI, I am looking to buy a toyota fortuner. But confused between 4x4 manual and automatic 2 wheel drive.I would not be going for a off roading just using the vehicle in city and for hifhway cruising. Also tell me which one has better pickup and 0-100 timing. Also that wether is the 4 speed automatic sufficient.
By rahul agarwal June 02, 2012
 BSM Team: If you would like to do serious mud-plugging, getting your axles into muck and all the associated things, then you will need a four-wheel drive. If read
Hi Team,My sister is looking for a 1.2 litre hatch with an electronic power steering. Budget- 5 lakhs top.Alternatively, a 1 litre stylish hatch below 4 lakhs can also be considered.What would you recommend (please include any suggestive probable launches)?Thanks Team BSM.ps: The answers here on the web portal are cut off, can't be read completely. Also, do not get your feedback copy on e-mail.
By pravin May 19, 2012
 BSM Team: Your best bet is either the Honda Brio or the Hyundai i10. Both have very good maneuverability, good driving positions, light controls and have good read
From past many months I have been delaying the purchase of the ford endeavour based on the the news that new one based on the latest rager pickup truck is going to be launched soon. Can you please tell me that when can this car be expected to be launched in india?
By Hemant May 18, 2012
 BSM Team: The new Ford Endeavour based on the Ranger pickup won't be here until next year at least. If you intend to purchase the car this year, do go ahead read
i want a car with good average and between 10 to 20 lakhs
By hersh May 18, 2012
 BSM Team: Wow, okay that's too wide a berth there. We suggest you should look at the VW Jetta or the Skoda Yeti 4x2. Both are quite efficient, comfortable and read
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